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  1. That's what worries me is the not knowing, and suddenly ATF makes you a felon overnight, no warning. Seems the only safe option is to SBR it pay the tax and be done. Til they decide to go after those that is.
  2. Yeah. I'm just tired of trying to keep up with ATF crap. One minute you're perfectly legal, next thing you know they want to make a felon out of you. Screw it. I have other hobbies.
  3. Had. Had. Going to be sold this afternoon. Too much trouble, don't want any attention from the dog slayers.
  4. I wonder how much of this was unspoken "law" that we didn't know about that ATF agents can use against us that they are just wanting to be out front with now. I'm really confused now because I heard recently that not too long ago they rescinded their ruling that AFG was okay on a pistol build because it shows intent to use it two handed like a sbr. I just don't know anymore.
  5. Honestly I'm lost now. When I started a 10.5 inch upper on a undefined lower receiver built as a pistol with no stock other than the buffer tube was legal. Add sights and afg and light, no problem. Now it sounds like to be legal I'm gonna have to strip the sights, afg and light, probably the forearm too in order to be legal, but then there's the whole constructive intent thing where they can say just because I still have those parts I'm not legal. ATF is really fixing to screw us hard.
  6. Not hard to figure out what this is about. Looking for gun purchases.
  7. This isn't just as bad as Vietnam, this is way, way worse. It's complicated by the fact that evidently there is nobody competent running anything in Washington now
  8. Alright, I want to hear the hood speak version.
  9. Her enthusiasm is most certainly infectious. Maybe a bit much, but hell, there's nothing wrong with being amped after winning a gold medal at the olympics.
  10. I get the feeling this is for us dissident deplorables.
  11. Oh my gosh. I'm certain he is in a better place, but I'm tired of seeing this list grow so fast this year.
  12. I really liked the last one!
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