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  1. That's what I was thinking of getting but am torn on whether to step up to 3+, and am a bit concerned about spalling without the buildup coat. That and kinda worried about looking like some kind of wannabe larper or something. I don't see myself assaulting anything, rather defending my family. Of course at this point only God knows what may happen.
  2. Q? Lol, I'm almost quite certain that was a 4chan type troll op to discredit Republicans. I wonder if I'm the only one that noticed that "Q" seems to have completely vanished since November 3rd. Trust the plan....yeah the plan to make sure Biden gets in?
  3. Knowing how things seem to be working with Democrats lately it wouldn't surprise me in the least for a leftist or group of them to frame up a few "crazy right wingers" to go shoot several places up not too long after inauguration day. False flag.
  4. Just saw Qweevox's post. If you want you can merge mine with his I reckon.
  5. Dang boss, don't scare me like that. I JUST drilled a hole for a NMO mount in my silver hunk of crap and can see that happening clear as day, ripping a nice huge hole out of my car top. Nice long story there. I think I actually gained a bit of signal by getting away from the mag mount.
  6. Hey y'all, I guess now is bad timing to get fired off with reloading, but can someone give me some info on primers and loads? I have a book that calls for Remington 7 1/2 primers and IMR 4227 with a 150 grain bullet. Found the powder, but the primers and bullets ain't happening so far.
  7. Hell, I went to sleep almost in the MRI tube. No meds.
  8. Hey, the wife is looking for an American flag G19 and as we all we'll know it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack right now. Anyone got any leads on one like this?
  9. The plan is to boot Biden as soon as they win and install Harris. Why else would the VP candidate say that SHE is going to give Congress 100 days to pass gun legislation or they would do it by executive order? Last I recall VP doesn't have any power unless the president is incapacitated?
  10. Good thing I'm close to the Mississippi. If ol man river won't take em the Gators around here will.
  11. Unfortunately knowing how things like this go I highly doubt that's the end of it. Everyone better keep those traps out.
  12. So far so good here. Lost my lights last night and have a bunch of little pain in the ass limbs to pick up tomorrow when the yard dries but other than that I'm fine. Didn't even rain that much. About 4 inches total.
  13. Yes. But some people are just too dang stupid to realize that. If it's not a N95 or better it's not protecting you from a virus. People also forget about two wide open mucous membranes that are a fine path to get right around a mask.
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