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  1. smb5769

    This would be me!

    I bet it would be Sorceress by herself if it came to that. The fewer that knew the better.
  2. smb5769

    Mongolian Rock?

    No, I'm saying it's perfect music for a warrior. That and weren't the Klingons based in part on the Mongol hordes, and the Bushido code of Japan?
  3. smb5769

    Mongolian Rock?

    Klingon rock?
  4. I hope it's not aquatic or insectoid. We saw how that worked out on Star Trek Enterprise
  5. I would say if any being advanced enough to travel light years through the space environment was to visit us they would possibly consider us the same way that we consider something like an ape, dog or a dolphin. They definitely wouldn't see us as equals, but could very well consider our violent nature and desire to expand from our home planet as a threat. They might actually hold us back from the necessary breakthroughs we'd need for interstellar travel until we were mature enough as a civilization. Or, maybe just wipe us out, though I doubt that. I honestly believe before we get to the point we could actually get out of our solar system we will have wiped our resources out, and will be right back at some kind of Mad Max version of the Stone age. That or we will self destruct in myriad other ways. If Muslims have their way then we will go right back to the dark ages before we wipe out our resources.
  6. smb5769

    What you did for the 4th?

    I actually have broken my bike out again after a six month hiatus. Trek and Strava are doing a thing if you log total rides over a hundred miles this month you get a custom T-shirt, 500 miles gets an entry for a custom bike. I think the 1000 mile mark gets an entry for the bike and a factory walk through as they assemble your bike. No way in heck I can do the 500 or 1000 but I'm trying for the shirt. And saddle sores. Ugh! I took a break today but the last three days I've racked up 31 miles. I'll probably go tomorrow if the missus doesn't have plans for me.
  7. smb5769

    Good Morning! (Happy Independence Day) Edited

    Good morning!
  8. smb5769

    Sorry it’s been awhile

    There are words that come to mind but they're inappropriate for this forum. I hate this happened to you Kobelup.
  9. smb5769

    Killed this sucker today

    Just make sure to identify your areas King snake and rat snake population. I leave those alone. Poisonous snakes though, they get deaded.
  10. smb5769

    Magpul Mag Info.......

    The only ones I buy are either D&H, Okay, or Magpul.
  11. smb5769

    Picked up a OBDII Dongle.........

    Hey, if you don't mind let us know just exactly how much of your system you can access. I have an OBD2 Bluetooth interface but it is based on a free app and it barely gets the generic OBD2 sensor data, much less get into ABS and SRS systems. I really need an actual honest to God scan tool I think to be able to get into the good stuff.
  12. smb5769

    As you wish, Master!

    Oh. Duh....
  13. smb5769

    As you wish, Master!

    I know it's dirty, but I still don't follow...
  14. smb5769

    Um double check before posting.

    Lol, there's no such thing as a free woman. They are ALL expensive....
  15. smb5769

    Going to be a crop insurance kinda year

    We've got people still replanting beans and corn from deer damage. I'm not sure that we are completely done yet with first planting either. Just had a customer come last Friday to pick up 160 units of soybeans. Some people are spraying bugs on cotton, some are spraying mepiquat (early cotton must be getting it!) , some guys are still getting gramoxone to kill weeds as they plant. Corn is tasseled down here for the most part, and it needs rain some kind of bad.