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  1. Been wondering the same thing about Redbarron. Wonder if everything is okay? I know Grunt68 had some health issues a little while back.
  2. Real radios (or TVs) glow in the dark...
  3. Amen. Same here. I'm working on a yeti cup full right now.
  4. Hi! Welcome back!
  5. I suppose that explains why our adversaries are getting more and more belligerent by the day. I think our ability to make a nation disappear has been just about the only reason that we haven't seen another world war. I'm truly scared of what the next 50 years may hold.
  6. Dang bush, that's a heckuva interesting friend to have! I take it it's the fella we've seen on TV?
  7. Exactly. All they lack is the senate voting to pass. Guess what's fixing to happen.
  8. Hmm, sounds like two votes for 45. Kinda what I was wanting to do anyhow so 45 it probably will be. Now just to hope my local blue label dealer has it or can get it.
  9. Sounds like you're trying to steer me towards .45 Rampy. This is the thing, I've always wanted a 45, but I was thinking more like a 1911. Then I got to thinking about the extra capacity with a Glock in 45. So, I'm really kinda up in the air.
  10. Alright, so the wife asked what I wanted to do with stimulus and said I'd like to get one of the competition Glocks since I have a GSSF coupon. I'm trying to decide between the 35 and the 41. I had thought about the 34 but I already have several 9 mm pistols and wanted a different caliber this time. In normal times what's the difference in ammo availability between 40 and 45? I've also heard that 40 tends to be considerably harder on a gun. Can anyone help with some advice?
  11. They're a special kind of stupid down that way.
  12. Scaramouche scaramouche will you do the Fandango?
  13. Aw naw, not an Ozark hillbilly! Lol! I have a friend from up that way, lives near Mountain View. Welcome to the Armory from Louisiana! Geaux Tigers!
  14. Update: I hooked up an electric pump to the well and pumped several hundred gallons out of it, then poured a bottle of bleach and a few of vinegar down it, hand pumped it til it smelled of bleach and held in place with check valve in the line. So far not seeing the purple anymore, that was probably dirt and God only knows what that had fallen in the open pipe over the years. Left it standing a few days and now it pumps clear right off the bat, but still has the iron, and a scum that settles on the top after a few hours that is said to be one of three things. Either iron or sulfur bacteria, or oil contamination. What I DO know though, is that it does make very good toilet flushing water, hand and dish washing water. This darned ice storm SUCKS! We haven't had treated water for about a week, and lights have been out for a few days. Had some limbs down, and one huge one hanging on over the edge of our house is going to have to be cut out by a pro. We definitely getting off way easier than our neighbors to the west though. Hope yall are doing better in Texas.
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