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  1. Thank you Sorceress. People like you are the reason I stay here.
  2. 50%? That's being generous. I think it's more like 75%
  3. I'm beginning to think the Lord's return is very, very close. Stay safe Pepper.
  4. The most important thing to remember is trees will surprise you. That just looked like a no no waiting to happen.
  5. Ok, just as a warning to make SURE that the 18650 you buy will fit....18650 batteries will not fit in some 123 battery lights. The 18650 is a smidge bigger around.
  6. I'm guessing her way to seal the deal with the military leadership that is or was under her father and brother is to be even more ruthless than Kim Jong Un. Put it this way, have you ever watched girls play softball, or any sport for that matter? I've watched boys and girls play when my daughter was playing school sports. The boys play aggressively enough, but they weren't serious about it. The girls....I'll put it this way, in the six years of what I watched, the only time I saw fists fly was with the girls. It's like they had something to prove and they didn't mind doing it. VERY aggressive.
  7. Good deal, but I'm very glad they didn't come as a team and one of the others slip up behind her.
  8. Yeah, hell of a way to get "days off". I have been stuck at home since last Wednesday. My son came down with a fever, wife went and got him checked and tested for Covid. She called me at work and said the doctor said I need to come home until we get tested tomorrow, then have to wait to see what the test says on Thursday before I can go back. Not at all what I want to be doing.
  9. Just got done watching that movie. Sorry your weekend has been crap Red.
  10. Only for broadcast. Unless I got a dud, I got a G6 and it's just not selective enough for SSB and CW. Another thing is it seems that the receiver overloads when you attach an external antenna. I wonder if a different model would have been better?
  11. Yes! Come join the dark side! If EBR disease didn't eat your paycheck amateur radio will! Haha!
  12. I've missed a few people around here. Speaking of, what about YoungOD? Has anyone seen him lately?
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