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  1. smb5769

    Keeping my CDL dilemma

    Well, one thing is you have to have your CDL to haul the magical gay spray that you put in your chemtrail fogger. Whatever it is, it definitely worked. Turned me lesbian. I kissed a girl and I liked it! Lol!
  2. smb5769

    Keeping my CDL dilemma

    Is there any way you can get your FAA physical to count as your CDL physical also?
  3. smb5769

    ISIS is defeated!!!

  4. smb5769

    Nobody is coming for...

    So, you can knife hand your customers? Awesome!
  5. Are they for real? Oh boy..
  6. smb5769

    Talk About Getting Your Bell Rung......

    Talk about a wake up call, try shooting at a squirrel in a tree and shortly after you hear a buzzing noise that is getting louder and louder coming from the sky. I bout had a duck!
  7. So, this ice cream thing, what's the story with that? I've learned ice cream at night is a no no cause I'll wake up with a torn up stomach, and I'm just now 40.
  8. smb5769

    PL-259 Connectors

  9. smb5769

    Oh Happy Day.....Golden Mag Pull

    What's the story Rampy?
  10. smb5769

    PL-259 Connectors

    That's almost a necessity with the nickel plated ones. I'm fortunate to have a couple silver ones that an OM sent me from a shack cleaning.
  11. smb5769

    PL-259 Connectors

    You're the second person I've seen say this. I saw someone say that they worked as a communications tech in SAC and they also didn't solder the shields.
  12. smb5769

    PL-259 Connectors

    So, anyone have any tips on soldering the barrel of these things? I've done several through the years and have never really gotten the hang of soldering those four holes. I just did one last night and so far continuity is good, but that doesn't mean anything at RF and I don't have any way to sweep it.
  13. smb5769

    Yup, it's Monday again.

    Baseball is lie! Man with four balls no walk! Kinda like this guy won't be walking for a while.
  14. smb5769

    Smoke Detectors/Alarms

    I've been having trouble with Kidde photoelectric detectors just deciding they need to alarm for no reason. I've replaced two with the same model P12040 and one I did a year or two ago has decided to go out again.