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  1. Heck, I'm still waiting on the ham forum....by the way, I like beans in my chili.....
  2. smb5769

    Hey smb5769

    Thank y'all!
  3. smb5769

    Hey smb5769

    I like the way you think! I bet they haven't even thought of that. That would probably get a big laugh out of everyone.
  4. smb5769

    Hey smb5769

    Well, my wife did get up early and cook cinammon rolls for me...
  5. smb5769

    Hey smb5769

    Thanks y'all. Sitting here at work looking at all the nasty weather outside wishing I had a birthday day off....
  6. smb5769


    Wow, my old stomping grounds. Used to live on the Southside near the corps of engineers office. Also lived near the water plant and old power plant near Forsythe park.
  7. smb5769

    Hey all, I'm still alive

    Glad to see you kicking around! Beautiful dog, and that is a nice rifle!
  8. smb5769


    I'm from NELA. Real real close to the Mississippi River.
  9. smb5769

    OK, were the Gulf States

    Lol, we all hiding in the swamp and bayous!
  10. smb5769

    Good Morning!

    Good morning!
  11. smb5769

    So that's how they do that...

    Japanese have blondes too huh?
  12. smb5769

    New to forum: introduction

    Welcome to the armory from the other end of LA as well!
  13. Thanks Rampy. I told her that I didn't really know about the XD, and said I'd be willing to bet there's a reason those SCCYs are so cheap. I didn't know that about the XD though, that would be a bad thing to happen if your life depends on clearing that malfunction. I didn't really like the looks of it myself. I kind of expected a bit better from Springfield.