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  1. I think this nation has had it. Our forefathers trusted us to keep it, and we let it get here.
  2. Huh? Where do they get that k cups are unfiltered? Every one I've ever taken apart has a filter bonded to the plastic right under the foil lid. The only time it's "unfiltered" is when I use the reusable k cup with the metal screen filter. Wonder where they're going with this?
  3. I assume he wasn't TRYING to be seen, and co-worker happened to come by at a bad moment. Not sure I see grounds for termination. Maybe a good, "you can't do that, don't do it again" chat, but not fire the guy.
  4. Does it ever get old Sorceress? Or is it just as much fun now as it was for you in the beginning? To me, it sounds like you're living the dream, but I know how sometimes it can start that way and then the new wears off and it becomes just.another.job.
  5. I think what happened is people realized that Putin is a bully, and the last time we tried appeasement with a "European" leader that was determined to eat the other nations around him, 6 million Jews were slaughtered among many other millions of lives lost to the Nazis. It would be wrong to sit idly by and watch the Bear eat Ukraine.
  6. Congratulations! Wish I was flying American, but the mother in law flies on Delta, and we have an Alaska trip coming up in February so we are using her stuff to go up there. I don't know those details, wife handled that.
  7. Where is Pepper? That's one that I've been missing seeing for a long time. Redbarron too. I know life tends to get you wrapped up, and that may have pulled some of the old guard away, or at least what ones of us are still living. Gmountains passing seems to have been the beginning of a slow downhill slide here. Then we lost Legs and Noneya. Lots of the guys that were regulars here when I found the armory seem to have left.
  8. Trust the science? Do they not realize that sunrise in the winter won't come til 8?
  9. Guys....it's a woman, and she said nevermind.....
  10. Mr. Terry, I've been saying this for a long time that we need alternative methods for contacting each other in case the site got canned, but nothing ever came of it. There was, and still is a Facebook, but it's all but abandoned. Rampy set the Discord up, then he shut it down in a fit of anger, then Discord went woke so there is no longer a Discord. Of course, the backup I was speaking of was if there was a complete comms failure or block that we could at least find out what was going on with our armory brothers and sisters, like an old school email userlist but on winlink or something like that. Problem is, it can't be widely known about, because if everyone and their brother knows our backup, if it was a site attack then they could also take the backup out.
  11. I saw that email but didn't have time to read it. Fixing to delete mine too. Never really used it.
  12. I wonder what the thoughts are amongst the astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the station? I doubt they could be made public but I also doubt they concur with Moscow.
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