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  1. smb5769

    Hey Pepper, is this your Prius?

    That car+my bank account...nah, not happening.
  2. smb5769

    I need ham help!

    If we keep on keeping on we'll have our own band on here! We just got to sucker, oops, I mean encourage a few more people to mess up and get licensed!
  3. smb5769

    I need ham help!

    Wait, would that also be cannibalism for us? Hams eating ham?
  4. smb5769

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    Well I almost seem to remember that someone went down for having a shoelace and their AK together. I also seem to remember that the current president told us that 8 years of assault on the second amendment is over. But, as usual...
  5. smb5769

    What do/did you call it....

    My dad used to call it the ice box. I asked him one day when I was a kid why he called the refrigerator "ice box", and he told me that's what they used to be called, and all about the ice man. I wish he and my mom were still here. Lots more questions I never knew to ask, and never got answers to.
  6. smb5769

    Found an FT-847 for sale. Should I?

    600 dollars, he's going to give me a rig blaster too. Said that it doesn't have ALL the filters but it does have the 500 hz CW and 2.0 khz SSB filter, plus a roofing filter. Said it does have an issue with the external amplifier switching with non Yaesu amps, he had to make a workaround cable to switch the amplifier with the Yaesu port. Someone else up here in the local club said he could be trusted. So....I want the dx1200, but if I go that route it will be next year. I have the money for the 1000 with room to spare. So, this may wind up being the ticket?
  7. smb5769

    Found an FT-847 for sale. Should I?

    The 1200 is $849 pretty much everywhere that I can think of to look. Add a switcher for around 150.
  8. smb5769

    Found an FT-847 for sale. Should I?

    Update, so this is where I'm at now. DX1200 and PS new for 950 or 1000, or a FT-1000MP for 700. Looks like the receivers are both pretty good based on some of the old test data I could drag up. Basically what's hanging me up is what if something happens to the 1000, parts may be hard to find.
  9. smb5769

    My Daughter's latest drawing.

    Good gosh! She is mucho talented!
  10. smb5769

    This forum and M4Carbine.net

    I mean, it would be great if you searched something up on here, but as far as I've seen this site and the people on it won't be ugly to you for rehashing an old question. I mean, it IS a forum, and we are here to chat on it. Another good thing about this site is generally speaking you don't have to worry about your kids seeing something on here that they shouldn't. We try to keep it pg 13 and better. I've seen some of the other places convos, way too much nastiness and cussing.
  11. smb5769

    This forum and M4Carbine.net

  12. smb5769

    ISS on ham radio

    Probably could build a 2 element quad. I've picked up the images with my V8 and the rubber ducky or my 5/8 magmount. As far as transmitting though, probably need a bit of power, I hear plenty of earthbound repeaters but can't talk to what I can hear. Seems like I've got plenty of receiver but not enough transmit power to match.
  13. If I were in LE I'd be less than enthused with the concept of people who aren't landowners down there running with guns without being a part of the team if you follow me. If they were coordinated with LE that would be one story, but just a whole bunch of groups roving around with very little or no game plan at all...just doesn't seem like a good idea. They could be deputized and brought in as a force multiplier but then you give any screw up they may do the color of authority if I got that term right.
  14. smb5769

    ISS on ham radio

    I'm surprised there wasn't a pile up. I wonder why they use a 1.31 MHz offset over the US but a 600khz offset everywhere else? I've caught a few of the SSTV transmissions, but never heard talking.