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  1. agree with the higher mag. scope. your groups will tighten up alot ,and you can actually see what that rifle and ammo can do.
  2. I love savage. Honestly all the 17s i have shot are very nice shooters. They kill coon quick and are great on ground hogs. You will be happy with any brand you choose.
  3. I noticed you used 24.0 grains. I'm trying to get a pic of my groups at 100 with 24.6 out of my rifle. It's much better , but depends on rifle and bullet. It worked great for me but only in 55 and 69 gr. bullets.
  4. I have the bushmaster modular with the bmas system and love it. Yes it is bulkier than your standard rail system. The bmas with covers measures 2.73in. wide. my rail on other rifle is 2.44in. with covers.
  5. Also make sure you FULL LENGHT SIZE for you semi-auto.
  6. I have a rockriver 2 stage trigger that i want to put in my bushmaster modular. The trigger from the bushy fits in my rra but the trigger from the rra wont fit into the bushy. what am i doing wrong?
  7. I picked one up used. The guy was down on his luck and needed the money. He claims it only had 60 rounds through it. I believe him, when i cleaned it the thing was almost spotless. I ran a hundred rounds through it, cleaned it and now i'm selling it to a friend. You might ask why sell it? I have three and the kicker is I only paid $450.00 for it. It has all the original parts manual, and case. Plus he through in a rail system and vertical grip. Plus 200 rounds of black hills 68gr. ammo. What would be a fair price for this stuff? I bought it to make money but yet not screw someone over when selling it.
  8. savage tactical 20 in. is what i found my recipe in. but plan on shooting it in 2 ar's and a savage edge. the 69's shot very well in 1 rra tactical entry, savage edge and the savage tact. all three shot very good groups at 100 with the same recipe.
  9. Sorry i don't have a chrono. As far as an improvement, with the 55gr.v-max and w748 i can achieve dime sized 5 shot groups at 200yards. i have only shot the xbr at 100yrds,but the groupings with 40 rounds through my savage 20" tactical, i shot 5 shot groups. In all but one group the rounds all touched and could only see the half moon of the bullets. To me it was More consistant groups than what i normally see when i load the 748. I will try to download pics. I shoot alot and i was very impressed with this powder,but only with the 55s and 69s.
  10. Picked one up for my son in a .223. love savage rifles and this is no exception. Nice and light and of course very accurate. The one thing since the intro to the accu-trigger is that this rifle is the "old fashioned" trigger. The trigger pull is a little heavier than i would like, but other than that the rifle is a keeper.
  11. I picked up a pound last week to try. i tried it in 40gr,50gr,55gr,and 69gr. for .223. i was very impressed with it in the 55v-max and the 69gr. sierra match hollowpoint. My goto powder for 55's WAS w748. i have now replaced it with the 8208 for the 55's. 24.6gr. The 69's i loaded 23.0gr. and put five shots in less than a half inch at 100yards. I don't have much experience with the 69's but alot of it with the 40,50,and 55's. I will use this powder alot.
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