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  1. i solved my issue by figuring out that my sling mount was touching the backstrap of the grip and wasnt allowing it to sit flush against the gun. did a little customizing with the grip and it screwed on great. after i scraped the blue locktight stuff off the screw... after all that the grip is sweeeeet
  2. so ive got the full miad kit but the screw that the instructions say to use is to big for my lower??? (its an armalite) the instructions say not to reuse my origional screw but if it the shoe fits?? is there something im missing? thanks for the help!!
  3. allright sounds good to me ... there goes next weeks pay :oh yea:
  4. ive heard some ppl say the reason is less moving parts in the action. idk if that makes a difference but figured id see if anyone has heard the same?
  5. just wantin to see what ppl think of the midwest industries free float rails for my ar15 carbine
  6. is the 6.8 spc the same thing as a 270 wsm? could they be shot out of the same rifle? sorry if its an obvious answer i just havent had the chance to compare the two side by side.
  7. squirrelhunter01


    busiek between springfield and branson. new benches
  8. SW MP15 magpul ctr carbine magpul grip kit DD omega rail magpul pmags burris ar332 scope surefire900V ...for starters ha
  9. after comparing my benelli nova to my dad and brothers 870's. hands down benelli. im upgrading soon to the supernova and cant wait.
  10. i myself am looking for a mil. spec buffer tube to put on my armalite lower and the demensions for the mil spec 1.15 and commercial is 1.17 ... doesnt seem big but when it comes to zombie killing you dont wanna chance it
  11. i have a savage 17HMR and i love it. As for the accuracy i shoot squirrels in the head at 125 fairly consistantly(hints the screen name). i have a BSA sweet 17 that works great for calibrating distance, there are even diff. drums with the 17 gr or 20 bullets whichever you prefer. good luck with the varmits.
  12. i know of a zeiss conquest 3x9x50 for sale. it is brand new never been mounted and he wants 450 for it . my question is who thinks this a good deal?
  13. my brother recently built a 10\22 into a 17m2. it has a shorty carbon wrapped barrel, hogue stock, and trigger kit. its a great tack driver but i heard that the 17m2 is being discontinued so ammunition prices for it would go even higher... whats the fun in a small varmit gun you cant shoot alot.. just my opinion other than that its a great gun and good luck.
  14. dont have alot of experience buy i know not to get a pro mag stock for your 870... unless you like being punched in the face when you shoot and their a pain to put on.
  15. so i can go buy a mil. spec buffer tube and the threads will match up with the lower?
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