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  1. Thanks again. Lee Crimp Die solved the issues. With the current ammo price gouging/shortage it is nice to shoot some lead bullets for dedicated practice. I am looking forward to next hunting season already (with the gold dots of course). I am off to the range.
  2. Thanks for all the excellent help. I have a lot of experience with revolvers and rifles, but this is new. I will get a new taper crimp die tomorrow and report back.
  3. I do have a caliper and the length does not seem to matter, but agree on the neck issue. I am using RCBS carbie dies, but I seat and Taper Crimp with the same die. I still have one open station on my press do you suggest ending with a sizing die once the bullet has been seated/crimped?
  4. I have a new storm lake barrel for my Glock 20. I have tried to load Rainer Plated and Laser Cast bullets, but they will not reliably chamber with the Storm Lake barrel. The slide/Storm Lake set up will not lock up and I have tried every combo I can think of. It will work with factory rounds and Gold Dot bullets, but not anything else. With the stock set up, they are fine, but I cannot shoot lead out of the Glock barrel. I am an experienced reloader and am using a Dillon 550b. Any suggestions would help. Thanks.
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