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  1. scratchy

    Sgtar15 I have a question for you.

    It's been a long time since I visited. Man this was fun!
  2. scratchy

    .17 HMR

    I'm a bit late to the party here. I have the Ruger 77/17 and it likes both the hornady 20g vmax and the CCI game point. The CCI shoots consistently low right. About 2 inches diag at 100 yards. The shots still go mostly into the same hole just like the hornady. I like this thing so well that I'm looking for a 77/22 to give it a bigger brother.
  3. scratchy

    universe 5000 years old???

    Belief in religion should not preclude nor exclude scientific evidence and proof. I'm constantly amazed by the closed mindedness of some of the righteous and pious. What if the creator wanted you to work hard at discovering some of the secrets?
  4. scratchy

    Im back

    Welcome Home Soldier. Enjoy the holidays.
  5. scratchy

    What's up with the time?

    Live close by the Large Hadron Collider?
  6. Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin spinning fast enough to exit Earth obrit
  7. scratchy

    Your worst breakup story

    Well, once this divorce finally unfolds, It will be a doozy. Let's say it begins with the wife's online affair (no, she never talked to or met the guy).
  8. I got my data from the Hornady book. I loaded a 55gr FMJ with 23.1 gr of TAC. It's in the middle of hornady's load data for that bullet. It was fairly accurate and no signs of pressure. YMMV. 16' 1:9 twist DPMS barrel
  9. Well, I certainly like it here. The membership staff and owner are great. Not been posting much, dealing with personal issues. Hope to be back to normal soon.
  10. scratchy

    HEY ! ! ! injun51 & scratchy

    But But But, I like inappropriate.
  11. scratchy

    HEY ! ! ! injun51 & scratchy

    Yaaaaay! I just added 3000 new grey hairs. It's 50 Bday today.
  12. scratchy

    Bourbon tonight!

    Funny you should mention that G. I just picked up a Woodford. Had to choose between it and Makers. Woodford won hands down this time. I'll have one for you if you have one for me.
  13. scratchy

    I passed !!!

    Joey, Congratulations! Where are you going for BCT?
  14. scratchy

    Liquor Help please!

    Those cherries need a hazmat label. Send them here for proper disposal. Remember, don't eat any of them, they are hazardous
  15. scratchy

    Got a weird email today. What do you think?

    Thanks TJ. Points we all need to know.