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  1. johnschat

    Rifle-sight in for anybody still left in Oregon

    I am just a member. Every member is required to do some volunteer days and/or work days at the range. I'll be there Monday, Labor Day, and a few more days not set yet.
  2. Looks like there is nobody left in Oregon on AR15 Armory? I will be at the Estacada Rod and Gun Club working some of the sight-in days that run from September 4th through October 3rd for anyone who needs a place to zero in your rifles. Drop by and say Hi! We are on Eagle Creek Road Just off Hwy 224/211 and you turn at the Chevron gas station at 224 and 211 and go one block to Eagle Creek Road and we are just about 1000 yards from the intersection. The gate will be open so come on in!
  3. johnschat

    Who's up for a meet up

    Anyone available to meet in Estacada or Carver off Hwy 211 next week? Two great breakfast places on 211 and both very inexpensive. I can meet any day from 0700-0900 on my way to work in the concrete jungle of downtown PDX. I am a member of Estacada Gun Club and an avid novice AR owner looking ot compare notes. I have two .223 and two 6.8 and one 9mm AR. I have been a pistol shooter all my life and only in the last year and a hald jumped into rifles. John
  4. johnschat

    AMMO Available now

    I have bought .223 6.8 and .308 ammo from Silver State in AZ. The have good prices and are tested and make the brass themselves! This is great stuff! They have lead free if you need it and also have high power LE rounds. The ammo has passed the test in sight in at Estacada Gun Club. John
  5. johnschat

    My WW1 Rifle

    I thought Craigs List deseated all gun stuff? I have been searching Gun Broker and other sites. Any other recommendations for on line gun items? I have done FTF (Face To Face) pruchases with great success. What bulletin boards should I watch?
  6. Tea and coffee both black like my heart, the stronger the better !
  7. johnschat

    6.8 break-in problems...

    Silver State offers a hotter load called a law enforcement load. I have not purchased any of the hotter loads yet because their regular stuff works great with my Stag 6.8. If anyone has tried the law enforcement rounds let me know what you think. They are $1.00 a box more.
  8. johnschat

    Source for 6.8 ammo in quantity??

    Great source of ammo! The Silver State folks made me feel like a major customer and even cut me a deal on volume purchase. Ammo is high quality and shoots great from the bench.
  9. johnschat

    wife or gun???

    Pepper is right. If she gave you that choice then she had changed into someone you don't know or want to be with. There is so much media bias out there in shows that women watch telling them that "Guns kill, and should be outlawed." Pay attention to what your wife is watching. When in doubt pick someone fair and balance like FOX news.
  10. johnschat

    Gauging Interest For an Oregon shoot

    I now have access to a range in Estacada, 15 minutes off I-205, and would like to have any AR friends meet and shoot a few. Give me as much notice as possible since I am on call 24-7. I am new to the rifle sport but have years of pistol work under my belt. Let me know if anyone wants to set a time to meet up and shoot.
  11. johnschat

    Super Bowl!

    I used to be a Steelers fan but I was cheering for the underdogs this game! It was a good game for an NFL game.
  12. I just bought two Stag arms lowers and the kits. What would it take to turn one into a 6.8 or is this even possible? From all I have read it sounds like they are the same size magazines on the outside. I would like to know if it is possible and what I would need before I buy uppers.
  13. johnschat

    Need some advice

    I bought my safe at Costco.com. It is a Liberty safe and they delivered it up a flight of stairs. That was six months ago and when I moved it down the stairs and into the permanant location it took two very large movers with straps and an appliance dolly. Now it is bolted to the floor with 10 long guns and room for more if I moved my ammo stockpile. The Green and Green electronic lock works great and is very fast. I can have the weapon of my choice in hand in seconds. My Glock in the nightstand will buy me more than enough time to get the safe open. The one I bought is not on sale here in Oregon now but I know any of the major brands have sales several times a year. Mine is fire rated for 1 hour but I wish I had bought a larger one. My ammo will soon have to be stored elswhere. The other option is visit your local gun show or sportsman show. They usually have safe dealers with show specials and free delivery. The next one I get will be prewired with lights and outlets inside.
  14. johnschat

    Do you "plan" on how you could be attacked?

    Read todays Oregonian. You could be standing in line at a club or resturaunt and be gunned down. Only the nuts will see it coming, the rest of us will rely on the element of surprise from an concealed carry. I have had a gun on my person for 27 plus years in Portland Oregon and never had to use it. The day I leave it at home will be the day there is a mall shooting in Portland.
  15. johnschat

    If i had $3099... i wouldn't buy this...

    OK I dont know what it is you are selling. I just moved over to Vancouver and am in the market to own an AR or other rifle. Let me know what you have. I still Work in Portland but now live in the Couve!