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  1. Doc

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    So, it's been quite some time since I have been able to lurk around these parts, let along post. And I must say I have quite missed you all. I still have the same two ladies in my AR collection, but they have both have a little different look than they did when I last posted. I have a photo of both Rebecca and Veronica together and then just one of Veronica sporting her new RDS. I hope you all enjoy!
  2. Doc

    AR 15 build help newbie

    Welcome to the Armory! I hope you enjoy your time here with all of us. Bottom line, IMHO, once BRD get's you, you'll have a few different black rifles to choose from depending on your fancy. Specific to your questions posted, I believe there are many ways to "skin the cat" first question back to you is, is Budget or Accuracy your highest priority. I mean there is a compromise between the two and you don't have to spend TOP dollar just to get accuracy. However bottom dollar wont get you there either, but I'm assuming you already know that. There are plenty of us on here with different opinions. I like Daniels Defense (DD) for uppers and barrels, but Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) uppers and barrels, and Yankee Hill Machinery (YHM) uppers and barrels. I think the more important thing to look for is a hammer forged barrel that is MPI tested, with a riffling that will lend itself to the length of the bullet you intend to use with this weapon. for a SHTF weapon 14.5" with a permanently attached muzzle device or a 16" should get you good accuracy and a decent weight/maneuverability setup. Getting a quality BCG, preferably a full auto rated BCG or a National Match (NM) Full Auto BCG would do you best as far as long term SHFT durability and best accuracy. I'm not sure what your preferences are in sights. If you prefer or may, in time, choose to use optics or scopes on this weapon, then I strongly recommend a set of fold down sights. Otherwise there are several quality options for iron sights. USGI mags or Mag Pul polymer mags are my preference. PMAGS are a bit lighter weight and have the utmost in durability in my experience, but cost a little bit more. I have a 50/50 mix of USGI mags and MagPul PMAGS. Feel free to give us some more info and point us toward things you're considering for this build and we'll all chime in with our thoughts.
  3. Doc

    IWB carry without holster

    I think I'm a little late to the party here, but I have to chime in. I have a IWB holster from Comp-Tac, I absolutely love it. It has a high quality leather backing, Kydex half shell and belt clips. They offer belt clips in "C" clip style (so the clips don't show on the front of the belt completely) and full loop, and they're offered in three belt sizes and three colors to closely match your belt. The belt clips have 4-holes for adjusting ride height and cant. Plus you can change the Kydex shell for different weapons. It's been a completely comfortable and reliable holster for me for years, day in and day out. The leather on the inside is very smooth and soft, never have I had a problem with long duration wear and comfort. Lastly I have worn this with everything I can think of, except swim shorts and basketball shorts, jeans, cargo's, 9.11 tac-lite's, and even suits and tuxedos and never had any issues. Yes they cost somewhere around the $90.00 mark, but that's less than $20/year depreciated over 5 years. It's holding a $600-700 weapon and part of the tools to protect my life. I don't think I could have done much better. Next to my Safariland triple retention duty holster this is the very best holster I have ever put my weapon into. I respect this holster isn't for everyone, and we all have to make our choices. To the OP, I think that Alien Gear IWB looks very nice, and I hope it will serve you well, and serve you long. Just my thoughts, based on my experience.
  4. Doc

    Quad Rail Suggestion

    I run Daniel Defense Omega Rails on two of mine and absolutely LOVE them. First ones were on within 12 minutes from when I picked them up at the mail box. No fuss, SOLID, extremely well manufactured and worth every single penny and some more. Do it right the first time
  5. As Dark Prophit already stated need versus want... you need to evaluate what you need. Do you need something low-profile while folded to accommodate a scope, ACOG, flip-to- side magnifier, etc. If so, how low do you need to clear? Do you want/need something that is spring actuated into the "up" position? I run a Midwest Industries Same-Plane Low-Profile (SPLP) flip up rear on one of my carbines. It works for me, but if you need/want something that is going to spring up into position, it wont slice your cake. Do you have a color requirement? Give us some more specific information as to what your looking for in the rear sight you seek and we can give you even better advice. Better yet, get out and shoot some other people's ARs and see what you do and don't like about the rear sights they have. Just my $0.02 worth...
  6. Doc

    My First AR-15

    DDM4, first of all to the armory. I think you have made a great purchase for your first AR. I echo what Niel said. Go with flip up front and rear (back-up iron sights). When/if your optic fails and you need your rifle to defend yourself or family your flip ups work in any weather without batteries 24/7/365. But, that's just my $0.02 worth.
  7. Doc

    question about accuracy

    to the ARmory! Hope you enjoy the disease.
  8. Doc

    Rear Sling Mount Question?

    BamaChris, to the site. I have the Troy sling mount you're looking at and I like it alot. I have not played with the one RedBaron linked to, but it being a Tango-Down product I can imagine you would be well please with that as well. The Troy requires you to remove the stock, where as the Tango-Down option RB highlights would not require you to remove the stock if that might work better for you. Bottom Line: Troy Fixed Stock Sling Mount is Good to go and I expect the Tango-Down is aswell. Let us know what you decide and how you like it! For removing your AR-15's fixed "A1" or "A2" style stock, simply remove the large slotted screw from the top hole in the butt of the stock (it is a standard thread direction). The Body of the stock will slide rearward off the receiver extension tube. The Troy product comes with instructions and if I remember correctly illustration to assist you. All you need is a large flat screw driver. Hope this helps!
  9. Doc

    Harris Bipods

    Havoc35, I have Mark LaRue's LT706. It's the integration of a Harris BRM-S with a LaRue QD base (built into/integrated with) and the addition of a nice knob for swivel adjustment. It's a very squared way package. I have it on my 20" Heavy Barrel AR-15 Rifle and it's worth every penny and probably a few more. Just my $0.02 worth though.
  10. Doc

    Magazine question

    You're welcome pal, I can't help you with the ammo question, for the range I use what ever 55-69 gr round the local shop has at the best price and that is brass cassed. What I store is 95% USGI/Surplus SS109/M855 68gr Penetraters. For what it's worth, I would go directly to C-Products and get if from them directly. (unless there is a local shop you have an interest in supporting of course.)
  11. Doc

    Slings yet again (2 point)

    *Not trying to hijack the thread* Troy also makes a nice A1/A2 compatable rear plate that works with quick disconnects on both sides. Roughly $40-$45 where you can find it. Like Brownell's I Hope this helps. To the O.P. glad you are enjoying your sling. Got any photos of it in use at the range?
  12. Doc

    Magpul Pmag

    I take mine off before I make my mag ready to use. As in they're stored with the cover on. Once I get to the range the caps come off and either say in the rifle's case or the range bag. Same thing if they're going into mag pouches, they covers come off as they're going into any "ready use" position. Just my way of operating.
  13. Doc

    Magazine question

    Hello Lanark Sixgunner, I have used C-Products 7.62x39 AR-15 mags, and his 5.56 NATO mags, here is what I can tell you. The product might not always be 100%, but the gentleman stands behind his product and will make things right if you have a mag that doesn't work right. On the whole the mags I have used of his seem to be well made and designed (design of 5.56 NATO isn't as much of an issue, the design is pretty well established and accepted). To be honest I don't know if I have ever had any issues with the 5.56 NATO mags I have pruchased, maybe only had issues with the 7.62x39 mags, but in any event I'm very pleased with the support and service after the sale. I have used MagPul P-Mags and I LOVE THEM. They're rather indestructible, they stand up to amazing abuse without ANY issues. They are more costly and buy in bulk would add up fast. Of the 20 5.56 mags I have 10 are P-Mag 30's or 20's. Oh and the I like the little window on them, but I guess we all got by without the little window before, didn't we? Brownell's mags I have no experience with, so I cannot comment on the magazines at all. But I will say I've always been well pleased with Brownell's customer support and service in the past when purchasing other items from them. I hope this is helpful, is there any other specific information you're looking for?
  14. Doc

    Bipod question

    Hey Wingnusa, This question you have can have many many answers. I have had and used the same device you're linking there (mine just had mako's decal on it). It was fun, and an asset at the range, but no more advantage to me than sand bags shooting from the bench. IMHO it comes down to what you plan on using the rifle for. It's important to remember that, "for everything we gain, there is something we loose." (most of the time). It's a little big and bulky for my likings of a vertical forend grip. I think it works well as a bi-pod, but as you point out it doesn't flip up to fit inline with the forend of the rifle like many traditional bi-pods do. So as I said, it comes down to what you want to use it for. Weighing the pros and cons. I had on one one of my carbines for a while, and now it's not there. Sometimes it takes some time with different accessories to figure out just where we want to go with our rifle. And that's fine. Many will tell you if you need a bi-pod you don't need a VFG, and if you need a VFG you don't need a bi-pod. I've seen AR-15 rifles with 20" barrels , stubby VFG and a harris bi-pod. So, don't worry about what others say in this regard, just look to what your needs are, and what functionality is more important to your intended use(s). I hope this rambling helps you,
  15. Doc

    Botach Tactical

    I have not ordered a lot from them, but the few things I have ordered where shipped promptly and were shipped as ordered. I hope you get a quick resolution to your problem.