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  1. pincorrect

    What's in your tool & cleaning kit?

    Thanks everyone for the great ideas. Speaking of removing the hand guards, the fellow who sold me the gun showed me how to pull down the ring and removed the two halves. But he suggested wearing gloves when taking off and putting on, because if you get your skin pinched between the two halves, you will be stuck like that, and you may need someone to help you pull the ring down. Ouch.
  2. Just got my first AR this weekend, a pre-ban Colt Sporter with the original 20" barrel and upper receiver, and an 11.5" barrel on a bushmaster upper, with a permanently mounted, long, flash suppressor to keep it legal. I'm putting together a shopping list for what I should keep on hand to keep it running well. So, what do you guys like to keep in your cleaning kit? Are there any special AR-15 tools I should keep in my toolbox?
  3. pincorrect

    Need a preban

    I have a few FFL's pretty close to me that do transfers. I can believe the prices are nuts. I went to my local shop a couple weeks ago to get a Sig, and the place was packed.
  4. pincorrect

    Need a preban

    Hi folks. First post here. Sorry if this is an oft-asked question; I can't search yet. (However, I do think your 10-post rule is a GREAT idea). Anyway, I want to buy or build an AR-15 while we still have a 2nd amendment, but that is already half-gone in here in the Peoples Republic (err Commonwealth) of Massachusetts. So, I'm strictly looking for pre-ban rifles (or pre-ban receivers documented to have been built as complete rifles before '94). So my first question is where are the best places to look for pre-ban rifles (or receivers and kits) for sale? Auction sites like gunbroker.com? For sale sections of forums like this? Any recommendations for places to look or to avoid would be greatly appreciated.