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  1. https://www.breitbart.com/pre-viral/2018/11/19/chicago-skyscraper-elevator-plunges-84-floors/ Talking about pucker factor. Can't imagine the feeling especially if it were like a free fall.
  2. youngod

    Muslim goat humpers.

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/farmers-goat-gives-birth-half-13616623 That's some weird looking crap right there. I bet some muslim had his way with the goat.
  3. youngod

    BBQ sauce

    I started my sauce adventures one rainy Sunday afternoon. I took a bottle of ketchup and added to it. I wrote down everything I did so that if I liked it, I could reproduce it again. I gave the first 4 bottles away to see what people thought. After many accolades, I made a double batch and gave it away. It was after that one and all the praise that someone suggested I enter it in a contest. We one 1st in ribs and 3rd in chicken......from there it was 2 + years of competition until I realized one day I was competing against professional people (which was ok because I beat a lot of those you see on tv) but they had the time and resources. The final nail in the coffin was on a cook in early March in TN. It snowed an inch the evening of the cook. I laid beside my firebox in a chair trying to keep warm. Next to me was Johnny Trigg, who was in an $800,000 motor home and had a $40,000 custom smoker. I watched them inside all warm, drinking,, watching tv and laughing and I was trying to keep warm and the fire going. I lost the love at that moment for competitions. I came in 5th in that contest and hung up my apron.
  4. youngod

    Good Morning!

    Howdy! Mornin' G!
  5. youngod

    BBQ sauce

    I have several that I have won with. I competed for 2 1/2 years. I won a grand championship cooked one more contest that I did well in and then "retired". I did well when I competed. Won something in every contest. I was a one man team, which got old. I have a traditional BBQ sauce, a blackberry, a peanut BBQ sauce, Jamaican and a vinegar sauce. You're probably thinking peanut butter? Yep. It's awesome on wings.
  6. https://www.toddstarnes.com/show/parents-furious-after-kids-shown-planned-parenthood-sex-video/?fbclid=IwAR2AiysjtmRD3_EVJWzge8v2RrW4vuGmkfgFECEQaZ3TSvGYrkw2o2wpiFA My daughter is now 20 but when she was 12 she was attending a private school. Normally, the sex ed class was handled by someone in the administration. That particular year the school hired an outside source to do it. Long story short, most of the class was devoted to anal and oral sex. My 12 year old came home with her innocence shattered! Point is, if you have kids in school, make sure you know what is being taught. As you can see from the video above, everything is ok which is not ok. Liberals are pushing an agenda and unless we push back, they will win.
  7. youngod

    Hey ALEXA!!

    So tell me more about these things. About a year ago a local teacher made off with a teenager from his class. Made it all the way to CA before being caught in a campground. I know there are license plate readers, cameras etc on the highway now. How do they work and can you disable them. Im not planning on killing anyone but I want to know more.
  8. youngod

    Good Morning!

    Howdy! Mornin' G!
  9. youngod

    New ride

    I don't think I have driven it enough to know yet.
  10. youngod

    New ride

    Si My King Ranch had the Eco boost. I went in to buy a 250, but with the finance charges I was gonna spend $30K in interest. CRAZY. FORD announced yesterday 0% interest on F150s. I couldn't pass that up. I would have been stupid. I couldn't justify the difference. I was getting the 250 to pull a cattle trailer a couple of times a year. A buddy does it for me now. I just hate to ask. He told me not to get the 250 that he is happy to do it.
  11. youngod

    New ride

  12. youngod

    Hey hzhardy

    Happy birthday!!!
  13. youngod

    New ride

    My son turns 16 in two weeks. 5 years ago when I came home with a new truck I said “son, how do you like your new truck?” He said “huh”. I replied “when you turn 16 this is yours.” Christmas came a few weeks early for me! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. youngod

    Hey jtrain

    Happy birthday brother! Here's to more rifles and more brass!
  15. youngod

    Here it comes! Republican proposes new gun law

    My kids are now 20 and almost 16. I taught them at a very early age about gun safety. I also made it very clear that they were to never touch a gun without permission and that if they did the consequences would be severe!! BUT I also told them that ANY time the wanted to look at a gun, go shoot etc, we would do everything possible at that moment to make it happen. I tried to take the curiosity out of the gun. I have a safe and I do have guns locked in that safe but I also have guns in almost every room of my house. Loaded firearms. My kids have never to my knowledge messed with any of them. Could they have when I was away? Maybe, but why? They got to handle them any time they wanted. Growing up I knew my dad had a pistol and a shotgun. The pistol was always locked in a drawer. We didn't know where the key was. One day while digging in the laundry container, at the bottom, I found a skeleton key. I wondered what it could go to , so I went around the house looking. Guess what it was to? Yep, that drawer. Many times without my parents knowing I went in that drawer to handle and look at the gun. It was never loaded, but curiosity took me there. When I was 12 or 13 I began hunting. At 15 my parents bought me an 1100 for Christmas. I still knew where the pistol was but I had my own gun now. POINT IS, I was curious. Take the curiosity out of the equation. Explain the dangers. Show them the dangers, explain the consequences. BUT home safety should be left to the homeowner not the government. When the government can come into my house to check the storage of my weapons, we are not better than the colonials were when the British could enter their house at any time. They didn't stand for it then and we shouldn't stand for it now.