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  1. youngod

    Wearing Perscription Glasses when shooting

    We'll be waiting!
  2. youngod

    Wearing Perscription Glasses when shooting

    I have no idea what you have. But I tell people you have to get over a hurdle. Your hurdle maybe 2 days or it maybe 2 weeks. But put them on and leave them on. If you don't feel safe driving in them, don't!
  3. He's a pink pussy hat wearer. I can't help but think what the Founding Fathers and other governors of VA must be rolling over in their graves, knowing he is trying to take away something they fought to preserve. Im from VA but I am sure disappointed in the direction it is going. My family tells me it is all the democrats moving into northern VA that is making the difference. Around DC, Richmond and Norfolk are blue. The rest of the state is solid red.
  4. youngod

    Good Morning!

    Howdy!! Mornin' G!!
  5. youngod

    Wearing Perscription Glasses when shooting

    You do know you have can have you "reading" glasses, "trifocals", "bifocals" set for any distance, don't you. Just talk to your eye doc about it. Also, for you guys who "can't' wear progressives.....how long has it been since you tried? Technology changes. Think cell phones. What type did you get? Did you know there are over 400 types? A lot of docs still sell older technology. The profit margin is much greater. So what are you getting? Did you give them a fair shake? Were they on a few days and off a few days or did you plow through it? I have a 95% success rate with my progressives. However, sometimes we have to switch brands. If the first one didn't work, let's try another brand. Kind of like shoes. Some just feel better than others. I get notes from patients all the time thanking me for helping them through it. Some say "just like you said, one morning I woke up and they were just fine".
  6. WOW!!!! I really hope some of this crap will be challenged in court.
  7. youngod

    Thinning out my collection

    linky linky?
  8. youngod

    A visit from the Secret Service

    my guess is this will embolden her more. I don't condone what she did on social media, not at all. I would have rather seen the SS man more stern and to the point, maybe that's why I had a problem with the whole thing. She seemed to eat his lunch TO ME. He didn't know what to say or how to handle the situation. The accompanying LEO looked useless too. He was not even watching the woman half the time. Also, as pointed out, I don't think the SS knew the law and maybe this was his first time doing something this.
  9. youngod

    A visit from the Secret Service

    Would have ended the whole thing, right? FIFY
  10. youngod

    A visit from the Secret Service

    Trial by combat??? I am not sure that big girl couldn't have taken the SS guy. I know the little local LEO would had his hands full without a weapon!!
  11. youngod

    What's for dinner.

    Isn't there a rule on this page......
  12. https://www.chicksonright.com/blog/2019/01/14/secret-service-confronts-woman-over-comments-she-made-online/?fbclid=IwAR0f_HzwZFU8ot21Z3PefcdWwBfwlTQdKkRBbHZbvD7gOM2K-8_yBA_anCc How do you feel about this? I have mixed feelings. I understand the reason to follow up on these things regardless of who the POTUS is. I also feel that we are becoming a nation where our rights are in danger. Give an inch take a mile I may get flamed for this, but I honestly think she did the right thing. Again, I understand the reason for the LE to follow up on this however, you can't fart now a days and not be in trouble or offend someone. SS guy was being a little bit of a jerk. Why not give her his card? Why not answer her questions? She owned him like a cheap suit and made him look stupid. Last time, I fully understand and AGREE with following up on a threat (was it really or just a stupid comment?) but what are we going to say when they show up to ask about a banned 30 rd magazine? Again, before I get flamed. threatening the POTUS is a felony. Calling someone to action do it is too. I understand. My only point here is that I worry about us saying anything anymore about any subject. IN addition, if we are going to hold some accountable I think we need to hold all accountable. Saying "I have dreamt of blowing up the White House didn't seem to land Madonna in any hot water". Im not sure many of the Hollywood types ever get called to the mat or politicians for that matter. Most everyone knows that threatening the POTUS is a crime.
  13. youngod

    Good Morning!

    Howdy! Mornin' G! My favorite waitress!