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  1. youngod


    Good luck with everything.
  2. youngod

    Good Morning!

    Howdy! Mornin' G!!
  3. https://bearingarms.com/tom-k/2019/03/13/gun-control-bill-offered-senate-today/?fbclid=IwAR2lw-c5hUyew9rgv83VBJmjCKjQVLZ9mCbkoJImlK7Q4U7EWZU38gzFW3c If you don't think this is getting serious you're crazy. Sure it's just the Democrats in the House. They can pass anything they want right. Doesn't mean it will pass in the Senate right??? Ask Lindsay Graham. Look at what's happening at the state and local levels. Full frontal assault. Not hiding or trying to sneak in legislation.
  4. youngod

    What are you doing different?

    I laughed out loud on the "who needs to be shot first" statement. That's good!
  5. youngod

    What are you doing different?

    Well I understand that but it's nothing new. Every one on this forum has been looked at Im sure. Your past comments, posts, likes, you "I will NOT comply" is all they need. Don't think that they don't know all about you. I have found some good ammo deals. Ammo hasn't really been this cheap in years. Even rebates!!! I just purchased some more. I've been thinking about parts, component, parts, components and more parts. I have all I need in firearms. I also have been discussing situation with others. What if this happens...what do I do? What if they pass this law....how do I react? I've never seen the left so emboldened. I still say a great divide is coming. I just don't see us agreeing on much anymore.
  6. With all the talk about Red Flag laws, bans on "assault" rifles, national background checks, gun registry etc.....what are you doing different? Are you buying, hoarding, training, planning, organizing, vocalizing....what?
  7. youngod

    Now they're coming for MY guns!

    The tree of Liberty is thirsty once again.
  8. youngod

    Incredible Video

    That's nuts. I blame that on the work crew. HOWEVER, the dude in the truck is a dumba$$ too. He had to know he was going to be close and could have gotten in the other lane.
  9. youngod

    Run Cows Run! Video of Oregon Shootout

  10. youngod

    Medical Billing

    Im sorry about your bills. I wish I could comment on some of the charges but without knowing more, it's hard I will say this. It may not all be your doctors's fault on why this is just getting processed. In the last couple of years insurance has made it difficult for us to practice. We can submit something the day you come in and weeks later receive something from the insurance company saying the code is incorrect. Refile and weeks later saying that it's not covered...on the front end we checked and they said it was covered. Refile, weeks later there is something else. On and on. It's a game. The longer they keep their money the better off they are. I am also convinced that they do this on purpose hoping you will finally give up on a claim. Its a real pain in the you know what. It takes multiple employees hours and hours. So your bill that we submitted in August most likely didn't get paid for at least 90 days. IN the meantime, I still have to pay the lights, rent, my employees, malpractice, insurance, phone......etc etc. Also you should know that anything your doctor bills to insurance, he is lucky to get 50%. So in other words, if he bills $200 he MIGHT get $100. When I look at this, often I realize I am getting paid much less than the plumber or the electrician that came to my house and did an hour's worth of work. I love what I do, but I sometimes wonder if it is worth it. Unfortunately, there are doctors that play the system. They bill for everything. They put you thru every test so they can. It's not necessarily about patient care but how much can they make because he is only getting half of it anyway. I never have practiced like that and never will. I look at every patient as if they were my mom or dad. How would I want them to be treated. I often talk to my parents and they tell me what their doctor charged them for and I tell them that was really unnecessary but they are older and typically don't question their doctor's recommendations. Hospitals are the worse. Take your own Tylenol and bandages. Have you ever seen what they charge you for that? My wife has had some extended stays and we often bring stuff from home. It's a whole lot cheaper. Again, sorry for all the problems you are having. If you need a good eye doc in JAX I can help you there!!
  11. youngod

    Good Morning!

    Howdy! Mornin' G!
  12. youngod

    Good Morning!

    Howdy! Mornin' G!!
  13. youngod

    I've been banned! UPDATED!!

    I received a response as to why I was banned from Breitbart: It was because I called Obama a Kenyan and Michelle a wookie. Pretty harsh to ban someone for calling someone a name. IMHO there are legitimate questions still about Obama's past. Will it change the history of his presidency? NO. However, I think the questions about his collegiate transcripts should be answered. Why haven't they been released? Could it be he claimed to be a foreign exchange student from Kenya? Why did is publisher claim he was from Kenya when he was promoting his book "Dreams of my Father"? Why did his grandmother and half brother claim he was born in Kenya? There's too many holes. Again, he is no longer president. That can't be undone. Water under the bridge. As far as Michelle looking like a wookie, I could have said she was one ugly black beotch but I didn't. LOL.
  14. youngod

    Good Morning!

    Howdy! Mornin' G!
  15. youngod

    I've been banned! UPDATED!!

    Sorry, I have no pity on muslim terrorists, illegal aliens who rape, murder or kill.