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    Correct me if I am wrong......aren't they all usually there for the speech? So only 4 out of 9. The rest covering for RBG?? Didn't like the optics of that at all.
  3. There has been talk yesterday that she is bringing the illegal aliens that were fired from a Trump golf course. Will there be drama....almost assuredly but how. Nancy is sitting behind Trump in the speech. She's not going to like what he has to say. Is she going to shake her head while she sucks her teeth? Will she speak out loud? Will some Democrat heckle Trump or say "you lie" like a Republican did. I look for something in that nature. I honestly don't care if one Democrat is there. Better believe they have a plan going into the speech. Maybe a mass exodus when he reaches a certain point. But to disrupt him, knock him off message I think would be their goal
  4. I don't know if I will shoot them. Could I ...probably but I don't want to do anything to ruin the value.
  5. Should be able to load 3x in a minute!!!!
  6. Howdy! Mornin' G! I only believe Southern groundhogs http://www.wfxg.com/2019/02/01/groundhog-day-which-weather-prognosticator-has-best-record/
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Everyone has a gun(s) on that wish list. I think the first time someone (G) posted something about a wish list it's been on mine every year. They for sure not getting any cheaper. I figured now or never. The wife is getting a new kitchen. I chose these so she couldn't say too much. I would love to know if anyone else has a Bess or the like?
  8. I've been waiting a lot of years and finally "pulled the trigger". At the top of the wish list has always been a 1st Model Brown Bess. It arrived today. To have a Great Grandfather and great Uncles that fought in the Revolutionary War in the 3rd NC Regiment has meant a lot to me. Now, to have an actual piece of Revolutionary War history is over the top. The only thing better would to have his original gun. Those men and women sacrificed and risked everything. Just to speak out against the Crown was treason punishable by death, but to actually take up arms, most likely meant certain death if captured. They were some brave souls and I hope we will never forget them. The second gun is a PA/KY rifle. It very well may have a family link. The Young's as back as we can trace them came from the Lancaster PA area / central PA. There was a family of Youngs who were famous gunmakers of the time. We have definitively traced one of the Youngs...Jacob Young to our family. He is a son of the Great Grandfather that I am descended from. His brother is my direct line. A few years back, a Jacob Young rifle was displayed here in TN. I nearly had a fit when I stumbled upon it. I was able to contact the museum curator and asked if he would get in touch with the owner and see if he would like to sell it.....I had no idea the value. "Sure" he said....$50,000!! It was a very ornate rifle with a lot of gold inlay. My wife looked at me and said, "your money" but I just couldn't. So, when I saw this rifle I thought it might be the next best thing. My dad and my brother are David Young, so the D YOUNG stamped across the top means something to me. I guess I am gun poor for a while. I should have bought some ammo and parts around Christmas before these arrived. My wife thinks I am nuts. But I told her this is my midlife crisis. Some guys are into fast cars and fast women at this age. I'll just stick with guns.
  9. Howdy! Mornin' G!!! It's a good day!!
  10. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Freakin pumped!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Howdy! Mornin' G! It's a heat wave here!! 17*
  13. I'd like a gun and a watch. I'll take great care of them and mention your name every time I use or wear it. In all seriousness, good luck with the procedure. I am sure you will do fine!!
  14. Check you calendar and let me know. I have a continuing education trip planned in February. I work out of two different offices, so we need to plan accordingly if you want.
  15. No lie....I read something a few minutes ago about someone protesting Mary Poppins because of the blackface (chimney scene)
  16. Sorry just saw this.....I have never been off on MLK day.
  17. Why? I must be missing something. Nashville is a happening place right now (Im not digging the growth) It's become the new place to be. NO state income tax. Pretty good gun laws (except no right to carry) Republican government (mostly) Moderate temps (4 distinct seasons) In the middle of the country, (easy access, good airport) 2 major sports teams (AAA baseball with a new stadium. Memphis can have the NBA). Still lots or rural areas outside the city. 5 major lakes within an hour to an hour and a half. Good food. Southern culture (slowly dying with all the yuppies and people moving in). What's not to like?
  18. Glockstore.com is moving from San Diego to Nashville TN
  19. I and others have been laughed at recently because my tin foil hat is on too tight, but it will only take the loss of a few Rinos and your 2A rights are gonna change like you never thought before. I may be wrong, but I see it coming very soon. I see a time when ordinary citizens have to stand up to our government again. I think it will more than just marching on DC. There's a real fight coming. Its just what state is first.
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