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  1. I think my membership has lapsed, but will be checking on how to renew.
  2. Very nice. The EOtech looks really nice painted. You could dye the sling!?
  3. You are right. Besides Dixie, it is probably the most popular song in the South. They are still making songs about the song. ex. Kid Rock's All Summer Long!
  4. You can find them on gunbroker.com also.
  5. Sorry. Everyone of those black ponies were listed as out of stock!!
  6. Makes me wanna cry that things like this never get seen. God Bless our servicemen and women! Thanks for making a difference!
  7. I would love to know what they are thinking!
  8. Congrats. I just got one myself about a month ago.
  9. As a new member please forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I think that as AR enthusiast we need to quit using the word(s) "assault" weapon when talking about guns. We should be more responsible than this. I too have been guilty of it, but it is time for a change (BO said that change thing himself you know) Our use of this terminology only gives "ammunition" to those who would desire to take your "assault" weapon away. When did my weapon assault anyone? I do own several semi-auto weapons. Some are black, some have walnut stocks, some fit in the palm of my hand, but from today on, I do not own any assault weapons. I hope that you will join me in attempting from this day forward to help educate others about the fine guns you own.
  10. I have a cabin in the Smokies and we had some sulphur issues. You can get an aerator for the pump for less than $300....problem solved!!
  11. While I have had an HBAR since the days of Clinton, I have not shot it all that much. Less than a 1000 rounds. I now have a new Colt M4 and think I would like to start shooting more often. I have shot reloads with good success and I have bought bulk ammo from Sportsmans Guide, some Federal and some that an ATF agent gave me. They all seemed to shoot well. My question is, for plinking around does it really matter and if I am going to have some for defensive purposes what would you buy. I do not shoot competition, so I am not really worried about an 1/16 of an inch on a target. I understand that brass will cycle better but what about ammo like Wolf and others, what do you think? Of course with the squeeze on the budget, cheap looks really tempting.
  12. That's close enough to home I would consider it.
  13. Ah ha! I topic I can comment on with some knowledge. I am an optometrist. Would that naturally force your right eye to more dominant, NO. There is only a small window of opportunity to "influence" the eyes and vision development and is pretty much gone after about 12 years old. What it may do is help you ignore you left eye more when shooting. The brain is remarkable. It can turn things on and off like a light switch. If you want to try a less expensive way first, just put some nontransparent tape (not black but anything that is not perfectly clear)over your left lens of your glasses. With enough practice and time you will begin to ignore the left eye. It may drive you crazy at first, but people pay me to do this with contacts so that they can read and see in the distance at the same time. In contacts its called monovision. I tell patients it may take a month of wearing it full time before they get used to it. About 90% can successfully.
  14. Good Morning. Excuse me waitress can I get a doughnut?!
  15. Whether his name is Messiah or Obamaham Lincoln, wait and see, he has a shady past and more will come out. Some of us won't be surprised. The only thing that got him elected this time was the color of his skin. I really believe there are more qualified blacks/individuals who could be president. Democrat or Republican. But I guess that is water under the bridge now. I hope and pray for a peaceful and prosperous time for all during his watch. If he gets the credit so be it as long as this country remains strong and a republic and doesn't become a socialist nation.
  16. Don't worry in a few more days Obama will give you one for free! ;)
  17. Congratulations you officially have "black rifle fever"!!
  18. I just purchased the 6920 and EOtech. I purchased the HBar just before the Clinton ban. I figure I should by a new black gun every time a Democrat is elected. While it may not be first on the agenda, it won't be long before they try another ban of some sorts. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1362...mp;id=507503868[/img] I hope I did this picture right!
  19. I cant seem to do it. Does the image have to be at a location like snapfish or some other site that host you pictures to post it? Thanks for you help.
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