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  1. edleit

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Been awhile since the last visit. Tossed 114 7.62x54R cases in the tumble this afternoon with the first change-out of media since I can't remember when. Seems like forever, but recharging with a cup 'o corn every now and again was working just fine til now. Then I looked at my Lee die set and found that I'll need to order a 303 British expander to load up .311 diameter bullets. So, time to place a part order!
  2. edleit

    Lee Classic Turret Kit for Beginner

    For breaking in to the disease (sorry - hobby) a single-stage press is hard to beat. I got my start on a RCBS Rockchucker and have no regrets for having done so. The advantage is that is forces you to ay attention to each step of the reloading process - something that some of the most seasoned guys on this forum will hold is vital to understanding what you are doing,and why. That said, a Lee Classic 4-hole turret offers the ability to either run a single cartridge through as many steps as you have dies inserted in the turret, OR use it as a single-stage press by removing the ratchet gear from the indexing rod. So you get the benefit of a multi-function device with a single purchase. Very important, as it allows you to know your process, selectively increase throughput, and have change in your pocket to afford components to feed the beast. Just a side note: Since the turret can block available light, and obscure the view into a case, I mounted a LED strip to the my press frame below the turret. Now I can clearly check powder level after each case is charged by the Pro Auto Disk powder measure and before bullet seating. Works like a charm. Enjoy! Ed (edit - corrected powder measure nomenclature)
  3. edleit

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    250 9mm 115 gr RN (Berry's plated) over 4.6 gr Win 231.... Ramping up for indoor IDPA season.
  4. Hey Coldwater - good to see some new blood from this part of the state/gulag. If you reload, check out that section of the forum - there are some pretty sharp guys there who can answer just about any question you can come up with. It's worth a look.
  5. edleit

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Thanks. These'll be driven out of my Beretta 92, stock, so no comp. For 124's Hodgdon's data site ranges from 3.9-4.4 for 231 & 3.7-4.2 for 700x. Gives me a starting point. Ed
  6. edleit

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Loaded stores are way down, so time to get crankin' on more 9mm to replenish. Over the past two weekends I got enough brass tumbled to begin decapping and sizing. Worked through a bunch, sorting by brand and managed to get 500 each WIN, FC, & R-P cases primed. (even though this will be mostly blasting stock for IDPA and plates, I still like to sort them out ) By the way, for those who shoot falling plates (what a blast!) would you recommend 124 or 147 grain pills? The 115's just don't seem to have enough OOMPH! Oh yeah, I've got Win 231 & IMR 700X on hand, so any suggestions for charges would be welcome. :tiphat:
  7. edleit

    Server Move Sat Feb. 22 2014

    Great job! Really snappy response, and seemingly no lag time.
  8. edleit

    Looking for a good all around powder for 9mm.

    Win 231 - 4.6 grains has worked out as a common weigh-out for both 9mm 115gr RN (plated and cast) and .45ACP 230gr RN (also both plated and cast). It's become my primary pistol powder. More rounds per pound than HS-6 and less residue afterwards, too. And I've got to echo Juma's concerns regarding hand loads for PD rounds. This has been vehemently discouraged by Massad Ayoob in nearly every article I have read in which he discusses ammunition type used in self-defense shoots. It tends to be regarded as a liability since the loader intentionally prepares loads that are intended to be lethal, thus by extension the users intent comes into question. For SHTF loads/situations this would obviously be a moot point, but good to know what the expert's (M.A.'s, that is) views are.
  9. edleit

    Need a caliper. Suggestions?

    Like TJ, I grabbed a pair of the Franklin Arsenal digitals when they were on sale at Midway a few years ago (half price). They still go for $25. Here's the link to Midway's offering: http://www.midwayusa.com/product/604242/frankford-arsenal-electronic-caliper-6-stainless-steel Granted, they do drift a bit, but zeroing is super easy and quick. It's a 3-digit display with the error out in the tenth's place (.0000/.0005) so a half mil for our purposes is not going to be critical. I've used much more expensive instruments for high precision work, so I'm comfortable recommending these for reloading tasks. Ed
  10. edleit

    Hornady lock and load progressive- any advice?

    Two things to add: Number 1: Keep a log/journal of your reloading history. I've been using a spiral bound multi-subject notebook and that's worked out just fine. Record such things as powder calibration data (weight vs volume), case prep data, load data, process descriptions, changes made to your process, etc. The list is potentially endless, but could save you time, money, and aggravation down the line. Number 2: If you decide that you like shiny cases, be careful what you add to your tumbling media. Some guys add polish - and there are some good ones out there - but make sure that it does not contain ammonia. The ammonia will attack the brass (over time) and may lead to embrittlement and case failure. There is plenty of literature available documenting this, and posts elsewhere on this forum that have addressed the issue at length. These two items have kept me out of trouble so far, with the occasional oops that comes with the territory. (Make sure you record those, too!!) Actual process details I'll leave to the more experienced on the forum. Ed
  11. edleit

    Pork infused ammo....

    ROFLMAO !!!! I just about fell out of my chair and the rest of the family is wondering if I've really lost it this time!
  12. edleit

    Powders at CT Cabelas

    For those who are in the Nutmeg State or surrounding area, the Cabelas in East Hartford had respectable supply of powder on hand last night. Sorry for the delay in posting - I just got my laptop back, and posting from work doesn't work, if you know what I mean. The magazine was chock full with 700X, Bullseye, Tightgroup, R19 & R22, plenty of Clays, plus some others that I didn't take note of. Had some CCI SR primers, too, but when I left there were only 2 bricks left. (Apparently they had SP in the AM, but that pesky work thing kinda gets in the way of doing an early run to check!) Limits are 2 of any one type. Get it while you can. Other components are still pretty sparse,and .223 & .22LR ammo is just a memory. Just as an aside, when I got home I found that the 700X is packaged in 14 oz cans, not 16 oz. Seems that even the powder companies play the packaging game!
  13. Got my 9mm 115grn heads in the mail on Wednesday. I knew the package was heavy (68#), but didn't expect it to look like this: Two boxes inside were completely intact, the other two were quite distressed, one fully emptied into surrounding bag inserted in the carton, although the corner of the bag was torn . Amazingly, none of the contents were lost! I've emailed Missouri Bullet Co. and suggested they wrap their packages with reinforced packaging tape as a simple, cost-effective cure.
  14. edleit

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Here are the results:
  15. Colchester, CT - sorta the NW corner of SE CT