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  1. What I did not post originally and I should have back when the test was done was the control target shot with my KSG shotgun which is a cylinder bore and this shotgun with its tactical extended cylinder choke (I hate the door breach end on it). The KSG shot tighter than all the chokes with the 870 and the 870 with the cylinder bore was actually wider patterning than the IC choke and full which was odd. I decided not to waste more rounds with the cylinder choke as it was not an option for me unless I can find a non extended one to use (the extended end eats up space and chews up items in my assigned patrol car at the time.)
  2. It's good to hear the Holosun has been durable for you. Heck recently learned Travis Haley has been running some Holosun optics and IR lasers and so far approves of them. That was a shock.
  3. Yep those last two posted targets where both using the flight control wad reduced recoil 9 pellet 00 buckshot loads LE132.
  4. I have them on my 870 and love them. I am 5'4" and the regular stock are too long on the LOP for me to use properly and thus I have to blade my stance so recoil is worsened. With the magpul SGA setup LOP is perfect with no spacers and the pad reduces recoil better than the Remington supercell replacement pads. The gun fits me so much better now and 30 rounds of buckshot later no bruising or soreness anymore.
  5. Cheap and strong, good glass and so far holds up very well. I have 3 and they are just as good as my 2 EoTechs and one Aimpoint and one ACOG that are on some of my rifles had them for a few years, decided to take one off my M&p 15-22 trainer and try it on the 12ga to see how I like red dots on a shotgun, if I love it then I will get a Aimpoint micro down the line if this one ever gives out but I doubt it. 25 is the max range you shoot from to qualify as a LEO with GAPOST and a shotgun (slugs at 25, 15 and in is slug and buckshot), same with pistol and rifle max distance is 50 unless its a precision gun and thats 100. Yep same ammo as first target. As for slugs I gotta pick up some more before I waste some experimenting, not a slug fan so I keep only about 30 Truball slugs and 60 PDX segmented slugs for work use, need to get some regular slugs to sight in with that share POI POA with the PDX.
  6. PS the Remington Supercell pad is not as good as the magpul at least to be in recoil reduction and here are mods I did to the gun if it helps. Magpul SGA Stock Magpul M-LOK Forend Magpul SGA Receiver Sling Mount Magpul Forward Sling Mount Mesa Tactical Sureshell Carrier Holsun 403GL MCARBO Trigger Spring S&J Hardware USA Jumbo Safety S&J Hardware USA Type 2 Follower Wolf Extra Power Magazine Tube Spring Model 1100 Carrier Latch Spring Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor
  7. Hi guys need some quick help. I just got a new 870 Tactical model that I plan to run Federal Low Recoil 00 Buckshot LE132 through (occasional LE127 and Winchester PDX1 Segmented slugs). Anyway I am concerned with its patterning. I am not a shotgun guy by no means and my only other shotgun is my department issued 870 (regular 870 express model with extended tube that jams and is rusted) and my KSG. I plan to use this gun to replace my issued 870 but the patterning seems off with it. I always thought Fed flight control wads did best with no or little choke. The gun shoots them widest with the cylinder bore extended coke on the gun so I tried a IC choke I bought and a full choke I found (literately laying on the ground brand new). These chokes shot smaller groups than the cylinder tactical choke but as you can see below at 25 the pattern seems large for a flight control wad and the full seems to do better more consistently than the IC which is odd. Any ideas? The pattern isn't much better with IC than shooting full choke with Fiocchi 00 at 25. I remember my KSG shooting these tighter and its a cylinder bore. Called it a day so as to not waste expensive ammo, I must provide my own duty ammo for my shotgun and my own duty ammo and rifle when I carry an AR :( Two rounds IC shot at 25 yards at paster One round IC shot at 25 yards by accident, I realized I forgot to switch chokes to test the full pattern Two rounds Full choke at 25 yards
  8. Well after sitting around a bit I finally decided to build another AR. Seeing as I had no 20" guns but had 8.5, 10.5, 11.5 and 16 inch rifles in 5.56 and 300 blackout already I decided to do a 20 inch 5.56 rifle which lead me to do a clone build of an M16A4. I fully intended to just do an M16A4 with carry handle sights and keep it simple yet still have the option to use optics later. Well that was the plan. I ended up getting a PSA 20 inch freedom rifle kit (premium with CHF barrel was unavailable) to go on a spare PSA lower I had lying around for a rainy legislation day (stupid ban talks). But that didn't end well. My tax return came in so she went from a plan Jane to an Army version M16A4. I added a KAC rail system I got for a steal with the panel and grip kit, a Matech rear BUIS and then since I couldn't find a Aimpoint M2 I got a PRO and added the old style caps with rubber strap in place of the new style ones to make it look close to the M2. All was well while I awaited all the parts to come in till MrGunsandGear made a dang Facebook post of a sale on Aero Precision stripped M16A4 special edition lowers for 40 bucks. So one rifle became two and thus my tax return flew the coupe. I then bought all Aero Precision parts (upper parts kits handle etc) to go with that lower make the gun match. Then my Marine friend goaded me about my Army gun so I built a crayon eater version. I ended up adding a KAC Micro BUIS that was Marine marked, a Trijicon TA31RCO-A4 and a Tool Craft BCG (used in the military as OEM replacements) and added a Green Mountain chrome lined barrel to stay as close to an actual one I can with out buying a over priced FNH lower. Put in my binary trigger for giggles over the Aero trigger so I can have burst Then I had to buy 1200 rounds of IMI to sight them in. Overall I'm happy but broke. I was very surprised on the Green Mountain / Trijicon ACOG setup. Heard some people say the Green Mountain barrels really know how to do chrome lining and I think they are right. Guns not even broke in good and below is the ACOG zero shot at 100 meters. Sub MOA. ACOG 100 by Stuart Boyer, on Flickr Army IMG_0302 by Stuart Boyer, on Flickr Marine IMG_0289 by Stuart Boyer, on Flickr IMG_0292 by Stuart Boyer, on Flickr IMG_0297 by Stuart Boyer, on Flickr
  9. Hi guys been quite busy with work so I havent had time to lurk around much but have an issue I hope you guys can help with. I Got my Osprey 9 this week and love her and can use her at work for various issues but have one problem. I am using it on my personal Glock 17 for now (or my Kriss Vector the days I carry it) but want to mount it on my Duty Glock 17. Problem is my duty 17 has a TLR-1 HL light mounted and my Osprey can wont clear it. I am using a silencerco barrel for reference and its listed by factory as a 5 inch barrel but due to the touching its a no go. I had heard some people have mounted the can with an Inforce light but due to my holster being built for the TLR1 that's also a no go. Is there a barrel that may fit better and give me clearance? I have heard some people can mount that light combo on a 17 with TLR 1 but have not heard what barrel they used. I'll try to attach reference pictures. https://photos.app.goo.gl/wpUus63VJa3p7QHa2 No such issue with M&P https://photos.app.goo.gl/udctXnPaFcU54TU43
  10. Yes very much. I cant even start the paperwork to bring my M4-2000 home till it gets approved for the dealer to dealer transfer, so the way it looks is probably a year to approve it to my dealer (Jan 2017 to ?) then a year to approve to take it home (2018? to 2019?), so I may get that one in the year 2019 even though I bought it in January :(
  11. Wow thanks for the update. Thats crazy since they just hire more agents and reorganized but I guess it is what it is. Was that a year it it came home or a year for form 3?
  12. A few days after posting this topic one of my suppressors an Osprey 9 was cleared for transfer to my dealer. Its in hand with my FFL now so now I am just waiting on the forms to clear to bring her home. As for the M4-2000 Suppressor so far in one more day it will be 8 months and still not be approved to transfer to my dealer. I even bought this one a month prior to the Osprey suppressor so I find it strange the Osprey transferred first. And thanks to primary arms refusing to give me the serial numbers to them I missed the 200 dollar rebate time frame on my M4-2000 but barely made it in time to get the rebate for the Osprey. Kinda sucks they wouldnt give me the serial number so I could redeem my rebate before it expired. EDIT: Funny note I started to SBR a Kriss Vector in May and its forms are moving along faster than the suppressors as far as checks clearing etc.
  13. Yep checked with them again. they are firm on submission date, they said they are contacting the ATF about it. Thanks for the swift reply. Plan on putting a Osprey 9 on my 9mm Vector SBR and a AAC M4-2000 on my rifles.
  14. Anybody have an idea on the average form 3 approval times? So far its been 6 months with no ATF approval on two suppressors I got from primary arms that I was hoping to use on my patrol rifles. Then I gotta wait for them to reach my local dealer before I can start the form 4 for each
  15. Yep that is where I got mine. Ended up finding a youtube video of someone testing them and it seems KCI makes the textured ones in 9mm too. Guess its hit or miss on getting them though.
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