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  1. ClarkW My problem is with my magwell, not the Cproduct mags. Your should be fine.
  2. Haven't heard back from DPMS. Does anyone know of a good way to contact them? Thanks,
  3. Sent an email yesterday, waiting for a response.
  4. UPDATE Tried my buddies mags and had the same problem, they wouldn't drop free. He had no problem with them in his DPMS lower. I guess I must have a issue with my DPMS lower? I would appreciate any input/advice. Thanks
  5. TS I'm going out of town tomorrow for the rest of the week. I will try this weekend and let you know. Trent
  6. I don't see anything in the mag well. Can some one tell me what the dimensions should be at the rear (near the trigger)? The mags will almost drop free, I wonder if i need to "sand"" alittle bit of material from the mag well? Thanks
  7. Well.... My buddy said his 4 mags dropped free. So when I get home tonight I'm going to look much closer at my mag well. When I tried the first mag a little bit of the coating was rubbed off. I need to look closer to see if some of it is in the mag well. I will post my findings tonight. Thank you for all the help so far.
  8. TS I got home and tried the other 3 mags. They were a little better, but they still wouldn't drop out. They seemed to get hung up at the rear end near the trigger. They would "drop" a little then kind of pivot towards the trigger, not dropping clear. I need to have my buddy try his 4 mags. He is in the process of building his 1st AR. He has a complete lower only, no upper. However I would think he should be able to test the mags. Thank you for the help so far.
  9. TS Should I wipe them down first, or just try them strait out of the package?
  10. ceddie, The factory mags drop easily. I'm thinking the mag well is fine. I'm going to try the other 3 C-product mags I have tonight. Thanks
  11. I have a DPMS Sportical. I should also note that some of the paint on the magazine rubbed off of the front and back, when I put it in the mag well. Thanks
  12. TS Yes, I ordered 8 direct from C-Products. 4 for me and 4 for my buddy. Nwatson99 I will try the other 3 tonight to see if they have the same issue. I will have to warn my buddy also. I see you live in Princeton I don't live all that far from Princeton. Do you work at Toyota? Thanks
  13. Hello, I finally received my new C-Product stainless steel 30 round mags this weekend. I placed the orded on 1/19/09. I tried the fit of one of the mags, it seemed to be kind of tight or maybe more snug. Much more than the 2 DPMS mags that came with my rifle. I sprayed the C-Products mag down with clp and dryed it, the fit still seemed snug. It won't drop free when I press the mag release button and the DPMS mags will. I guess my question is if this is normal? My AR has never been fired, I don't know if this matters or not. Any advice? Thanks
  14. I didn't see that, untill I posted about the other site Plus JTAC has a better price
  15. CM Here is a link for a stripped RRA lower, in stock. http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product...ts_id/411536083 Price looks good to me. but I'm still new at the AR business.
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