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  1. Hey guys, Found my next project. Here's what I'm thinking, http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_3_4/615143_My_attempt_at_custom_magazines.html Got a couple PMags I wanna do this to.. Just got to figure out a design... ideas? Anyone got any pointers where to start? paint? stencils? Tape?
  2. It does cover the gas tube, I was working on it before then quit and put all the pins back in place so I didn't lose them.
  3. I believe the hand guard just wasn't lined up. Hahaha, I did throw it on really quick. I think you are right, good eye! I'll get it turned around
  4. I 2nd the set of punches for sure! Find a good place to work so you don't lose all the tiny nuts and bolts!
  5. Jtrain, Thanks I'll try that. Yeah the only reason the gas tube looks that way is because I was in the middle of taking it apart yesterday couldn't figure it out and put all the pins back to try again later!
  6. Well first I had trouble getting the rail to line up, now that I got it to line up i'm running into trouble getting the gas tube to seat correctly...
  7. Sry guys gave it a try last night but had to quit. I got it all lined up now the gas tube won't seat all the way down. Man this is frustrating... Nwatson99, they are a Amazon special. I didn't need anything fancy. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005DCB8C4/ref=cm_sw_r_an_am_ap_am_us?ie=UTF8 Going to give it another try tonight.
  8. Hey guys, I'm changing out my hand guards and need some help, thought it was going to easy but... so pop off the gas block and then the original just screws off and the new one screws on... BUT it doesn't line up!! it was damn close thou! I tried to muscle it but no good.. Do I need a wrench to get it all lined up? what kind? Any help would be great! Here's what I'm working with, Steve~
  9. Damn the "BRD"! Thinking about just replacing the hand guard, adding the front grip and some iron sights + a red dot... I think.... Oh and the handle... and the charging handle... and the trigger.... Crap...
  10. She might be! Says she never has been stung... myself I got stung by the BRD's... Medic07, I'm not sure if I should replace the gas block and throw on some iron sights or replace the hand-guard for them.. looking for a front grip too.. Sooo many choices... sooo little cash...
  11. I was thinking about throwing some iron sights on it as well. Do you recommend any brand? Maybe the 45 degree ones, not sure if I can get away with just the flip iron sights and the red dot...
  12. Thanks for the links, I'll check um out! I'm so pumped that I finally got it together! But now I've got the itch to buy parts!! I've got a Eotech red dot picked out. Something along the lines of this > http://www.midwayusa.com/product/192054/eotech-xps3-1-transverse-law-enforcement-and-military-night-vision-holographic-red-dot-sight-1-moa-dot-reticle-matte-cr123-battery
  13. Pretty much Target, maybe a little coyote hunting down the line. Thanks for the heads up Nwatson, you got a link or just midway it up?
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