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  1. newtocpm

    Pickled Turnips & Beets

    Ok, I may try your recipe but are the turnips and beets pre-cooked or raw? What is the shelf life?
  2. Another Question Has anyone had to use one? What brand were you shooting? It it more likely to have a case separation using steel cased rounds like Wolf brand. I shot brass factory round but do to prices have been thinking about going steel. Also is there more wear in the chamber from steel round.? Thanks
  3. newtocpm

    Indexing/Installing flash hider

    The crush washers I have seen have several layers to them. If you are to far from completing the turn you simply remove the flashider peel a layer of washer off until you have the thickness needed.
  4. newtocpm

    Barrel Length

    In my short experience with the AR, Short barrel versions are much nosier especially the 14" versions but they navigate tight or close quarters much better. For target shooting I have a 20" And one strictly for close quarters.
  5. I will be purchasing a grip plug and was wondering what spare parts are absolutely necessary to keep for my AR? What are the parts that wear out the fastest or break the most? I would like to keep to parts(size) that will fit inside the grip. Thanks for you comments and suggestions
  6. newtocpm

    Laser bore sighting question

    I having a hard time tying to get onto your webpage, keeps saying not avalable
  7. Kids at Camp perry, 200 yds standing. About 200 shooters on the line what a noise during rapid fire.
  8. I would like to know from you who have used laser boresighters are they worth the purchase? and if they are, which type work best Inside the chamber that light through the bore or the type you stick into the end of the muzzle. How would they work on open site guns like a M4? any repley would be helpful as to the make and type that worked best for you. Thanks learning the AR
  9. Thanks for the explanation on the scoring question.
  10. New to this fourm, I had a really great time watching my two boys(16yrs 18yrs) shot at the M16 EIC Match Camp Perry last year. This year, we all plan on shooting both pistol and M16 EIC matches. Today my kids recieved their results my question is How are the targets scored what does 270-0 mean or 260-2 I know they each fired 40 rounds and highest posable score is 400. The hightest person scored a 375-5X what does 5x mean. Thanks, any help explaing scoring would be helpfull