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  1. bob4432

    High capacity .45 ACP Carbine/Magazine?

    was lurking the internet today and fell onto this site. very nice and after looking through the forums i thought i could shed some lite on this topic. i have a 45acp ar - went the oly upper, cncguns ar45 lower that uses grease gun mags and must say, it is a blast to shoot. there are a couple of options out there but felt the cncguns lower was the lower for me. what is so nice about it is is the way they did the magwell and the mag release - no weird way to get the mag out, just hit the mag release which is in the same place as on a regular ar and it drops just as it should be. the machining of the lower is excellent and i got in on the first batch, so mine is a khalan finished lower -very low serial # - single digit. unfortunately khalan weaponry did wrong by quite a few people w/ batches 2 and 3 of finishing them so the partnership between khalan and cncguns was terminated. after that a place called thompson machine took over finishing the lowers and all i have read is that people are happy w/ those. now it seems that oly won't or can't sell uppers since they don't have the stock for them, so it is a bit hard to get one of these finished. there is a guy on ar15.com that is working on a di upper vs the oly blowback upper and is having good luck, but hasn't tried it on a cncguns45 lower yet, or any lower that feeds from the front like the cncguns and mgi 45/gg lowers. all of this is available at the cncguns forum. those points being made, the 45 ar it is a fun gun. follow up shots are very quick - the gun doesn't move much at all even being blowback. you can get gg mags for ~$20-$30 or so and they hold 30rnds and are built like tanks themselves. ideally i would like to sbr my lower and put a 10" or brl on it, but i am waiting to see what bho is going to do w/ everything . even so, shooting w/ 16" brl is no big deal and you also can use all the stock lower parts w/ the exception of the mag release that comes w/ the lower. mine has a car stock and works very well w/ just a regular car buffer - i have a 9mm buffer but haven't shot it w/ it yet, so i can't compare the two yet. depending on how things work out, i may go w/ a di upper if i sbr the lower since even more off the shelf parts are used in the upper - not being held hostage by oly would be a nice feeling as now even people that have bought their uppers and want to get a couple of items in case of a breakage seem to get the cold should from oly. if you have the ability to finish a lower from ~10% or so, you may try that route as i believe the 10%ers are available from the guy that owns the cncguns site and is the actual maker of the 10% "paperweight" since he isn't a ffl manf able to finish them to 100%. hope this helps you out and answers any questions