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  1. Hi, I just received a BNIB Oly 9mm upper, 16" Heavy Bar, purchased from Gunbroker dealer. Since the unit was missing the handguard, I noticed that there is no Gas tube. Is this normal? There is a spring assembly, located under the bolt carrier, going from left to right hand side of the receiver, with one of the legs pushing up on the undercarriage of the bolt carrier. What's up with that? I tried posting couple of pics, but I get this pop up window, asking me to enter the URL for the image, with no option to browse my pc to locate? Any suggestions on how to load images? Tnx for all the suggetions
  2. Tnx everyone for the helpuful suggestions. I will tackle the issue tomorow.
  3. Tnx guys. Any suggestions on a good AR gunsmith manual that I could follow to remove and replace the lower parts?
  4. As I recall, nothing happens, no sound, no hammer falling etc.. Safety is cliking, what spring are u refering to?
  5. Hi, I have a Colt Match target (AR15) rifle that has a unique failure to fire issue and I need help resolving it. The rifle fires fine the first round, however nothing happens when you pull the trigger to fire the second round. I need to move the selector level back to Safe first, then Fire, before the gun fires again! I have contacted COlt and they have never heard of this problem and told me to send it for evaluation. Given that I need to find an assualt rifle dealer to handle the shipment of the rifle to/back from Colt, I was hoping to find a solution here first. Tnx
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