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  1. Most of the time right behind the shoulder. Most of the pigs are below 275 in weight. I have a AR-15 chambered for 6.8 SPC that will get the bigger ones if I run into one. I just don't have as much ammo in the 6.8 yet to switch over. But that day is coming.
  2. whuggins


    Unlike other area the .270 Winchester has a huge following down here in West Texas. Mainly because we have large areas of open space. The round is ideal for very long shots when your hunting deer, hog, and coyote. I have two rifles setup with the .270 Winchester, the Remington model 700 SPS and the Savage model 114 Classic both with AccuTrigger. I load all my .270 Winchester rounds that I hunt with and spend a lot of time preparing the brass. After reloading for 35 years the trick is getting the brass just right and all the same. As stated above there is no round call .270 Remington, but you can have a Remington that chambers for the 270.
  3. Can't beat the good old S&W wheel gun. You were talking about your M-28. I have a 19, two 27s, 29, 629, and M&P40. My job carries are Glock 23 and 22, both I own. The 19 is fine to carry and shoot, but you have to be careful how hot the loads are. The 27 and 28 can take it all and keep on shooting. Was thinking about letting the 19 go and get a 686 but it was my first carry when I got into law enforcement back in the 70's. I'm looking for a clean 686 right now to round off my collection. I found one at the gun show but it was closed by the time I got back with the money. I will catch him at the next show in August. I have passed off the 19 to my daughter she is 25 now. She loves shooting it at the range and she is good with it. If it keeps her safe then it was one of my best investment I have ever made.
  4. The 629 6 1/2 you have looks just like mine. The only differents I have a non-fluted cylinder. It adds a little more weight along with the full lug under the barrel. It seems to keep it tame on full loads. I've had mine since 1983. My wife got it for me for my birthday present. She is one of those gals that has a good hunting dog, 4X4 pickup truck, fishing boat, and cooks wild game. What more would a man want in life. I take very good care of my 629, always cleaning it after shooting. I will never part with it. PS: It will knock the you know what out of wild pigs here in West Texas. Had to use it to stop a mad sow that was charging us when we were un-loading one of our pig traps one day deep in a pasture. Had just touched one of the pigs in the trap with a hot-shot and it let out a squeel. Then out of no where comes this large hog charging us. My long gun was to far away. Only had time to get to my 44 on my hip. Shot twice and hit her both times in the head. Dropped her right in her tracks nose first. She tipped the scales at 287. Made a lot of sausage and pork roast. My dad of 73 was with me and he didn't believe the 44 magnum did that kind of damage. She was about 25 yards from me and I'm 6'6" must have been the right angle. This was about as close as I care to come to having to shoot under fire. She was pissed off and had all intentions of trying to kill me. This is one time I'm glad I spend as much time at the range as I do. I carry an 40 S&W auto at work and train with it all the time, more then most. I also shoot my 44 and 357 magnums just as much. I'm glad I did.
  5. Friend of mine just got his first AR-15 and I'm helping him set it up. It's a A-3 flat top with the fixed front sight post on the barrel. He had added a rear site to the picatinny rails. When sighting it in at 25 meters for battle field zero it was shooting far to the left. Had to set the rear sights to the far right all the way. It still shoots 2 inches to the left. My question is there anything that can be done to adjust the sights to bring them in to the center. At one time I read some where that you can adjust the front sight post with a rubber hammer by hitting it to one side or the other to get proper center. Can't seem to find anything on it now. The other question is what height of scope rings does he need for his AR to see over the front sight post and is there any special type that is needed for Picatinny rails?
  6. Looks like you need to do some wild pig hunting if you haven't been doing so. The meat is good and it does lower your food bill. I have run into a lot of others that use the same load for their AR-15s. It's also good in the Mini-14 as well. I also do loads for my father who has a Mini-14. He's 74 years old and likes the Mini-14 over the AR-15. He says the AR is to much like something from Star Wars.
  7. Your right it's not the reloading but lead bullets. But also if you follow up on what Glock says about their barrels. The unsupported chamber on their barrels will cause a blug at the bottom of the shell and is a weak point. You can use their barrels but do it with caution. Inspect your shells real good, watch your loads, and don't hard crimp. I just feel better using a after market barrel. It just better insurance not to take the risk. But that's just me. Guns don't give second chances with mistakes. I like my hands and Glock the way they are, intact.
  8. You might also want to say about the collet puller that it should not be used on lead bullets. Stay with the hammer type for lead.
  9. Stop by Wal-Mart and pick up a Shot Gun News. Lots of good info on ARs.
  10. I chose the 40 S&W because you didn't have the 44 magnum or the 45 long colt. S&W model 629 6 1/2 in. and I love my 45 Colt Single Action Army (Peace Maker) in the 5 in. Now you know I have yellow ivory on the Colt. Oh yes the 40S&W is a Glock 22 I carry it at work.
  11. I know a lot of people that would love to get their hands on an Oly. Right now that the prices have gone through the roof. As for me I have an Oly, Bush, and a DPMS. All have never given me any problems. My Oly has a SUM barrel and I'll put it up against any other AR brand out there. Now ming you it does have a few more tricks under the cover but only the drive will know for sure. I agree, go ahead and talk bad about Oly. That keeps them down in cost. If they were really all that bad. They would have gone away a long time a go.
  12. I would also say for the 40 cal S&W round Tightgroup, PowerPistol, Universal, Unque, Bullseye, and Clays. Get you several books on reloading and do a little research. Look at the loads in the books. Are you loading for just one pistol or several. What are you doing with the rounds hunting target. Also if you have a Glock and you are going to use the reloads in it. This is a must!!!! Go with an after market barrel. If you don't you are walking a fine line and could get hurt. That was one of the first things I did when I started reloading for mine. The nice thing is I can now use lead.
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