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  1. ^That would be great. Still not sure if I should go with a C model or wait to get my hands on an SF.
  2. Where are you guys finding these? Glock doesn't even have them on their website. I'm still wanting the 20C, any chance they're going to make 20C's in sf? Just not sure if I'd rather have the sf for my smaller hands, or the compensator...
  3. Do the Barsto compensated barrel's ports line up with the slide ports on the 20C? i.e. Is it a direct drop in replacement?
  4. Thanks for the response and the welcome! I am a volunteer with Pasadena. I just recently decided to go professional with Houston. With regard to the ammo, I'm looking for the true 10mm experience. Not this 10mm lite stuff. Thanks for the data, it will be very helpfull. P.S., I'll be picking up my first 10mm auto, a Glock 20C in about a week.
  5. I'm new here, fist post.. Is that Remington UMC FMJ ammo "full power"?
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