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  1. if you result into having to cut the bolt MAKE SURE you screw a nut all the way onto the bolt till it is BELOW the point where yo uwant to cut it. That way after you cut it you can take the nut off and it will deburr/rethread the bolt where the cutting tool cut it and may have bent or messed up the threading.
  2. C_G_R

    6x45 hog killer Pics

    nice and thats going to be some mighty tender wild boar meat. I can picture it now all hairless and golden brown on a serving platter with a apple in its mouth on the Christmas dinner table.
  3. C_G_R

    11 year old girl defends home from intruders

    On a side note .... I wouldnt care if it was a single shot 22 or not. one 22 long rifle to the chest or esp to the head it would be over for you permanently
  4. http://nuffy.net/pics/funny/best_moment/right_moment_04.jpg
  5. C_G_R

    And you just thought your day was bad

    the snake in that pick appears to have FANGs so it is most likely some poisonous specis
  6. C_G_R

    How long is kerosene good for?

    speaking of these my uncle use to use one to heat his house it was round about 3 feet tall and 18 inches in diameter. Is there a carbon monoxide issue with these ?
  7. C_G_R

    CMMG 42 round mags

    Instead of sorry about the musice you could haver said turn the speakers ooff before you play From the length of the mag it surehas potential to replace a bipod at the shooting bench and i never saw one feed issue with it in all the bump fire mag dumps either.
  8. C_G_R

    Will Tuesday be the Darkest Day in 456 Years??

    http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/topic/94294-how-to-watch-the-dec-20-total-lunar-eclipse/ which one has the date wrong mine or yours ?
  9. http://sendables.jibjab.com/originals/so_long_to_ya_2010
  10. C_G_R

    Good Morning!

  11. http://cmmginc.secure-mall.com/item/HE42-B...e-Magazine-1327 anybody tried any to see how they function?
  12. C_G_R

    Cheap AR-15 lower?

    THe lowers are actually on sale for 59.99