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  1. anyone can sell anyone else a piece of steel. Thats all it is- a tube of steel. What you do with it once you have it is completely up to you. A felon can legally go out and buy a 14" complete upper, or even get into the business of building and selling SBR uppers, but once a person attaches, (or places next to) a lower, the laws kick in. "Assembled", or "able to be rapidly assembled" constitutes the felony if its illegal. I suppose if you were to have a 14" barrel next to a lower, but had no barrel wrench or upper receiver, It would not be able to be "rapidly assembled". Regardless, its up to the present owner to be sure that he/she is legal with the tube of steel.
  2. agh

    Darn it!

    dont get me started on tools. I build houses. You know how many tools are left in the rafters? Hammers, tapes, drills, sawzalls, ets....arrgh...I have yet to lose a piece of a firearm though...
  3. there are really only two places to take it apart; off the lower, and off the tube. off the tube, all you do is grab the little round nut with some pliers and pull it down farther than the little handle can, and it will slide right off. Off the lower, you need a castle nut wrench, and mind the little piece holding the buffer in place, it will fly out.
  4. I'm in the process of building 8 of them. I dont have a bad thing to say about any of them. They use a stock trigger, but the creep on it is quite smooth and easy to get a feel for when it will break. The finish is most def A+.
  5. Figured I'd share this with y'all, just in case you are thinking about ordering; A while back I ordered from them, and the piece came two weeks later. It was the wrong color. I called them and they instructed me to ship it back and a replacement was on the way. I shipped the part back, called them to give a tracking number for it, and they thanked me. Here I am two weeks later with no piece, and no answers on their phones or email. I'm thinking maybe they went out of business, or are ignoring my emails and dont have time to answer phones....
  6. is there any benefit to it as opposed to the sling loop at the buttstock?
  7. So I'm trying to figure out what the loop is that is hanging off of the piece in front of the castle nut- heres a pic;
  8. I've never shot one of those shotguns before- will it break your wrist with a slug? sweet babies btw!
  9. anybody notice that that guy has never held a gun in his life? Look what eye is open and what one is closed!
  10. no offense if any of you have one of these, but WHO THE !@#$% WOULD WANT THAT!!??
  11. go to photobucket, upload your pic, and use the link
  12. good link. Problem is, most everyone is out of stock.
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