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  1. like they said at least he got one of the scum bags
  2. i appreciate the ideas now i just have to think on what i want to do
  3. man that takes to much time to do for me
  4. more just for a toy i guess, i would like to turn it into a tactical version without spending alot of money. i'm not looking for a exspensive brand
  5. buds are out of a lot of guns
  6. where is there a place on line to find a cheap 12ga?
  7. i was just wondering where there are some good ranges in okla.
  8. I have that exact safe that you have up and i have not had any trouble out of it , like i said cannon will come to your house to fix any problems you have with it and if they don't fix it on the first try. the next time they come to your house they will bring a new and get your guns out of the old one free of charge. with other safe companies you have to take your safe to them.
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