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  1. talonhead

    Sale at Lantac-USA

    Just got an email from Lantac-USA, Easter Sale 20% off everything. Happy Easter, you can get 20% off everything store wide starting Friday 19th up till Monday 22nd. Just use the code ''EASTER19'' at checkout..... a sale like this is how I got my Straight Pull BCG. MikeH
  2. talonhead

    Beautiful Made in the USA Anvil

    Nice James! Haven’t been able to find one out my way........that I can afford. Scrapper that I know, hasn’t had one come through him in over 5 years. i still have two 18” lengths of rail iron. Trying to get some more. Was working on finishing my gas forge, but pulled my shoulder (again) and got put out on COMP, so no working on that kind of stuff.:( MikeH
  3. talonhead

    brass trading

    Nice! Still working on building my double drum “Rumbler”. Finally found a switch box that will fit the timer switch. Just need to do some welding and drilling to get a frame together and bolt the bearing mounts for the rollers and drives. MikeH
  4. talonhead

    brass trading

    Getting ready to our house on the market. Need to get rid of some stuff. (12) 7mm Mag R-P (48) 7mm-08 R-P (19) .30-06 R-P small quantity of 5.7 still sorting Small quantity of .40 S&W still sorting sorting is freaking tedious! Not to mention just packing up what I’m keeping! i think I bagged 1k .45 ACP, 500 .308, 1k+ 10mm, 500 Beowulf, and I just started. pm me with your interests. MikeH
  5. Was going through the safe and fingered through some papers. Found the State paperwork for the above receiver. Lo and behold the type box was checked “other”. Considering where I live, it’s outstanding——-not really. I’ll have to wait until I leave here to put it together. But, I see a possible 300BO pistol in my future. Need to find the papers for the others now, and see what they are marked as. MikeH
  6. Wife found a cure for Pelosi poisoning. Combine a Trump card, a Six-Pence and a Graham cracker well then spread liberally! good day all
  7. Been in Kommifornia for a couple of weeks visiting my wife’s fam. Was in the Base liquor locker wandering down the bourbon isle looking for something new. We have been introducing Mom & Dad to a higher class of booze. 4 Roses, Woodford Reserve, Elijah Craig for sipping and on the rocks. So far the Woodford is a high fave. Found a bottle on sale of KC reserve 120 and said what the hell. I have to say, while this is some pretty high octane whiskey it is smooth without blowing the top of your head off (when gently and slowly sipping). WOW the flavor travels around without a harshness, doesn’t sear your throat at all! Can be poured over rocks or mixed with something light. As we put quite a dent in that bottle on Christmas while a Dad and I worked on dinner then after while doing presents. The gals also thought it was a smooth drink. I made everyone take a just a tongue-dip from a shot glass and just let it sit before they could have it their way. Dad and I both went back to get another bottle from the store before the sale was off. This is gonna be hidden in the back of the hutch for specials only. Disclaimer: I am not employed by any liquor manufacturer or retailer. Just an old retired sailor who occasionally likes to try to find a different but nicer ( to me) adult beverage. I learned looonnnnggggg ago, I don’t do clear liquors- we just don’t get along. Living near the Gulf Coast when i became of age to drink, I found a liking for Kentucky Bourbon. I have tried other liquors over the years. There are a couple of the amber rums, a rye or two, same with scotch that I find good, but I always come back to bourbon. Merry Christmas and may all have a Happy New Year! Please drive responsibly. MikeH
  8. https://imgur.com/a/4B9OPTs just hanging out https://imgur.com/a/ZXaLrpe Damaged broadhead and my SOG Seal, Awesome knife! Gutted, skinned, and hacked bones. 1 pm my wife wakes me up saying “there’s a deer in the yard!” Roll out put on my jeans and mocosin slippers and head to the dining room, where she is pointing out the slider glass at a deer wandering down the hill and along the edge of the yard. Grab my old Matthews bow off my bakers rack and pull an arrow. Watch out the door to get a feel for his attitude. Which is totally oblivious! Open the door go down and around the fence . . . Thawk! He looks a little surprised and a little hurt as he limps 3 legged across the yard back up the hill and falls over, done. had released on a quartering toward, but he turned slightly just before impact. I though that the arrow had slipped along the outside of the ribs and into the shoulder joint and got the brachial artery and attaching stuff. Until I got into the nitty gritty of dressing out the shoulder. Apparently, the tip slammed into the top of the leg bone and shattered it. Found large bone fragments in the wound with only the outer muscle holding the leg on. Tendons, cartilage and all the large blood vessels were destroyed. So was my expandable broadhead. The bone hit and movement of the leg and shoulder bones twisted the blades. Open door to final drop less than 5 minutes. Then I had to call in to work with the “Deer Flu”. He’s in ‘Freezer Camp’ cooling off. Honestly, this small button buck is about all I could fit in my freezer. I lost my garage side by side this summer and haven’t found a replacement. But there are a few large does that come through and at least one 6 point buck that looks fairly large if the shadowed night time pics and deep hoof prints in the yard are any indication. Any of these tripping on the way to the freezer would prompt the purchase of a new chest freezer! MikeH
  9. talonhead

    my side charger is done

    Just finished mine (again) https://imgur.com/a/P2fLDMS
  10. talonhead

    Left Handed AR Shooters

    Updated pics https://imgur.com/a/6V8USwH
  11. talonhead

    Just ordered a BHW .556 barrel

    UPDATE So, there have been a few more changes. . . . Installed a Lantac Enhanced Straight Pull BCG. Got it with a 20% off eCoupon early this summer. But, they were back ordered for almost a month. Main differences in this BCG is no DI tube on top, just a ‘fin’ for alignment. The cam is a round bearing vs square. Two different types of handles came with it- the knob like most side-chargers come with and the extension with canted knob. I shoot from the supported left hand position (rest or bi-pod) and the handle does not come back as far as I originally thought. New Pics https://imgur.com/a/6V8USwH Starts off with the oversized knob, then pic of it installed, then some on the bench.
  12. talonhead

    Left Handed AR Shooters

    Here are a couple of pics. Original configuration, then a shot with the Lantac. https://imgur.com/a/tXD5qUC
  13. talonhead

    Left Handed AR Shooters

    Update, the upper that I wanted is out of production. But, I did receive my Lantac Straight Pull (side charger) E-BCG. I thought that I would have issues using it with the full length charging handle and my face when going lefty. It actually works ok. The bolt handle sits just above the grip, angled downward. When shooting unsupported, it is best to do it righty, holding barrel with left, grip/trigger/cycling bolt with right. If shooting supported I.e. on the bi-pod, snuggle up lefty and cycle with the right.
  14. talonhead

    Goodies for the Kitchen

    The bottom one is a nikiri (?) my got me 2 (different sizes-different brand) awesome for slicing. She also got me a MIYABI Rock and Chop Santoku — Stainless Damascus! I’ve got a 35 slot block (take away the six steak knives) and the rest of the slots are filled with implements of possible destruction. WATCH YOUR FINGERS! Nails also. MikeH
  15. talonhead

    Anyone have issues with .300 BLK and PMAGS?

    I thought I saw an advert for 300blk specific pmags. The problem with some mags feeding the 300 BLK is the ribs inside cause the noses to tangle in the mag due to their larger diameter. The new mags are supposed to have shallower ribs. Gets worse when running the heavier pills. MikeH