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  1. CT GOV just declared that ammo and gun stores are Essential Business’s and can stay open! Who would have thought the Libtard would ever do something like that? Then CA declared Pot Stores could stay open. These two keep trying to one up each other. Then throw in NY and NJ.
  2. I rarely drink regular coffee. I got "converted" on my '01 deployment in the Med. to espresso. When i got back, my wife had bought me an espresso machine. 18 years later, it is still kicking. Goes wonderful over ice in the summer!
  3. Yes, in the yard! Wife got some new shots with her Nikon. Just follow original link for updates!
  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/uMnFPsV here is a link to a stock photo of the item with optional rifle rack, and the actual item on unloading fixture. the unit for sale DOES NOT have the rack. It has drawers.
  5. Tried to pm you. Your box is full or turned off. have an add on F-B marketplace MikeH
  6. For those in the North East (or those who want a long drive) as I am in South East CT.I have a GSA Class 5 weapons safe that i bought on auction a couple of years ago. It is big enough to store AR sized rifles. In the current configuration, it is filled with drawers w/roller slides. A number of those are for pistols (like in an armory). It was in a US Air Force Investigations office originally. This IS NOT your typical fire rated gun safe! It is 1200 pounds of hardened steel with a X series digital rotary dial lock (no batteries required). It is on a pallet (laying on its side) and on a stand that I built to unload from my truck. A trailer or a flatbed truck would be best (with a winch to pull off the stand. Price is $450 PM me MikeH
  7. looks like i will be transitioning to a crossbow this year. injured my shoulder earlier this year and can't draw my Mathews compound. if i could afford to get a left handed unit, i could do it. Just can't pull. Need to pull the crossbow rated target out from storage and sight the darn thing in. Looks like the deer were playing soccer with the mineral block.......it was across the yard this morning. Let them play.
  8. If the 8pt. shows up in Sept, hopefully he’ll graduate to ‘Freezer Camp’
  9. Well, a couple of other got included in “The Hangout”. The first 5 were the 2014 doe, the next 2 were 2018 button buck. The rest are this summers critters, a doe wife named “Tawny”, spike buck “Bucky”, 8 pt. buck “Cecil”, I don’t know which raccoon, or rabbit’s name. Then, the other day a bobcat showed up. 2 raccoon families, several rabbits, many squirrels and over a dozen deer regularly come through my yard (most daily). Add 2 skunks and 3 opossums and several falcons & hawks (who fly in for takeaway meals........sometimes they bring their meals). The wife can indentify nearly every one. Most of the ground critters come into the yard when she calls.......even the deer. We were out on the deck having a smoke and drink with the flood lights on and 4 deer came in and just started grazing. Cecil found some corn that I put out and ran every body else off. The wife called them back.....and scolded Cecil about his very unsociable behavior! They were around for about a half hour. Then they just walked up the hill. Bucky and Cecil were back about 1.5 hours later. Will add pics to the link in first post as time goes on. There’s a 12 pt. out there that’s pretty big, haven’t seen him much, hasn’t tripped the game cam yet. MikeH
  10. Meet Cecil and Bucky The last 2 pics. http://img.gg/QD9sIAP
  11. Just got an email from Lantac-USA, Easter Sale 20% off everything. Happy Easter, you can get 20% off everything store wide starting Friday 19th up till Monday 22nd. Just use the code ''EASTER19'' at checkout..... a sale like this is how I got my Straight Pull BCG. MikeH
  12. Nice James! Haven’t been able to find one out my way........that I can afford. Scrapper that I know, hasn’t had one come through him in over 5 years. i still have two 18” lengths of rail iron. Trying to get some more. Was working on finishing my gas forge, but pulled my shoulder (again) and got put out on COMP, so no working on that kind of stuff.:( MikeH
  13. Nice! Still working on building my double drum “Rumbler”. Finally found a switch box that will fit the timer switch. Just need to do some welding and drilling to get a frame together and bolt the bearing mounts for the rollers and drives. MikeH
  14. Getting ready to our house on the market. Need to get rid of some stuff. (12) 7mm Mag R-P (48) 7mm-08 R-P (19) .30-06 R-P small quantity of 5.7 still sorting Small quantity of .40 S&W still sorting sorting is freaking tedious! Not to mention just packing up what I’m keeping! i think I bagged 1k .45 ACP, 500 .308, 1k+ 10mm, 500 Beowulf, and I just started. pm me with your interests. MikeH
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