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  1. They really do make beautiful animals when they aren't in the wild, as stated.
  2. Well good luck however you go with it. I just know from my experience that I got the product before I ever got a tracking number. It took 3 days and I'm two states away. Hopefully you get everything worked out though. Keep us posted.
  3. Can you log onto the webpage and see your order? I didn't get a shipped message with a tracking number until a day after the scope arrived, but it said it was shipped on the order status page. Sorry you had a bad deal with them, that really sucks.
  4. Who understands half of the laws we have? Most make no sense.
  5. I'd be down for that. Probably a better idea the me calling. lol Wish I could go out this weekend. I'm suppose to go out on the last weekend of February. Note to self.. Renew the license next week.
  6. I heard about this a while back, and was looking at it again today. I'm curious to see what the street price is going to be. I'll be looking for a carry gun myself soon and the LCR intrigues me. I'm curious to see what the street price is going to be. The specs are similar to the S&W airweight, which can be found for around $400 if you look around. At least the S&W is proven reliable. If I could pick up a Ruger in the $3XX range I may just do it. We shall see. I think they are expected to be released 3/1/09 aren't they?
  7. We want result pics! You have no excuses now. :nana:
  8. Honestly, if someone is having issues with brightness then they probably need new batteries. Maybe it will be different out doors on a sunny day, but the red on the highest brightness getting looks like it should be WAY more then bright enough for any occasion. I'll let you know if I find out otherwise, but that's what I'm going with by what I've seen so far.
  9. Haha... You terrorist. Next you'll be shooting down planes with your 10/22 and your 25 round "clip". Why would you want "a" 25 round mag for target shooting? You need atleast 22 of them to shoot a whole brick of bulk .22LR ammo.
  10. Ye ask, Ye shall receive. Here is a quick first impression review of the Bushnell Trophy 1x32 Red Dot scope. I ordered the Demo model from Opticsplanet.net. The price was good and I've heard a lot of good things about them, so I just had to give it a shot. I appreciate it's design, it's similar to the ACOG in looks at a fraction of the price. I like the looks a lot better then the normal tube style red dots. Enough of my dribble, onto the review and pics. The first thing I like about the scope is the fact that you don't have rings and such to mess with. The base is integrated into the scope which makes installation a snap. For some this might be an issue because it has less flexibility in height choices, though a riser will raise it up if you so desire. The scope feels solid, some may even consider it heavy compared to the more expensive models. I don't have a scale to weigh it, but the manufacture says it weighs 15.6 oz. There are three knobs on the scope. The left side houses the CR2032 battery. The screw cover unscrews by hand and can be tightened down with the edge of a coin. This knob also adjusts the color and brightness. It's a rotary dial that can turn either way. 0 is off, 5 is brightest. The numbers are color coded green and red to represent the dot color. The unscrewing the top dial cover reveals the elevation knob. It would be tough to turn by hand, and coin would work better. The windage adjustment is one the right side and is setup the same way. I haven't tried adjusting them yet. I'll deal with that when I get to the range and work on dialing the scope in. The glass looks tinted when you look though it, but is very clear. The red is REALLY bright and should be more then sufficient on sunny days. The green is optimal for low light conditions and can barely be seen if at all around bright light on low. I also like the fact that it has sights that are integrated into the top of the scope. I don't know how often I'd actually use them since they seem a little unnatural due to the height. I guess they'd be getting then nothing if you didn't have BUIS. The two thumb screws for the mount are big enough to get a decent grip, and just use a flat head screw driver or a coin to loosen or tighten them down. The scope is a little on the long side but I was able to squeeze it onto the flat top with the rear sight intact and upright. It hangs off of the front of the flat top, and is close to the delta ring, but does not make contact. This maybe an issue if/when I attempt to remove the hand guard. A quad rail that extends all the way to the flat top would fit the bill nicely with this scope. I know what's next on my list. The scope with the stock mount allows me to co-witness with the sights around center. This works for me. Obviously, this scope has 1x magnification, and can easily be acquired with both eyes open. I don't have a magnifier to test, so that will have to wait until later.. Maybe. Over all, I'm happy with this scope. I can't wait to take it to the range and give it a shoot (no pun intended.) Obviously, I can't tell you how durable it is, or whether or not it holds zero. That is yet to be seen, but so far so good. I'll update this with a range report as soon as I can get some time at the range. That's all I have.. I can try to answer any questions if you have any. Thanks for reading.
  11. I can give a first impressions review with the pics, I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it to the range this weekend or not to test it out though. Maybe on Monday if the weather cooperates.
  12. As soon as I get it mounted tonight I'll throw some up.
  13. My bushnell Trophy just arrived. It looks nice and appears to be well made. I'm going to mount it up tonight when I get home from work and see how it sits on my Stag model 2 with a flat top and BUIS.
  14. The scope showed up this morning. It's a Demo model, but the only place that shows signs of wear is on the mounting base. It turns on and works. Can't wait to test it out. I give a big thumbs up to OP.com.
  15. How are the Primos call videos? Are they decent instructions? I've been thinking about getting the Primos master pak, with the DVD and Hot dog and Ki-Yi call. Just to help get the right calls down with the added instructions.
  16. I have a Stevens Model .223 its a great gun. I can't tell you have effective it would be at 600 yards though. Thats a good distance for a .223. Maybe with some custom loads and such. The Stevens .223 has a 1/9 twist. The weak spot on any Stevens is the flexing stock. Maybe a good stock would help some improvement. You could always upgrade the stock and barrel with a custom twist and run some custom loads.. The parts are pretty much all interchangeable with Savage guns, just do your homework because there are some variations. Then again, for another $300 pickup a .308 and be done with it. Just practice, practice, practice whichever way you go. It's all about trial and error. Find what works for you and stick with it. Savageshooters.com has a lot of very knowledgeable guys that know a lot about these rifles. Check it out. I know a lot of them have some highly modified Stevens that they use for long range shooting. You also could probably use the same action just get a .308 mag well, bolt and barrel and convert your .223 to a .308. Again.. it maybe cheaper just to buy a whole new rifle though.
  17. I just ordered a Bushnell Trophy 1x32 from them.. I ordered it late last night, and the status page is saying that it has shipping today. Waiting for the tracking number. I'll let you know how it goes. If it ships today, hopefully I'll get it by the end of the week since it's coming from IL.
  18. OMG! Don't shoot your AR with that on there or it will explode!!! I'm just screwing with you.. Who cares.. If it breaks take it back to Walmart and get your money back. Something is better then nothing.
  19. Wonder if they could do a glow in the dark model. I'm sick of laying my AR down while hunting and not being able to find it again.
  20. I'd just like to state that.. I'm jealous. Looks like a fun time!
  21. I've heard good things about the quiver critter. Some of the guys that have used it says it does a great job of keeping the attention off of you and the coyote will pretty much stay glued to the decoy. I'm thinking with that and a remote e-caller you could go pretty undetected. I'd like to hear from someone that uses this method.
  22. Thanks for the update! I'll definitely be looking at the Ruger once I get my CHL. I know the first batch of them had some issues, but I'm sure they've got the kinks worked out.
  23. We have real nerf wars. We all have nerf guns and a couple of us have some of these.. USB Missle Launder.. It is controlled via your computer. It shoots a good distance, we have to make sure we don't shoot them over the cube walls. :D
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