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  1. had one similar to this one as a kid, good little gun. I'm thinking of getting a new one for gophers and rabbits in the back yard http://www.airgundepot.com/cb9.html
  2. try watching BLACK GOLD, GOLD RUSH:ALASKA or FLYING WILD ALASKA they seem to look for the lowest IQ and then put them on a show
  3. I cut mine off once and my wife and others told me i look like a teenager, then I had a fue calls were I was talked to like I didnt know shat and grew it back real quick. If you have a baby face looking older helps
  4. were always on the cutting edge of technology here.
  5. savage_crash

    Ask a LEO

    Around here that deputy would probably find a "Drive it like you stole it" bumper sticker on all his gear
  6. savage_crash

    Ask a LEO

    we lost 3 cars in Nov. one from a deer strike and another trying to avoid deer in the road, but that's life in the county
  7. need more info about your dies and case length and shell holder but it looks like your pressing to hard seating the bullet and the seating die is set to deep, unlike pistol seating some rifle dies crimp with a 3rd die
  8. hilty shot, 1/2 emt and red wire nut's. good fun till you end up with a welt on your but for a week
  9. If you don't the job. We put up with everyone and everything, some people are really nice to contact and some are not even when they call for help. We still have to treat each person with the same professional attitude each time. We come he to share knowledge and relax when we can. Your signature is only a vent and as long as your venting here and not on the job, I'm all for it.
  10. I got a spec 1 when I was 14 in 1994 and put that knife threw hell every thing from cutting down small trees to throwing at oak trees it always held a edge. I still carry it on patrol these days, but it stays in the door, the sheriff thought they were to intimidating to carry on our belts. but a LSA is smaller and fits nicely in my boot.
  11. The little ones can figure out any holster you get. Look into a small safe with a combo lock and replace your bedroom door with a solid core door
  12. This is what your looking for http://www.muck-boy.com/Shooting%20Ranges/...ange%20Page.htm
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