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  1. BoatFixx

    JP Enterprise CTR-02 Anyone have one?

    Howdy, jchtrh I'm not sure yet on the optics. Something for sure that can be used for hunting and the target range. I was just looking at the JP website and they have a good description of what they carry in Leupold and more importantly, why. Knowing me, I'll probably end up hunting more than competing but one never knows.
  2. BoatFixx

    JP Enterprise CTR-02 Anyone have one?

    F class long range coyotes bob cats
  3. You guys gotta check out this guy's rifle project that he carrys on his KLR. It's pretty dog-gone cool!! http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=268714&highlight=rifle
  4. BoatFixx

    Your favorite roads -

    Highway 24 way up north of Torrey, Utah south through Torrey, on 12 to boulder Hell's Backbone, cannonville, bryce, etc. Cascade Loop in Washington. Oh.... To many!! God Bless America's scenic byways!
  5. Howdy, I'm fairly new to the AR world and really want to get into some of the target shooting contests with them. I've stashed away a some $$ to buy the best I can buy. The JP products look t be as best as any. Anybody have any in put advice etc? I'd apppreciate it
  6. BoatFixx

    What's in your Nightstand?

    I'm shootin blanks thanks to a plumbing job after the last kid, so no condoms anymore.
  7. BoatFixx

    What's in your Nightstand?

    Taurus Judge on the wife's side. Also sleeps in the v-berth of the boat with us. 00 buck 410 shotshells. My side is the S&W M&P .40 with light For the exterior one acre and out buildings is the HK Benelli S 90 police with green laser and light. Oh, yea... The German Wirehair isn't in the night stand but she is in the door way...
  8. Howdy, Oak, Those are 41 litre Touratechs. I did use actual 50 cal bxes but they were just too small and heavy. These here are actually made for the bike. 6061 T6 tig welded aluminum.
  9. Howdy, HoTrodn Yea, that's a pretty popular ride that I've not attended yet. Hope to pretty soon. I did ride up Pike's Peak in 04' with the wife, her on her's and me on mine. That's the boss on her 650GS Dakar
  10. Question: Why in the world would those folks have to pay for water?
  11. Reading that got me pretty upset. I sent Alaskan Commercial a polite but to the point opinion about their pricing. I know that shipping costs are expensive, however I've been in business for myself for a good 30 years. I know usury (price gouging) when I see it. http://www.alaskacommercial.com/ Their parent company here: http://www.northwest.ca/BackOffice/Desktop...amp;tabid=10016 Maybe I send Governor Palin an email too.
  12. BoatFixx

    Washington Arms Collectors Show

    Show Schedule: WAC Gun Show 2/14/2009 - 2/15/2009 Information: 425-255-8410 or www.washingtonarmscollectors.org Times: Sat 9am-5pm; Sun 9am-3pm Admission: $6 (17+) Location:Commercial Bldg #100 Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Monroe, Washington February 14 & 15, 2009
  13. Howdy from the Pacific Northwet! Let's see if we can make this Washington Forum come alive! BoatFixx
  14. BoatFixx

    I am at wits end

    Wow! Been there done that a loooong time ago. You've already received some sound imput here and some of mine is a repeat. My .02 cents worth is this. Move out 100%, ASAP. Limit your visits to your mother to what is absolute necessary only, and only in order to help her. Stop giving your mom cash/check if that is what you are doing. If she really needs the monetary help, then pay some bills for her like her heating and power bill, etc. It is tough to do for many but it is time to forget that you have a brother no matter how bad your mother may comment negative to yor overr you ignoring your brother 100%. No one can live a peaceful life if you allow others to inflict so much uneeded drama into your life. The following is real important. Buy the following book and read it, and use it as a manual! "THE SURVIVOR PERSONALITY" By Al Siebert