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  1. Well, I went with the G23. Mounting it was not smooth. The Ecotech was supposedly an easy install. The HWS had to to be mounted far forward to make room for the multiplier. The hand guard was in the way of the front of the HWS and had to be cut Down. It's done now and all seems to work fine.
  2. Looks like I'll go with the EOTech 3X. I found one in a local gun shop for sale. It's a G23.FTS Generation ll. I couldn't find it on EOTech's web site and understand it's been discontinued. If so when was it discontinued and what was the normal/suggested asking price before being discontinued? This one is currently marked at $549.00. I believe the replacement is the G33? Anyone know what the difference between the G23 & G33 is?
  3. I suspect this will open up a can of worms but - - what's your thoughts on the best scope on an M4 out to it's maximum effective range? I have an Eotech on it now. Is there such a thing that can be used in conjunction with it or do I need to put a 45 degree rail adapter on it? If I sound like I'm new to AR15/M4s it's because I am. My rifle knowledge is limited as I've always been a handgunner. Any help would be great!
  4. Thanks for the info guys! Now back to the drawing board! Only three days left to pick up the receivers!
  5. Well, I gave up on buying an AR and decided to build one. My search for a stripped lower receiver came up with ones available locally. I decided to go ahead and but two. One for my son and one for me. I thought I might as well as get one for me now before our white/arab president says no! Here's the very COOLEST of COOL parts!!! I was able to get consecutive serial numbers for me and my son!!!!!! The receivers are Kaiser Defense. I've heard lots of pros and cons on both the 5.56 and .223 and will build both up as 5.56mm. Now all I have to do is find the rest of the parts. I do have some more questions: 1. It’s my understanding that in the PRC the barrel has to be at least 16” and the overall length of the rifle has to be at least 26” excluding a flash suppressor or muzzle break. a. What recommendations are there for the barrels when used for a mil. spec. build or national match shoots or a good compromise barrel? I’m sure each will be a different barrel but what would you recommend for each category? I know a compromise is just that, a compromise, and if I go with that choice I’ll deal with it. b. Who makes the better barrels and which manufactures do I need to stay away from? If you don’t feel right about posting it here please PM me with the info. c. If I go with a telescopic stock will I still meet the 26” reg. in the PRC when the stock is fully collapsed? 2. Who makes the better uppers? Thanks for the help! Gunns
  6. Who can argue with that?
  7. Is there any time saving by “building” your own AR-15 opposed to getting on a waiting list for a complete AR-15? Colt lists theirs as HBAR MT6601, MT6700, MT6731 etc…… How are they different, if they are, from other manufacturers? I’ve heard on the site the name Bushmaster. How do they compare to the Colts? Are there any brands to stay away from? This AR-15 will be for my son, a SeaBee in the USN (see my other post "Purchase/possession of AR-15 in Calif/Hawaii")
  8. First thanks to all for their help! I will be checking with the PRC Department of Justice (is that a misnomer?) about the legal aspects of buying in the PRC/internet and having it shipped straight to Hawaii and my son trying to bring it back into the PRC. I was told by a gun shop that you couldn’t buy an AR-15 in the PRC. But now I’m hearing different here on this site. join_the_dark_side87 what is this bullet button you are talking about? Do you have a picture of it and where do you get them? Are they readily available? Why is it that nothing is simple anymore –of I forgot that’s right- politicians. Again thanks to everyone for their input! I WILL get this sorted out with your help!
  9. First –Sorry this post is so long. I didn’t start out to write a novel but this is a serious issue for me. My son is in the SeaBees and his next duty assignment will have him deploying to Iraq or Afganistan. The problem is that he doesn’t get enough trigger time on the M16 at his command. I want to buy him his own personal AR-15 so he can shoot as often as he likes. I want the use of that rifle to be burned into his muscle memory. I know it isn’t an M16 but it’s the closest thing I can legally buy for him. I want to do everything I can to increase his survival chances! Here are three problems: #1 First and the worst I live in the Peoples Republic of California (PRC - pronounced Prick. I try to keep my sense of humor) and second he is currently stationed in Hawaii. I don’t know if I could have picked two worse states for this issue. It’s my understanding that you can’t buy an AR-15 in the PRC (assault ban). So I thought I would purchase the rifle and have it direct shipped to a gun dealer in Hawaii. Can this be done? I also want this to be a surprise for him. It would be cool if he just got a call from the gun shop saying you have a surprise here to pick up – come get it. #2 His new duty assignment will be in the PRC and it appears he couldn’t bring it into the state. I was informed by a local gun shop owner that he thought there was a provision for active military that are transferred to the PRC. They could bring it into the state but it would have to be kept on base. I guess at the armory. This would all have to be processed by the Department of Justice in the PRC and he would need a permit. #3 Are there any firearms manufactures out there that make something similar to an M-16 that’s a semi-auto and isn’t included in the assault ban? Any help to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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