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  1. this guy makes a nice trigger. I have them in 2 rifles. http://www.triggerwork.net/arparts.html
  2. honestly, any 45 is good. remember the reputation of the 45 as a man stopper was made using plain old 45 ball ammo.
  3. I got some advise that it wouldn't hurt to cut a 24" barrel down to a 20". I emagine 4" of barrel gone will help weight and balance. and the gas system should still function. sound right? im not going to mess with fluting. to many things can go wrong
  4. The one you can find and buy tomorow is the best. I have one of each and like them both. the RRA has a tighter upper to lower fit. the DPMS is a fine rifle too.
  5. OK I have a DPMS LR-308 with a 24” stainless bull barrel. I have a technical question about length of barrel v length of gas system. The LR-308 with the 24” barrel has the long free floating hand guard and the long gas system Can I just have the barrel cut and crowned to 18” and leave the long gas system in place? Will it still function with a shortened barrel?
  6. here are some examples of property in Blain TN which is close to Knoxville http://www.singletreerealtytn.com/property/651628/KAARMLS/ http://www.singletreerealtytn.com/property/648941/KAARMLS/
  7. Look in DICE or monster to see if there are many of your type jobs in Knoxville. If there are, then consider Tennessee. Tennessee has very reasonable gun laws. I have lived in Nashville and in Knoxville. Property is a bit pricy aroung Nashville, but the job market may be better. property in east tennessee is very reasonable expecailly if you are up for an hour commute. If you can afford it buy a biger piece of property than you need. one that is easily splitable. then sell off one or two small acreage parcels. the small agreage parcel sells for way mor per acre than the large acreage. that way you can lower your cost. there are banks that finance vacant land. Farm credit services will finance vacant land. (at least they were a year ago). Nashville has government work, automotive (nissan) and the entertainment industry. Knoxville has the national labratories in Oak ridge and some other companies. Nashville is low rolling wooded hills and some properties sit on very hard rock which makes it expensive to drill a well. Knoxville is up next to the smokie mountains and you can find anything from flat property (expensive) to a mountain side (cheeper). I like east tennessee better than central tennessee but thats just my preferance for mountains. I found more work in Nashville thats why I lived there for a time. Im also in the IT field.
  8. Tennessee still has some good land prices. We are in East TN on 80 acres. Are you looking for land that is close enough to a populated area so you can live there and work? Are you looking for a vacation getaway? is this for now or for retirement? totaly vacant land or something with buildings (trailer) already there?
  9. Im carrying it around today, and believe it or not, its gettin lighter.
  10. does your stock fit the buffer tube tight? I bought one used on ebay and there is a lot of slop in the fit to the buffer tube. I was wondering if that's just the way they are, or if mine got used and abused before I bought it. That said I still have it on the rifle and really like it. have you ever watched someone shoot an AR and the bottom pointy part of the stock is diging into their collor bone? well this stock is rounded at that spot and gives good support for a high hold and still functions same as a regular stock for a regular hold.
  11. I have a POF upper on a RRA lower reliable, easy to clean, accurate enough.
  12. favorite avatar is wet teeshirt pistol packin moma?
  13. mmcfpd im still living with my factory triggers. so if you want to sell one of the Jards and Timney you are replacing im looking foe a good deal on an upgraded trigger.
  14. get it. its a good deal. the trigger is 200 and probably worth every penny.
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