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  1. PSA has very affordable rifles.
  2. PSA has the Gen3 on sale now. I would go with that for the upgraded features. Buy the gen 3 upper and gen 3 lower separately. IMHO, a "LOT" of the A10/308 Winchester platform problems have been that the guns are over gassed and need an adjustable gas block of some sort. The PSA Gen 3 have tackled that problem by including adjustable gas block .
  3. IMO, $600-$800 for that rifle on gunbroker or any other gun buying site. Supply and demand, it darn hard to find one at the moment.
  4. jbremount

    300 Blackout

    I think a 110 gr .308 bullet out of a AR will make a good hunting rifle if you can get the speed up around 2400-2600fps . The 6.8SPC is good, but much too hard to find brass and too costly to lose brass in the woods. I reload and have enough .556 brass to last me for years. Which ever of the two that gives the best ballistics is the ticket for me.
  5. jbremount

    300 Blackout

    I originally considered this cartridge for a new build, but 7.62x40 is very similar with better performance and support. (link) I think someone posted that they got their 300 blackout barrels reamed to the 7.62x40. There are dies,barrels,etc, all available now!(link) With the 7.62x40 you can get a 110 gr. 308 bullet to go 2600 fps. That rocks my boat. It's not a 6.8SPC, but close enough for me. Plus the ability to use surplus .556 cases is a biggest game changer to me. I think the 7.62x40 sales will displace the 300 blackout in time. Just my opinion. Here is a comparison:(link)
  6. jbremount

    Gas block

    Hey, I go with the not pinning option. Why, because by not pinning the gas block...... one can adjust the amount of gas flowing into the gas tube by moving the gas block slightly. Once you have it where you want it, then simply screw it down.
  7. jbremount

    Finally got an Armorers Wrench

    I just put a barrel on a gun and I don't see how you can do it "correctly" without the proper tools. The AR is so popular there are instruction on the internet as to changing/installing a new barrel and the tools needed. IMO, you probably could bend/mis-align the aluminum upper if you don't know what you are doing. There are ways to change barrels with wooden blocks, but trying to re-invent the wheel with limited knowledge/experiences is risky and can have negative consequences. I think it is best to do it right the first time out the chute. The tools are not that expensive and can be used for multiple times.(link1) (link2)
  8. jbremount

    Bushmaster barrel quality

    I have a bushmaster gun and there is nothing bad about the barrel. No difference that I can see,....It shoots right up there with the rest of my AR guns.
  9. jbremount

    Can I paint gas tube black

    I bought mine already black plated to avoid the drama. Get what you want for around $16 bucks, no big deal:(link)
  10. jbremount

    30/30 target load

    From my experiences, if you are shooting lead out of a Marlin 30/30 with the micro-groove barrels, you will have to use lead bullets sized about .002-.003 above the bore size if you want decent accuracy.
  11. jbremount

    case trimming

    I use the Possum hollow case trimmer and power tool adapter. It is cheap,fast and makes trimming almost painless. I recommend it. link + link1 This is a video I found on the use of the possum hollow case trimmer:
  12. jbremount

    Black Hole Weaponry Group Buy

    I have PM Glockmmman and no reply. I just read a earlier post that says he is having personal problems. I am sure other guys that want barrels are in the same boat. Anyone know the back up plan or what we should do to get on the list for barrels?
  13. jbremount

    Black Hole Weaponry Group Buy

    Is it too late to get into this group buy? I really really really need a barrel like these! PM sent on a 18" standard profile barrel with a rifle length gas system....the #5 option...thanks
  14. jbremount

    Surplus powder

    I am still using surplus powders I bought years ago for $60 a 8lb tin/can. Lately, this same powder is either not available or only marginally cheaper than buying new powders. Check out the surplus powder supplier I linked below, better give this guy a call. He can tell you more exacting info about what is going on. I have bought surplus reloading components from him in the past. click this link: -linky
  15. jbremount

    Osprey Gas Piston System

    I have an Osprey piston system on my Stag rifle. It runs like a top. Never a malfunction and super easy to clean. FME, all the pistons systems are a little different. The Osprey is a sturdy system and you can use your front sight base. If you want to keep your front sight base, the Osprey is a good choice.