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  1. As A lefty,will the mount flip around so I can flip the magnifier to the left side. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have a SW M&P15 with an Eotech 512 and am wondering if I will have a problem holding zero with a non free float from Midwest. Looking for a mid price rail with an easy install and no cutting of the delta ring. However I don't want to end up with optic issues. Also will be adding magnifier.Thanks in advance for replies.
  3. I am looking for a case to carry my AR. Lets see what everyone is using. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Nwatson99,once again you and TS have been helpful. HotShot, I have been tournament fishing for the last 25 years and I know straining to see my line as well as the sun(even though I wear prescription sunglasses)has taken a toll on my eyes. LOL my ears are probably due to the 2 10inch subwoofers directly behind the seat of my car.
  5. Hotshot No offense taken.Lol its hell gettin old. I'm 48 and the last 5 years my eyes and ears have gone to crap. I finally took a red Sonic french fry Emblem and stuck it to the bullseye.
  6. Thanks tiger and others .I was thinking bullet was still rising so I should be a couple inches low at 20.
  7. Took out my M&P yesterday and tried sighting in. I tweaked it until I had it dead on at 20 yards. But at 100 yards my buddy and I were consistantly shooting 6 inches high. Does this sound right? Now mind you we both are old and blind and can hardly see the target with the peep sights that far. The only rifle I have ever really shot much was a 270 that I would zero at 300 yards, and at 50 yards you would nearly aim at their feet.
  8. Louie Cabela's is showing American Eagle 5.56 55gr.fmj 800 rounds for 374.00 Good price? It shows backorder but I heard it only takes a couple weks.
  9. There was no contradiction between the two referenced statements; however, you're only an idiot if you use a Bore Snake rather than a bore guide and cleaning rod. Sorry if I misunderstood. I'm glad I am a noob idiot instead of a know it all idiot. Thanks to all who give me positive responses. Because I have never seen or used a bore snake I did not know how it works.
  10. LOL here comes you regulars.Thanks.When I did the search I seen an argument both ways.
  11. I don't want to start a controversy,I just want to do the right thing. I did a search and I see several answers. Some say breech to muzzle,some say muzzle to breech.Which is the correct way. Then I go to the Cabela's ad for the bore snake and the field test report says"the second step is to drop the BoreSnake's brass-weighted cord down the barrel from the rear so that it comes out the muzzle. Then, grasp the cord firmly in one hand, your firearm in the other, and pull the BoreSnake through the barrel". But the product review says" I pull the Bore Snake slowly through the action and out the muzzle, scrubbing, flossing and oiling in one easy pull". LOL am I an idiot or is this contradicting itself.Please help.
  12. I went to Cabela's to get some ammo today. Ended up paying 33 bucks for 50 rounds of Black Hills red box. .223 55 gr FMJ. Their shelves were bare. I would have waited for a bulk online order but I am wanting to try out the new AR.
  13. Thank ya'll. Lol, That pellet gun is my night rat gun. And the pmags seem drop free just fine. Oh was $ 1050.00 a decent price?
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