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  1. funny stuff Oh and hay Mickey come and get it!
  2. And our voters are doing better on voting for our politicians?
  3. Well Doc I have a Harley and 1911's so what the heck one more fever woun't kill me now!!! Oh and BTW have goodies coming in the mail already
  4. Well Doc I have a Harley and 1911's so what the heck one more fever woun't kill me now!!! Oh and BTW have goodies coming in the mail already
  5. Congrats and a good deal to boot!! Gotta love it
  6. Nice job Thanks!! Really looking forward to the range report too. I really wanted to know about the brightness of it because I was reading a review of it somewhere that they were saying it was not bright enough and for that reason it wasn't worth getting. Wish I cloud remember where I read that. I have been driving my self crazy deciding what optic to get and reading everything EOTech, Ampoint and the Bushnell Holosight,Trophy like you bought and the new Vortex to try to make a decision. I can tell anyone reading this one thing If you gonna buy something that Addax carries check with them for price!! Now get to the range so we can have the rest of the story!! LOL
  7. Welcome and Good Luck getting your AR together the way you want to build it. I thought of doing it that way first but decided on a complete gun first learn it then I'll know exactly what I'd want to build.
  8. Looking great!! Can't wait to start making my Bushy my own..
  9. Very Nice!! I just got my new Bushmaster yesterday morning and was on line gettting goodies coming in the afternoon. Addicting tings anyway. I thought 1911's were bad LOL
  10. Found this on You Tube.. Nice little shooting demo with the Vortex
  11. Thanks, After reading all the reviews for the bushnell I just thought for the money I couldn't beat it. I have looked at the EOTechs and the bushnell HOLOsight but is the price differance worth it between the 2 styles of optics?
  12. Noob question please bear with me... If I put the Bushnell Trophy 1x32 Riflescope Matte T Dot 730132P on my bushmaster would I be able to use my rear flip up buis and fsp? Do I need a special mount to use it? http://www.bushnell.com/general/riflescope...hy_73-0132P.cfm Thanks!!
  13. I do shoot at williams but I do NOT have any gunsmithing or buy ANYTHING but the range pass from them. If they weren't 2 miles from my house I woun't use there range. I get my guns from Guns Galore in Fenton Or Gun Barn in Ottisville. I know Guns Galore customer service gets many complaints but I have never had issues with them. I deal with Shawn there. I bought the Bushy at Gunbarn they were the same price as Guns Galore and went to Guns Galore first so no point going back to buy the same gun for the same price.. Have a great one! p.s. was working all weekend and mon, tues so couldn't enjoy the winter break
  14. I do work in the weather so in my down time I like to stay warm
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