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  1. Fairview........ not mountains but not real flat over here either tho not even close to say Kansas flat lol got the badlands in the backyard. about as rugged as you can get outside of the mountains. I will definately agree with you about the whole lot of nothing out here tho. Where did you live around here?
  2. forgot to add unless you have the russian caliber (M&P 15R) then i believe they are different from other 5.45x39 mags.
  3. I have an M&P15T and I have bought c-products from cope's distributing and stoner from midway and they work just fine. They should take any standard ar15 magazines as far as i know. I would like to get some pmags but they are hard to find at the moment
  4. got my emod this week. I really like it looks and feels good. I can't wait to try it out I think I would have liked the magpul too but I didn't want to wait until next christmas to be able to get one.
  5. nice picture that's the first time i've seen that one. No wonder he's antigun someone needs to explain and show him the proper way to make sure a weapon is unloaded looks like he learned how to check from Mr. Elmer Fudd. lol
  6. Anyone from eastern montana or western north dakota? I live in a small town on the border of the two states
  7. http://www.amazon.com/Colorado-Atlas-Gazet...e/dp/0899332889 that's the one i was just talking about. I in mt but close to nd so I use both states regularly
  8. For finding federal land and the roads that will get you to them i use a montana gazetteer. They make them for most states colorado is one of them. they break down the state into sections and show federal and state land not to mention every county road and most cow trails lol
  9. excellent choice! your going to love it I have many .22lr handguns but my ruger mark III 22/45 is my favorite
  10. Lots and lots and lots of tough choices but for overall quality and history it's tough to beat Smith & Wesson!
  11. I looked at the sponsers first but nobody had them in stock. Addax shows the whole kit available if you need the milspec buffer tube but i already have that on my ar but if you need that i would get it from them. After much much searching I found a website for black bear hardware http://www.blackbearhardware.com They show them as in stock i've never heard of them but after reading a couple reviews about them on another website i ordered it.
  12. Not exactly on an ar but I really love my vortex strikefire. I emailed them and asked them if it would stand up to the recoil of a .357 magnum. Their reply was "absolutely it will". So I bought one and absolutely it has.
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