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  1. Does anyone have links to suppliers who have AR pistol barrels in-stock?
  2. Just got my Ciener conversion kit that I ordered from Black Dog and am IMPRESSED. Thing cycles perfectly, I had 2 jams after the 3rd clip and apllied oil which completely remedied the problem. Amazing thing.....my zero didn't change at all between 30 and 50 yards.
  3. I Dig the duo stock! 27th Engineers, "Combat Airborne" 94-97
  4. I bought an NCstar illuminated reticle 3x9x42 scope for my DPMS....fairly clear but the illuminated reticle is very bright, almost too bright to use in low light conditions but for the money they're OK
  5. I've ordered a couple of items from them....free and fast shipping..no problems here
  6. You can go over to W&W Novelty and they'll order whatever you want at I think $20 unless it has changes
  7. What is the best bang for your buck tactical flashlight?
  8. Whats is the problem with it...Dirty?...Inconsistant?....
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