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  1. jambla

    Optics for newbie

    How about S.P.O.T. products (SPOTSCOPE.COM)? Do they present a viable option for a decent optic for the price?
  2. jambla

    Legality Question

    How's this for a waffle: not that I know of, but there might be. My reasoning is that another prohibited weapon under Arizona statute is a fully automatic weapon. Yet, I know they are perfectly legal to possess if they are properly licensed, registered, taxed, etc., by the federal gov't. I do not know the law in that area, I've never looked in to it. But knowing there is a legal way to possess a fully automatic weapon in spite of Arizona's statutory prohibition, perhaps, similarly, there is a way legally to possess an SBR if it is properly registered with the feds.
  3. jambla

    Legality Question

    You are welcome.
  4. jambla

    Legality Question

    Yes. ARS 13-3101 (A) (8) (a) (iv). Among other things, a prohibited weapon is "a rifle with a barrel length of less than sixteen inches, or shotgn with a barrel length of less than eighteen inches, or any firearm that is made from a rifle or shotgun and that, as modified, has an overall length of less than twenty-six inches.
  5. jambla

    Legality Question

    I can't address the issue of combining preban/postban, but I can see another potential legal pitfall. In Arizona, and I assume in many of not most other states, your barrel must be a minimum of 16 inches. In Arizona, a rifle with a barrel of less than 16 inches is a prohibited weapon, and possession of one is a class 4 felony. I believe you could make it legal with a permanently attached flash hider that adds at least one and a half inches.
  6. jambla

    Anyone seen any AR's In stock

    Yes, very much like ebay. Like ebay, many of the auctions on Gunbroker have a "buy it now" price. I've done a couple of transactions on Gunbroker.com as a buyer, and I've been very pleased with how smoothly it went for me.
  7. jambla

    Anyone seen any AR's In stock

    I haven't checked lately, but a month ago, there were always some AR-15s available on Gunbroker.com.
  8. I picked up a 5.11 case a week ago today. I am very pleased with it. It seems extremely well made, lots of padding, versatile, various configurations for magazine pockets, etc. I have never seen an Eagle case, so I can't compare it to the 5.11. But I did look at an Assault Systems case, and, IMO, the 5.11 is heads and shoulders better than the Assault Systems, and they are priced approximately the same. The case I bought was just under $100, and came with a double magazine pouch as a promotional bonus. (Ordinarily the mag pouches are sold seperately.) One thing that drew me to the 5.11 case was its rectangular shape, rather than being shaped like a rifle.
  9. I too am looking for some posts on various AR shooters cleaning regimens. Does anyone out there have any links they can share? Thanks.
  10. That is what is so great about this forum! The expertise that is out there willing to share. You sound like a metallurgist.
  11. That explanation makes sense. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the welcome. I plan to get it to the range this weekend.
  13. That could explain it. Thanks for your input.
  14. Thank you for the welcome! I'm going to get to the range with it ASAP.