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    Video Games : Computer<br /><br />Dogs : Rottweiler, Kangal Dog (National Dog of Turkey)<br /><br />Firearms : FNH FNP 9 USG, Sig P226, Custom 16" Piston

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  1. Geissele SSA if you want a 2 stage trigger get the best. Kadin
  2. It was made for Tablets and Phones not a computer. Kadin
  3. It would help us help you if you could come up with an idea of what you want your rifle to do for you and a rough maximum price you are willing to pay. For example are you just going to go to the range with your rifle and shoot out to 500 yards, or do you want one for self defense in your home? Kadin
  4. The front sight is threaded and spring loaded with a plunger that you twist up or down for elevation declination or elevation. Kadin
  5. the troy gas block iron sight is only $129 direct from troy and the rear sight is $119. Culminating in a grand total of $250. Kadin
  6. The Troy TRX rail is being replaced by the Alpha rail. Kadin
  7. I killed a 2' rattlesnake off the side of my house yesterday. Kadin
  8. Brad Pitt is making the film apparently it has finished shooting and is now in post production. Kadin
  9. The owner of the company lives down the street from me. We were talking the explosion is endothermic meaning it wont start a fire, in fact after you mix it you can pour the mixture on a fire to smother it. Kadin
  10. I use 30 round pmags, 30 round lancer mags, or 30 round tango down mags. Kadin
  11. Ithaqua

    Windows 8

    I follow the old windows rule every other os in great. So 8 should be terrible because 7 is fantastic. Kadin
  12. Gaunt's Ghosts series just finished all the Ciaphas Cain series. Kadin
  13. I got this it is a Gear Sector light mount. Kadin
  14. Bruce Gray of Grayguns carries an SP2022. There is another choice you could get the P226 Classic 22 and then buy a Centerfire X-Change Kit. I recently switched from an FNP9 USG to a P226 have some VZ Grips coming because the E2 grip is too small for me. Kadin
  15. I bought a RRA 2 stage and a Giessele SSA at the same time. After use I promptly sold the RRA to a friend, and bought another Giessele SSA. If you can already handle a $150 trigger drop the extra $20 and get an SSA you wont be sorry. Kadin
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