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  1. hobbyk

    need opinions/ help

    is that someting i can do myself or does it require a gun smith? any suggestions or webites to buy a good break? thanks gracietampa.com
  2. i am fairly new to the world of firearms but i have become fairly obsessed! i went shooting the other day and i took my Sig 556 which i love. my friend brought his new POF and i got a chance to try it. I know that the .223 does not have very much recoil but my friend's POF had a muzzle break on that definetly made a noticable difference on controlling the gun when rapid firing. the sight did not move AT ALL from the target and his gun was definetly a bit lighter than mine(LOUD as hell though) My question is can i put a muzzle break on my sig 556. is it something i can do myself or is it really something for a gunsmith and finally what would something like that cost. any help or input would be appreciated ! thanks guys gracietampa.com
  3. lol yes bipod, my bad! thanks for the welcome
  4. hobbyk

    POF rifles they look amazing

    did yours break or were u contacting cust service for other reasons
  5. hobbyk

    6.5 grendel

    i love this caliber! next rifle i get will be in 6.5. pricey though
  6. it just seems the quality looking through an acog is so uch better than everything else. any tactical scopes out there on that level
  7. hobbyk

    sig 556 opinons

    what can you do on an ar 15 that you cant on a sig? just wondering
  8. hobbyk

    Docter Red Dot Sight HELP

    wierd, mine works just fine
  9. a friend just got one and it looks and feels amazing. anyone have any long term experience with it
  10. hobbyk

    sig 556 opinons

    any experiences with this rifle?
  11. hobbyk

    pmc .223 55 grain

    not a bad price now a days
  12. hobbyk

    Weight of the 5.56 round?

    imo 55gr and up is fine