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  1. It belongs to you, tell me a price. I have been looking at new ones and I really want one.
  2. 48 hours and 16 minutes, and I thought that my preacher was long winded. Just kidding, I was having a very discouraging week, thank you guys for all of the good advise. As always, y'all have come through with some good info.
  3. The Inova T4 is by far my favorite. I have owned 4 different ones and they have all preformed flawlessly. I broke the lens in the last one so I called Inova to get a replacement lens, they said to send the light in and they would send me a new one. With a lifetime warranty that works even when I brake it "I LIKE". It has 225 lumens and a working range of about 300 Yds, and all for about 98 bucks. I'll never buy anything else. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Do you have a price in mind or do you just want a trade? PICs would be nice too.
  5. Thanks Don, that is not exactly what I'm talking about, but I think that I like it even better.
  6. Hey guy's, I am now coming to the fount of knowledge with a question. I am looking to put a free float rail on my carbine and was wanting the smallest diameter I can get.........What is the smallest and who makes it?.........Help me please, oh wise masters of the black rifle.
  7. I just bought the same vest last week from LA Police gear for 29.95. I think that it will hold up pretty well for the money....
  8. Hey guy THANKS for all helpful advice.....Really!!!!
  9. I am going to buy a multi-wrench and was wanting to get the best one. I recently changed the forend to a free float tube on my del-ton. I tried to use the wrench that they sell, but found that all it did was round off the teeth on the barrel nut. Any suggestions???
  10. Hello, from the hills of north central AR.
  11. I don't mean to derail your topic, but I would be very interested in the ladder rail covers if you wanted to get a jump start on the xtm rail covers. That is provided that you would even part with them.
  12. That is correct Xanatos.....Half the distance is half distance, on both counts...
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