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  1. it was definitely hard to get them on, trick for everyone that wants to get the NSR. First off, its one amazing handguard. Second the panels suck to get on so what I did was I took my knife and cut a sliver of plastic of the inside tab. This helped them slide on easier without damaging them.
  2. Anyone have any tips on getting the rail covers on? I wasted two of the hand stop pieces from getting chewed up.....on the third pack now...Any tips to help?
  3. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=339491228 Only 21,000$
  4. I thought it was going to be one of those bikes from Southpark
  5. Love it. Who made this one (and what model)? Is it a side folder?
  6. While I would never wear these yuppy boy clothes, I give the CEO kudos.
  7. I don't want to say it but something wrong with it not being a Glock mouse pad ;)
  8. Had something like this happen to one of my soldiers, it was a long recovery for them but everything turned out great. Best of luck and many prayers sent!
  9. Morning Ladies and Gents.
  10. Don't know if you guys saw this yet or not but its a chance to support the family of a great firearm manufacturer, American and guy. Noveske Rifleworks has come out with a John Noveske memorial pmag. 100% of proceeds go to John's children for future stability. http://noveskerifleworks.com/cgi-bin/imcart/display.cgi?item_id=johnnymag&cat=&page=1&search=&since=45&status=&title=
  11. Its a POF P415 and its a dream to shoot.
  12. Just got it. On the way: Troy mirco sights Larue low aimpoint mount Larue A-Peg AAC blackout 18T brake Magpul ACS-L
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