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  1. alpo

    I guess winter is over

    Mid 50s here and a flood. Thundering and very heavy rain. Suppose to be like this all week. Guess that is spring.
  2. alpo

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from N.E. Mississippi
  3. alpo

    How do I add a photo to my Gallery now?

    The Gallery has been screwed up since the change.
  4. alpo

    More stuff for the workshop

  5. alpo

    In for my 2000 mile tuneup.

    That's great. Glad you are recovering well.
  6. alpo

    Hernia Gun Carry ----Funny Thing!

    Cool. Pictures
  7. alpo

    I knew it. That raid in Houston was total BS.

    Yes, Scary stuff.
  8. alpo

    1969 Custom 3/4 ton C20

    Very nice looking truck.
  9. alpo

    Restored a Wilton 600N Bullet Vise

    Very nice. Good job.
  10. alpo

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from N.E. Mississippi
  11. alpo

    Earthquake on November 30, 2018

    Wow!!!! That would be scary. Never been in anything like that.