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  1. I feel more confident in the voice of the people on this one. I heard back from my Rep. who seemed equal sure with this response to my question of our next step, "We will over ride him. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday. I have not heard of anyone changing position." Short, but to the point. I am saddened that my Chief was front and center in the picture that I saw. His lack of trust in his law abiding citizens is troubling. I just re-read a great article published in the 2008 May/June issue of Concealed Carry Magazine entitled "CONCEALED CARRY SAVES LIVES" by ROBERT G. HEINRITZ, JR., J.D. I'm tempted to request permission to reproduce it and send it to Bredesen and my Chief of Police.
  2. It appears Gov. Bredesen has vetoed the restaurant carry bill. It is sad to see how the wedge is driven even deeper between general civilians and the ever increasingly para-military police. At a time when armed civilians and their sworn peace officers should stand together to show strength in the numbers, the bait is taken. To stand as to almost say that it would be better if only we, the State sanctioned officer, were armed. What a travesty. Officers should consider a legally armed citizen as a potential ally, but the passing of bills granting officers protection to carry in and out of uniform on and off duty have eroded any reason for them to stand with a legally armed citizen. This is just one more step is proposing that only officers of the State should be armed all the time. It is not protection for the citizenry they wish to considered, but protection from the citizenry. Now is the time to pour the heat on Nashville. Gov. Bredesen wants the Congress to "...rethink the issue." I say great. There are plenty of TN state Dems that carry or are from districts with high carry rates. They must now be reminded that voting party line will not aid them come time for re-election. They must be convinced to vote with the will of their constituents. If that means casting a vote to over turn the veto, then I say let the voice of the people be heard. To much time was spent pasting a picture of an individual bellied up to a bar drink in one hand and a gun on his/her hip. We the people wish to dine in comfort knowing that we could, if necessary, protect ourselves. Too many court cases already prevent us from forcing the police into action or suing for inaction. But now they even want to curtail our own ability of defense. I would wish this divide between LEO and CCW could wither, but I see it increasing as more of the rank and file become entrenched into this polarizing thought pattern. Why should our elected Chief of Police and District Attornies stand at our sides in this struggle to protect our rights from infringement, they have had their rights of protection shielded from infringement. What more has an off duty officer to fear than a law abiding citizen? A mugger could assail a District Attorney or a single mother leaving a restaurant at night equally well. Drawing that line denies the one while exalting the other. Is one life greater than the other? Crime cannot be legislated away. I'll want to repeat that again; crime can not be legislated away. Legislation only gives the law abiding individual direction. By their very nature criminals will not abide the law. More restrictions only directs the criminal to easier targets. One more thing before I jump down. It was my understanding that if you carry, you can't drink. Why again am I being placed at risk because what actions someone else may take. At what point are we to stand and say I am responsible for my actions, and you are to account for yours. Thanks to everyone for your time and your action.
  3. I've decided on the 870. But, in a different flavor... I'm going with the (new for 2009) 870 SPS Super Slug. Just gotta find one. I believe that they're not out yet.
  4. Can you still find the Saiga 12 at local dealers?
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I fired a short email off to Rep. Campfield today. She sponsored a bill to allow full time faculty at schools to carry. She should be with us on this one. I'll wait to see how she replies.
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