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  1. Well human nature being what it is has aptly demonstrated that over history people have always preferred tyranny over chaos. Tyranny gives the appearance of safety and security. There is even a mention of this in the Bible where the Jewish people ask God to establish a king for them. The prophet Samuel tells them what a king will do and what it will cost them but they say they don't care they want a king. That is how Saul was selected as king. History also shows that the police will do as ordered. They too have families to worry about. In WWII a large percentage of concentration camp guards were picked form the local police departments and correctional facilities. After the war they went back to their old jobs with no repercussions. Police were needed to keep order in ruined cities and they were needed on their old capacities. I cannot predict what will happen in the US will act if the SHTF, but I can look back at history and see what has happened in the past and make a pretty good guess. To quote Harry Truman: "The only thing new is the history you don't know yet." . Another way to say that history repeats itself.
  2. In the states a lot of insurance companies look at this a driver negligence and do not pay the claim.
  3. Congratulations!!!!!! Good looking guy there. Glad to see everyone doing fine.
  4. Fresno State has announced that there will be no disciplinary action taken. Personally I like her because I am a bit overweight and she makes me look emaciated. Narcissism always ends in bitterness. After her few minutes of fame she will keep trying more and more outrageous stunts and slowly sink into a bitter obscurity. 100 years from now Barbara Bush will still be listed as among our greatest First Ladies while nobody will even remember that the "tenured prof" ever existed.
  5. Sorry for your loss. Funny story about the BAR.
  6. The biggest problem is what the GSA has become. The GSA has become all about "empowering women" whatever that means. The GSA is really ticked at the BSA for allowing this. It shows how much their program (agenda?) simply does not appeal to young girls. My wife of almost 42 years was a Campfire Girl. They did cool things like go camping etc.
  7. Well in the olden days we had a Jayco 1006 pop-up camper. In 1991 we had an awesome vacation. 4 1/2 weeks on the road. We drove 9,100 miles as we traveled across the northern US and back to western NY. Hit several national parks and monuments. Drove the Oregon coast etc. It was the wife and I and our 4 sons. Towed the camper with an Aerostar minivan. Total cost of the trip was $2,200 or what it would have cost me to take the family to Disney World for 4 days. Did two more trips out west and one through New England. Plus some weekend camping here and there. We had that trailer for 18 years and sold it to a young couple. Hopefully it had many more epic adventures. We kept it up and it was still in very good shape when we sold it.
  8. You have the skills and it easier than you think. Just hack their system and tell it to hire you. Don't forget to set your new wages at a level that will make you eager to sign on with them.. Give yourself a nice title too.
  9. Not to usurp the pagan of Saturnalia but to use it as a cover for their own celebration. It celebrated the winter solstice and the return of longer days, ie, more light. It fit in well with the concept of Christ as the light of the world. To equate born of a virgin to the astrolgical sign of the virgin is quite a stretch. The constallations do not have the same name or meanings across all cultures.
  10. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! The little critter is spending a lot of energy growing so heartrate that high is pretty normal. At my age just having any heartbeat at all is considered a win.
  11. How did all those people in Massachusettes get all those automatic weapons? Aren't they illegal there? FWIW my show is Vikings.
  12. May it give him the 20 plus years of epididymitis that mine brought to me. nNNoing like learning to walk upright when it feels like someone just kicked uo in the nuts when all you want to do is roll up in a ball. If a woman is to get welfare benefits for her child then she has to name the father, He gets the choice of paying for the child or getting sterilized. If she gets pregnant again and wants more welfarea then she gets setrilized too. I am sick and tired of paying to support other people's children,
  13. Left leaning and pretty much it is just an insurance company.
  14. A co worker of mine owns one. He loves and hates it at the same time. Each year he takes one side of hte house and works filling all the cracks and splits etc. So every 4 years he complets a lap of the house. If the house is new, logs settle over time. So interior walls need a gap at the top. Hang all cupboards from one log only. AS the cimpress over time they can really damage the millwork. Logs are not great insulators but work on the principle of thermal mass. I did see on log home that had a fire damage one side of the house. Not an easy repair. You cannot easily replace scorched logs. As logs split over time as they dry out, the sound effects can be pretty dramatic. All that being said I would loveto live in one if the location is right for it. It's all about what you are willing to live with. Some people don't likethe idea of well water and leach fields. Others adapt to them with no problems. Same with log homes.
  15. Took my Just Right Carbine out yesterday for testing. I may shoot some sporting clays today.
  16. Easy way to get the woman to agree with you. Just tell that when it comes to firearms you are pro choice. Usually stops them in their tracks.
  17. Quality in an AK47 is an interesting subject. They are made to shoot. Not fit nice and look pretty. Compared to the quality appearance of other rifles they can look pretty bad. But if you get a good one, they seem to shoot fine. I have owned three AK design based rifles. I purchased all of them new. My SAR-1 has been a flawless performer for 9 years now. Accuracy is another issue. Great close in. If I had to make a 100 years shot that my life depended upon I would have to look elsewhere. Probably my AR-15. My next one was a Cugir built PSL. That had a fatal receiver failure after 80 rounds of Czech silver tip light ball ammunition went through it. I got is swapped out. The new one took 8 months of frustration before I got 3 of my 6 magazines to work reliably. My latest acquisition is a Bulgarian SSR-85C-2. The stock is ugly but it fits me well and is pretty accurate. My first one of these had to be exchanged too. The owner of the gun shop told me to pick a magazine out of his pile to go with it. I prefer 20 round magazines so I grabbed one. As luck would have it, I picked the only magazine in North America that actually fit into the rifle. On top of that it would stovepipe every two to three rounds. The replacement has been great. In it's day the SAR-1 was considered the red headed step child of the AK world but mine has been flawless. Cugir built PSL's are supposed to be the best of them. The Bulgarian AK is also supposed to be a superior design. I do like he 1.5mm wall thickness of the receiver. Good, solid feel to it.
  18. Thanks for the link. I was driving on I90 in western NY last year and saw a large plane approaching me from dead ahead. As it got nearer I realized it was a B17. From dead straight on it looked like a work of art in the air. Pure poetry in motion.
  19. You forgot something very important 1951 -- GAWEIDERT born. Man I feel old. Oh well, off to work
  20. Guy is a douche bag. Isn't one of the vows you take when you get married to honor our spouse? Him putting her down is obviously being done to cover his inadequacies in other areas. Definite inferiority complex on his part.
  21. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your kids for all the grief and aggravation your kids give you while they were growing up.
  22. Have you checked Zack's in Round Lake? I used to be in the Albany area a lot and always stopped in there. They used to have a lot of milsurps there. I got my 91/30 Mosin NAgant sniper rifle there 6 years ago. Fantastically accurate rifle. I recently sold all my Mausers. I do miss them, but I am looking ahead into retirement in a few ears so I am shedding some of my firearms.
  23. Shooting in the winter can be fun. The range is a lot less crowded. My Finnish version Mosin Nagants always want to go out and play in the snow. You should test your weapons in all sorts of weather if you want to have any confidence in it.
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