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  1. Pdog,I know exactly where you are coming from.I have been there as well.For the same reasons. Destroyed knees and the need to stay mobile so I could work.There is no shame in that.It was all just a ride I wanted off of. And yes,I still crave them.I just choose not to take them again. You HAVE to do what you have to do.It can be a downward spiral though. I think most who have these problems just come to a point where you just have to make some changes.You will know when that is.
  2. Thanks for the welcome,I am much the "lurker".But I am very familiar with this subject.The main reason I stopped taking the pain meds as I reached a point where I had to take more and more oxycontin,this was after a course of methadone.I was going into withdrawals every day,and boy did that suck.The withdrawals got to be worse than the pain. So I decided just to stop taking them all together,cold.That was quite a ride there!That was almost a year ago.The funny thing is,when I stopped the pain meds,the pain went away.Go figure. Just trying to help...
  3. Hi,skipping doses,days,will only bring on withdrawals.Not fun.
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