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    Laid a partner to rest yesterday

    sorry for your loss brother.
  2. BIGGUN1973

    Finally!!! I got the Disease!!!

    nice! no cure for the disease. only lack of funds can slow it down.
  3. BIGGUN1973

    The Olympics

    I wish they would show more shooting events on NBC. when I was younger, they showed at least a few of them. We got gold in individual skeet for men and women, would have been nice to watch. but I expect no less from television (glorify unrealistic "street" violence, but don't show the sportsman side of shooting).
  4. BIGGUN1973

    Beowulf Muzzle Brake Project

    ready for update.
  5. BIGGUN1973

    He wasn't even wearing a B.P. vest?

    one article I read said the shooter had "high power magazines" for his "assault rifle". has anyone on this board ever use one of those "high power magazines", I guess I'll have to settle for my regular power magazines until someone gives me a link to that vendor.
  6. BIGGUN1973

    Beta Mag...............ban?

    wow, I totally did not know this. Good thing I didn't get that beta mag yet (was only 200.00 bucks away)
  7. BIGGUN1973

    Your Thoughts on the Ruger Redhawk

    I like the 7.5", it's already a hefty gun, 2" wont make much of a difference (that's what she said haha). still short enough for home defense (way shorter than rifle or shotgun), better for target and can be used to hunt. p.s. it's not hard to group well using one handed shooting, (unless you plan on shooting all day).
  8. I have passed the class to become a certified NRA pistol instructor and was told 4-8 weeks. I'm chomping at the bit to get started. anyone go through this in OHIO does it take that long really. need good news people.
  9. I am a city dweller, but good at surviving. my plan (if I make it out) is this: get to where less people are, earn someones (in the country's) trust by contributing to our mutual survival and when they least expect it... thank them for being gracious enough to let me and my family join them and survive. in a SHTF situation, humanity should still be practiced, just more carefully.
  10. BIGGUN1973

    I have a sickeness

    Its not a sickness, its a hobby. my dream gun room would resemble a small warehouse.
  11. BIGGUN1973

    Your Thoughts on the Ruger Redhawk

    I love my redhawk 7.5" .44 magnum. shoots lights out and trigger is awesome!!!! very solid piece.
  12. BIGGUN1973

    Coolest plane I've ever seen!

    what i feel like when flying. but the plane is awesome
  13. BIGGUN1973

    Porta potties

  14. BIGGUN1973

    Ruined my perfect record

  15. my guess is when (if) they decide to confiscate, there will be sufficient force involved. Hope they let my family out first....
  16. BIGGUN1973

    Black Hole Weaponry Barrel Lasering

  17. BIGGUN1973

    Chicago gun buy back

  18. BIGGUN1973

    The shortest Horror Story

    A four-word horror story. Obama elected President...AGAIN
  19. My grandfather was on his own when he was 15. had a job and got his own place. my grandmother was married at 15. it does seem as though there is a double standard had it of been a 15 year old girl. I wouldn't be too upset if it were my son (and she looked this decent), but would have to act more upset for my wife's sake. note: I grew up a little differently than most. I was mostly on my own at 15 (1988) also.
  20. BIGGUN1973

    Remington R-15 VTR *Please Help*

    I get a little flat spot on most of my spent brass when I shoot. dies get it right back to normal. so far no problems with reloading. brass doesn't have any signs of mouth weakening.
  21. BIGGUN1973

    July 19, 2012

  22. BIGGUN1973


    I haven't had hiccups for some time (thank goodness), but a big spoon of sugar usually did the trick. It works on my kids always (of course, I have to hear them hiccup as they try to con me out of a spoon of sugar just for the sweet factor).
  23. BIGGUN1973

    Explosives and bullets

    make video if you can. awesome gift.