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  1. great thanks again, i wish i had internet at home so i could be on here more often!
  2. thanks for the info guys! GLshooter, i think i will not be sure about this load until i get to test in multiple temps. JFife, i agree and went with that! Glenn, i have a 10.5" SBR and hornady gave me the load data directly, they said that 11.0 grains of 1680 for the 208 amax would be the closest thing to their commercial load. next on the list is a good chrono, any ideas?
  3. Using: #41 primer Accurate 1680 208gr amax NIB hornady 300 whisper brass Problem is Red Baron and I worked up a load for this a year ago I needed 12 grains of powder to cycle the weapon consistently. It was early fall so the weather wasn't that cold yet. Also the build was new and not broke in well at this point. Now I'm working up and checking the loads we already had and steping it down because I think I'm too close to supersonic and I got a couple per mag that are. I took it all the way down to 10.5 grains of accurate 1680 the weapon still Cycles, I'm guessing because the weapon is broke in? Red Baron recommended a Chrono and I agree just haven't gotten one yet, but any words of wisdom or experience with a similar load would be appreciated!
  4. dan2sv650

    Amelon Firearms

    Samples of Cerakote work, and some mod work
  5. My first complete box of 100rds done, few were used for testing but i ended up with: 45ACP 230grXTP 1.235 COL 7.5gr power pistol CCI LPP#300
  6. who are you kidding, that dang gun out shoots all of us!
  7. all i heard was .....blah blah blah....ive got a HRT that shoots sub .5 MOA LUCKY!!!!
  8. bring that chrono.....heck bring everything up for a visit RED!!!!! sorry, i am currently pumping out 230gr XTP 45ACP's, tumbler is running mixed brass
  9. i believe so, i figure it isnt so easy to come by cheap
  10. anyone even reload 357sig, i will take an assortment of the above listed and i dont at all care if the value falls in your favor!
  11. that great but one expensive piece of bacon!
  12. i have 1700pcs of 357SIG brass, once fired, LE issued speer(nickle coated) and federal mixed., lightly cleaned, not De-primed looking to trade, just started getting serious about reloading interested in 45acp, 40s&w, 308win, and 9mm
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