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  1. I had something similar happen to me a while back. I was at the local public range, and was plinking with both Wolf steel-cased and UMC brass, making sure to shoot the brass first, when I had a pretty bad jam. Oddly enough, it was a brass round, and not one of the Wolfs. This thing was jammed so bad that it was actually stuck between the bolt and the side of the chamber. I had dealt with jams and hangfires before, but never this bad. Lucky for me, we live near a major army installation, and there were a few hard chargers out there that day. I asked them for help with the problem, and one of the Rangers there promptly asked me if he had my permission to fix it how he knew how to, and I said sure. He took it out in the dirt, pulled on the charging handle, and slammed the buttstock on the ground HARD. It took a few tries, but it finally came out. Hooah, boys! So yeah...lesson learned.
  2. I'm a new owner, too, and I've bought everything I can get my hands on. Most of that has been Remmy UMC, but when shat was scarce around here for a minute, I broke down and bought a half case(500) of Wolf steel cased. I shot about 60 rounds of it at the range with no problems, but I did break the rifle down and gave it a good cleaning when I got home. I also just picked up a 500 rd. box of "Canned Heat" from Georgia Arms at the local gun show. It's been good so far, but on the tip from a buddy, I went through the entire box, and found about a dozen rounds that were defective. It looks like most of the damage may have happened from all the handling the box went through, but some of them are crimped pretty bad around the neck. But hey, it was only twelve out of 500. Coulda been worse.
  3. I've been a big fan of Bore Snakes since I found a them a few years ago. Great product.
  4. My only question is this: When all of you 'true believers' are gone, can us poor, stupid sinners have your AR's? I mean, according to y'all we're gonna need it to stave off the 'demons' from your supposed 'hell'...
  5. I have less than 1k of .223, and I know that I need a LOT more of it. I just picked up a half case last night, and it was the last box that the local gun store had. I really don't want to pay the high prices at Bass Pro, and Wal-Mart is always a crap shoot when it comes to ammo. I'm hoping that the guys from Georgia Arms will be at the next gun show with plenty to sell.
  6. I'm working my way up to around 2-3,000 rounds of .223. I'd love to have 5,000, and thankfully, the Mrs. is onboard with that plan, considering the current state of things. I think that 5k is enough to last for a few years if TSHTF.
  7. Great...I just bought a half case of Wolf 75 gr. HP's. So as long as I don't mix these and my normal brass rounds, I should be alright? How much extra cleaning do I need to do after shooting them?
  8. I went a few weeks ago to buy some stuff at Wally World, and figured I'd stop by the sporting goods section and buy a few boxes of .223 while I was there. They were going for $9/box, so I told the always unhelpful associate to give me 10 boxes. Turns out that was all they had... I'm just about to walk away when a guy comes up and asks me if I was trying to buy all the .223, and I told him that actually, I just did. He looked like someone had just took his last dollar, so I told him I'd sell him two boxes for the price I paid for them. Turns out he's an AR owner, too, so I guess I was helping the cause after all.
  9. Damn, JeepXJ, I guess you're the only one.
  10. I'm saving up for my own ammo whore-a-palooza... I *need* 1k .223 rounds, and a few hundred more .40 S&W wouldn't hurt, either. I was gonna stock up on 8mm Mauser rounds, but I'm thinking of trading it in or selling it.
  11. Hail the Lone Star State, and all her sons and daughters! May she be Independent and free once more!
  12. We don't have one yet, either, but it is on the budget agenda for this year. We're still rockin' the 31" Philips. The only reason we're looking into an HDTV/flatscreen is because the frickin' entertainment center it sits on is so friggin' HUGE. I think we'll probably get something around a 37" or so.
  13. I remember the old rule of loading only 28 rounds in a 30 mag, but I have an even more newb question for y'all: Can I use a wide range of 30 mags in my DPMS A-15? I've got the two that came with it, but I obviously want to have a lot more. I'm totally new to owning a black rifle, and just wanted to know.
  14. http://www.gunshows-usa.com/georgia_gun_shows.htm I'll be at the one in Savannah at the end of the month. Looking to pick up some bulk ammo for the AR-15, and maybe do some gun tradin'.
  15. Effingham County here...southern part of the county, near the Chatham County line. We're about 20 miles from Savannah. We've got several choices around here as far as shooting goes. We've got Mission Essential, Patricks(not my favorite), and a lot of small gun shops scattered over the area. Glad to be on here.
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