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  1. Thank you for the clarification TS!
  2. Dumb noob question time here...from what I understand, I can just use the same bore snake I bought for my .22lr rifle on my AR-15. Is this correct or is there a bore snake specifically for 5.56?
  3. painted_klown


    LOL!!! That's great. I just called a friend of mine and told him that one....except I changed it to senators!
  4. ...and a single tear rolls down my cheek...actually several of them. HA!
  5. Now this is a topic I can most certainly relate to. I have been overweight my entire life (even as a child). As I grew older I just grew larger. Several years ago I was at my (then) peak of 302 lbs. I dieted and got down to 255 lbs. My smallest as an adult. Then I sort of dieted off and on for several years then eventually gave up dieting altogether and drank beer like no tomorrow. Well before I knew it I was up to 347 lbs!!!! I was hardly able to walk or get around at that weight. It was terrible and my quality of life began to suffer. Well I decided it was time to take control again and started dieting and (at first) walking every night. It was during the summer so it was all good. Now I am at 282 lbs and still trying to lose some more. It's a difficult battle to be sure but when it comes to health and feeling better, the sacrifice is worth it. Although I must admit temptation does sometimes get the best of me. Good luck on your journeys toward better health all.
  6. I would do all the usual jazz and start a few businesses if I won....like some of you I never play either though.
  7. Wow!!! Now this is getting VERY interesting indeed. Does anyone happen to know when/at what event/to whom TX made this announcement? Is there a link to a news article or anything? I am seriously very curious about this and all of the states that were talking of declaring sovereignty. The last I had heard there were SEVERAL of them doing this. Iowa not being one of them... The mainstream media is not covering any of this and I feel that this REAL news is very critical information to be aware of. Something is afoot at the circle K and I would like to know exactly what.
  8. Voted no. It doesn't look good fellas...
  9. To add to this...how do I know what uppers will go with my lower? My guess would be since I have a lower that says .223 and 5.56 on it (barrel is chambered in 5.56) then I could use an upper chambered in either/or. Is this correct? Also when you switch calibers I assume you must buy a new rifle altogether. Is this correct? I assume that I cannot put (for example) a .308 upper on my current lower. I would assume that nothing would match up that way.
  10. Thanks for all of the information thus far everyone. Very helpful indeed. So magazines and ammo are a given for me and it seems like a sling might be in order as a next (cheap) option. I have the cheap black "sling" that came with my gun so I am guessing that will probably be ok for now. I just haven't attached it as of yet. Optics seem to be the next major thing I need to get. As for shooting needs I (more than likely) will only be using this rifle for target shooting. Although technically it is "casual backyard plinking" all of my friends and I do get pretty competitive with each other when it comes to who is the best shot. I will say that I am as blind as a bat though and a LOT of magnification suits me well. I am terrible with iron sights and seem to never be able to see out much over 25 yards without some measurable difficulty so magnification will be a necessity for me. Right now I have a cheap BSA Huntsman scope on my marlin model 60 .22lr rifle and it has 3x to 9x magnification on it. That seems to work well for me (backyard plinking) but it seems to "lose it's zero" every time I take it out...so my thought process led me to assume that the difference between a cheap scope and a nice one is that a nicer scope will stay where you set it even if it gets bumped around quite a bit. That is just my guess so please correct me if I am wrong. (I am new to firearms really so I am still learning) As far as distance is concerned I am not really concerned with shooting out to 1000 yards as I doubt I will ever need to. I generally shoot a LOT less than that on a regular basis. For my usual "backyard" plinking its actually out to roughly 100 yards or so. To be quite honest I am not even really sure of the "general" range of an AR. I assume its probably accurate out to 500 yards or so. Once again please correct me if I am wrong. What do you all generally use as a good distance to set up your AR's to be used at? I suppose I would like to get it set up for a good "optimum" level that will be useful for target shooting (for practice and training) and come in handy if a SHTF situation were to occur. I hope this information can be useful and if the price range I am looking at is way off base then please let me know. It will be a little while before I buy something anyway. I am just trying to learn as much as I can while saving so that when it comes time to make a purchase I will make a good decision. I spent what I consider to be a considerable amount of money to buy this rifle and I am willing to save up and buy the "proper" gear to outfit it as well. It will more than likely be the only AR I purchase should the government get out of control so I want to make informed and wise decisions regarding how I set it up. Thanks again. -Dave
  11. Hello everyone. First I want to say thanks to all of you for being such great sources of information. Ok, now that I have an AR-15, what should I do to it/get for it first? I am thinking about more mags, seems like 10 is the magic number that everyone recommends to have on hand. I have the 2 DPMS mags that came with it so I guess 8 more would be sufficient. From what I have read on here it seems like CProd is the way to go. Please let me know if that is not a good idea. Also, (now for a REALLY dumb question) does the follower color (black, orange, ect) make any difference or signify anything or is it merely a cosmetic preference? I was also wondering what with or without windows means if anybody could tell me. Secondly I was considering a scope/optics. When it comes to scopes for AR's is there a specific type that I need or do you just use regular rifle scopes? Also what would be a good "bang for the buck" deal? Any specific models to buy on a budget? I really cannot afford a $500.00 optic setup but I don't really want junk either. I was thinking maybe $200.00 maximum. Is there anything decent available in that price range...or less? Another thought was a bayonet. Is that a bad idea? I think bayo's are cool and thought it would spruce up the look of my AR a bit. What about grips, lights, bi pod, laser, cool gadgets and add ons....ect? If it were you...what would you do? Where should I start?
  12. Sweet!!! The guy at the shop where I purchased it gave me a free 20 round box of Winchester white box 5.56 MM 55 grain ball cartridges. He had a bunch of them in stock too. Sounds like this will be the way to go for me. Thanks for the help and info all!
  13. Ahhh...yes. Thank you TigerStripe! It says DPMS Cal 5.56 1-9 on the barrel. It is written on what I would think is the bottom of it though...perhaps I am just unfamiliar with the proper terminology?
  14. Thanks Warlike. I apologize but I am unaware about what grains match up to my barrel twist. I am seriously a noob and know just about nothing when it comes to AR's. I am learning that I have a LOT of learning to do. I looked through the manual that came with my rifle and it does not seem to have specific information regarding my particular model. It says DPMS Panther Arms Cal .223 - 5.56MM Mod. A-15 on the receiver. I am not sure what the barrel twist is on this model. Once again I apologize about my complete ignorance and silly questions.
  15. WOW!!! Thanks everyone for all of your responses. The information and advice is very helpful indeed. I guess the AR platform is more reliable and less finicky than I had realized. That makes me a VERY happy camper indeed. I still have a question regarding ammo. What brand is best to use for the breaking in process and should I alternate between 5.56 and .223 during this time? Thanks again for all of your advice and help.
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