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  1. MontanaLon

    Sniper? What Sniper?

    Oh come on guys, that was a human being that died there have some respect. I mean he had a mother and a father just like you, maybe children as well. Point is, someone loved him. Just try to show some respect. I mean the least you can do is quote it so I don't have to keep scrolling up to see jihad johnny trying to stop a bullet with his head and failing.
  2. MontanaLon

    Squaring Off with an Adult Doe

    MontanaLon story time: I put myself through college trapping animals that were doing damage to people's property. Mostly it was beavers and I got $50 a head. But beavers weren't the only thing, I would catch anything for a buck if it was doing damage. So I get a call one day from a golf course grounds manager in the middle of winter, which in Virginia isn't all that terribly cold. He says something is digging holes in his practice green. So I drive over to take a look and sure enough there is a little mound of dirt smack in the middle of a well manicured putting green, I tell him right away it is a fox and the price will be $100 for each fox I catch. This was a very exclusive country club, they could certainly afford it. I dig up the mound and find a healthy full grown rat buried there. I tell him there is more likely than not a pair of fox running around and possibly their pups from the previous year so probably between 4 and 10 critters. Guy doesn't even blink and tells me to get to it. Only thing is I have to come early in the morning before any members show up. Says before 9 on weekdays and 7 on weekends. I was working graveyard shift at the time so told him I would skip the weekends and make sure I was gone by 9am on weekdays. He said with it being winter I probably wouldn't see anyone golfing. So about 20 yards from the green there is an overgrown ditch with riprap rocks and then on the other side an office building. I came back right after work the next day and set my traps and snuck out before anyone came into the club. The ditch ran about 300 yards or so where it emptied into a river. I had set my traps along the ditch down toward the river. The next day when I come back I start running my little trapline and see movement in the weeds where I have set my first trap. I ease up and there is a small deer which I have caught. It was a young of the year button buck, it may have weighed 80 pounds, certainly no more than 100 and in any case I outweigh it by at least 60 pounds and maybe weigh twice as much as it does. I size up the ituation and conclude the best way to do this is just to bulldog it, pin it down and get the trap off his foot so we both can get on with life. My first mistake was underestimating my opponent, my second was thinking the deer would be agreeable to this, third was thinking that because it had 1 leg stuck it would somehow be at a disadvantage and the fourth was that somehow, it not being able to get away was a good thing. As I approached the deer it started lunging to get away and I decided that the element of surprise was wasted I may as well just use brute force and speed of attack. I lunged at the deer's neck and grabbed ahold in my best cowboy impersonation. I probably looked Steve Irwin cool for about 3 seconds and that would be the 3 seconds immediately before I made first contact with the little feller. After that I looked more like one of those guys sitting around a poker table in a rodeo ring. OK, that isn't completely true, I looked more like one of those cowboys flying through the air in the middle of a rodeo ring with a bull under him. I didn't let go, at first, but soon realized the only idea I had was to let go and try this again. I was getting my ass kicked, and my head, my crotch, thighs, back, neck and feet. For being the only idea I had, letting go was a really stupid idea because as soon as I let go the little buck went on the offensive. Suddenly I had a small enraged deer trying his best to stomp me into a puddle of mush and he wasn't doing a half bad job of it. My saving grace was that he could only move about 6 feet so when I had been pounded that deep into the dirt I was beyond range of his hooves and head. I scampered up out of the hole and reevaluated the situation, it was clear, one of us was about to die. But deer wasn't in season and I really didn't like the idea of having to call the game warden to come bail me out. I sat there trying to catch my breath, feeling around to see if any body parts might still be in the dirt. Everything seemed to still be there, slightly swollen if not grossly swollen. The deer leaned his head back and licked his balls, we clearly had different mechanisms for dealing with near death experiences. I reevaluated my approach and decided that I needed to get my legs into the fight. Deer having 4 legs are an advantage even if one of them is tied behind their back. 2 arms just weren't going to cut it. So I got back into the fray, grabbing the deer around the neck and wrapping my legs around its' body. Now I looked like one of those cowboys strapped onto a bull and I spent the next 8 years perched up there as the deer did his best impression of a 1 ton brahma bull. And then I looked like the flying cowboy again, luckily this time I was thrown clear of the circle of death as the ground had become to be known by. This time I didn't wait, I jumped right back into it and got the deer in a grapevine wrestling hold. I managed to knock it off its' feet but landed under it which lead to another session where I was a grape and the deer was trying to make wine. I rolled away and then staggered back into the arena. The deer was tired, I was tired, we both just wanted this to end and I don't think either of us cared how. I finally got the deer down again with me on top of it pinning it to the ground. My chest was across his shoulder, my arms around his neck and my legs around his body. This of course presented a problem as the feet were nowhere near my hands and the trap was on the foot. Every time I moved an arm for around his neck, he started fighting again, fighting in this case being kicking with his front feet and bashing his head into my face. I had to break contact once again, things were going better, I jumped clear this time instead of flying clear. I went right back to it though, this time approaching him from the front and getting my legs around his neck and my arms around his body. Once I managed to knock him off his feet I was able to reach the foot and the trap and remove the former from the latter. The only thing keeping the deer there now was me holding on for dear life. I let go with my legs and swiveled my body around so I was still on top but out of range of the hooves. I pushed myself off him and he immediately jumped to his feet. He stood his ground, I was just to tired to run at this point. He must have realized he wasn't stuck any more because he turned and ran across the gold course. I looked down at my muddy and bloody clothes, then looked up to heaven to thank God I was still alive. And I looked up into the eyes of every single person in the office building. Word must have gone around the office when the fight started because every window had at least one face in it, some of them several. I just turned and walked away. I should have taken a bow but didn't think of it at the time. I am sure if I looked close, somewhere in a window someone was holding up scorecards. 9.8. 9.9. 10, 9.8, 9.6 and 8.2 from the Russian judge. Google Earth has preserved the battlefield for all time. You can find it at the following coordinates. 38°47'26.03" N 77°03'27.27" W If you zoom out and look to the north you will be able to see what I could from there. The top 1/2 of the Washington Monument.
  3. MontanaLon

    Squaring Off with an Adult Doe

    Go to Tractor Supply or Rural King and pick up a bottle of hot pepper oil to mix with the birdseed. Friends in Michigan have issues with deer and squirrels in the bird feeders. They use the pepper oil on it and have gotten the deer and squirrels to avoid them. Birds apparently don't care about it. He has been growing some hot peppers in the garden for the same purpose. He is going to dry them and then grind them to a powder to mix with the seed. He thinks it will be cheaper and will allow him to use it all the time which will help as he also has bears come in and rip down the feeder once in a while. He said the deer don't like it at all and the ones he has seen eat the seed have reacted badly to it with no long lasting effects. He has video of the deer slobbering uncontrollably, dragging their faces in the grass and it seems to keep them away. He said he tried a 6 foot high fence to protect his garden and the deer would get over it. Now he plants alfalfa between the woods and the garden and the deer won't go through the effort to jump the fence. He mows 1/3 of it every week so that there is always fresh young growth and the deer keep out of the garden for the most part. He has several feet of electrified fence at the top of the fence, and around the bottom to keep the coons out. The video of them trying anyway and getting zapped is pretty comical as well. He says the bears are more persistent but they don't like getting zapped either. I think he has the juice turned up pretty high on the wires.
  4. MontanaLon

    I need a lathe and maybe a mill

    So I got the lathe up and running and have been doing some small projects and adding tooling to the collection. First project was a bomb proof mailbox mount to replace the cheap sheet metal crap that came with the post. It took me about 3 hours but I managed to turn some scrap metal into a closet flange to mount the mailbox to the post. It is solid. The mailbox may disappear, the post may rust away to nothing, but even if the mailbox were ground zero for a nuclear warhead, they would find that mount in 1 piece and very likely not deformed in the least, ready to affix a new mailbox to a new post. And yes I know, I could have gone to the store and gotten something similar in 10 minutes for about $5. But it wouldn't be something I would be proud of. And I found a mill too. Looked at it Thursday and will likely pick it up tomorrow. It is a chinese harbor freight machine but the price is right and it has enough tooling to get me started. The current owner of it used it to mill 80% lowers so we hit it off pretty well. I would rather have an old American made mill but the prices on the size I want are just too high for me. I have found several huge machines that the price is low enough on but they are just too big to get into the basement. Fun times. Now I just need to find some steel tubing and a 1/2-28 tap.
  5. MontanaLon

    The Great Zombie Chainsaw thread

    I have one screw that won't come out. The slot on it is too shallow and the screw driver keeps slipping out. Tried an impact driver and it won't budge. It looks to be a pot metal casting it goes into so it is probably electrolitically welded in. Going to juice it with PB and see if that helps loosen it up. Need to get the covers off so I can replace the fuel line. It doesn't have a primer bulb so I think the fuel line is either cracked inside the tank or blocked. It just isn't getting fuel. I am having trouble finding parts locally. It appears that the company never branched out into the USA outside of the border states. If I need to rebuild the carb, I will have to branch out and look on the internet. But being a 40 year old saw, parts may be few and far between. Hopefully, it doesn't need much. The chain drive gear and clutch appear to be newer than the rest of the saw. Overall it appears to be well taken care of, if it hadn't been it wouldn't have lasted this long.
  6. MontanaLon

    Man with knife attacks police....

    This, cops are being run through the ringer thrice because sure as shat if they aren't convicted of state charges on a good shoot, they will be sued civilly and then nailed with federal charges.
  7. MontanaLon

    Man tries to rob fireworks stand, winds up shot in face

    Race is sure to come up at some point. It appears the fireworks stand was staffed by POC. They have yet to ID the dead perp. Probably even odds the decedent is also a POC. But even if he is not, it doesn't freaking matter. But somewhere is a picture of the dead guy from 8th grade and he had his acceptance letter to Harvard in his pocket and there will be a grieving grandmother who raised him who will be on TV saying, "He was a good boy, he didn't deserve to die." To which I say, the people running the fireworks stand are good people and they didn't deserve to die either, yet your good boy wanted them to think he was willing to kill them and right about there what he deserved is precisely what he got. But the "investigation is continuing" leads me to believe the DA is looking for a way to charge the shooter with the homicide of the dead guy. If we know anything, it is that democrats can never leave well enough alone. If it were Austin a prosecution would be a virtual certainty.
  8. MontanaLon

    RIP Ross Perot

    I think very few of us believe we "need" a third party candidate, what we need is someone who isn't a statist running in either party. We got that in Trump. Third party would only ever win if there were actually some middle ground that a majority could agree with. Right now the media makes us think that doesn't exist because half the country believes it is ok for a pregnant woman to murder her child because it is "inconvenient" and the other half believe that birth control should be outlawed. Of course it isn't true but that doesn't matter to the media. Look at it on any issue, abortion, gun rights, environment and you will see the same thing. The media portrays it as either one or the other, there can be no middle ground and that simply isn't true. Trump is first and foremost a businessman, it must make his head spin to look at a budget as a profit and loss statement. Any CEO with a P&L statement like that wouldn't be a CEO for long. Of course politicians don't care about such trivial things.
  9. MontanaLon

    RIP Ross Perot

    The man who single handedly gave bill clinton the presidency and by attachment gave us the opportunity to see hitlery run for POTUS twice and lose twice.
  10. So as some of you know, I spent my vacation in Northern Michigan and in my traipsing around the summer woods, what my children like to refer to as "The Roscommon Death March of 2019", we found an abandoned chainsaw. How it ended up where it was I am not sure, but it was far enough off the "road", really a woody 2 track, that it didn't likely fall off a vehicle accidentally. More likely than not, someone was cutting something and it crapped out on them mid cut and then they couldn't get it started again, got pissed off and chucked it as far as they could into the woods where no one would ever find it and no limbs would be hacked off. Though they did take the bar and chain off so maybe it was more like "taking the dog to the farm", burying the head, heart and hooves of a racehorse in the pasture they called home. Really we may never know. Being the enterprising lad that I am, I am never one to pass up someone else's cast off junk. "One man's trash is another man's treasure", with me always being the other man. So I picked it up, handed it to my oldest and made him carry it for the remainder of the death march, I mean quiet walk in the woods. Every now and then, I would hear a muffled, "Sonofabeotch, this thing is heavier than a boat anchor", it may have been the oldest saying it, but he denied saying anything each time I asked, "What did you say?" And being quite deaf, he may have been telling the truth and it was really hard to hear anything over the buzz of the 4 million mosquitoes buzzing around my head. Maybe one of them was the subject of a Sci-Fi movie with Jeff Goldblum. During one of the stops to rest along the trail to let the kids catch their breath I checked to see that it had compression and it did. I also checked the gas and oil tanks and found them only partially filled. I was going to see if it would crank up but the children started to complain about the bugs. I told them I understood the bugs were bad, but if they would keep waving their arms over my head none would be able to bite me. This time it was the youngest who I thought I heard swearing at me, so he got to carry the saw for the next leg of the trip. Here is the saw after I found it. It is a Pioneer P41 which was apparently made in Canada. Beginning the tear down I found that it had no air filter in it. Likely something that contributed to its' eventual abandonment. It is really tough to get fuel into the cylinder if the carb is full of sawdust. I haven't confirmed that yet but 5 will get you 10 that it has more sawdust in it than MDF. Looking at the cylinder walls through the exhaust They don't appear to be scored but I can't see any crosshatching in there either so it is hard to say how much wear there might be in there. I really didn't need a chainsaw so I am not really in a hurry to finish it. I did pull the plug though and it does spark so with a little tinkering I may get it to run and put a bar and chain on it and keep it for a rainy day. Actually now that I think of it I do have a shrub to chop down at some point so maybe I will work a bit more on it.
  11. https://defensemaven.io/bluelivesmatter/news/man-tries-robbing-texas-fireworks-stand-get-shot-in-face-with-own-gun-E7bUsnCo4kaBYSXAdAaUFA/?fbclid=IwAR1VSndD7QiXsarxM0bCgq41UwoxEzSpZcihIZ3in4F9xrml6Sz4H3gcU-U TLDR: Guy pulls a gun and demands cash at fireworks stand, worker plops money down on counter, guys sets gun down to pick up cash, stand worker grabs gun shoots guy in face. Guy not expected to survive. To me this is how crimes should end. But I can see the flip side of it, if the guy sets his gun down and you pick it up, are you really justified in shooting? Hell yes you are justified, unless the guy immediately runs or starts begging for his life and even then I'd be hard pressed to find a crime in ridding the world of not just a criminal, but a stupid criminal.
  12. MontanaLon

    Do You Believe in UFOs? The dumbest question EVER asked!!

    And another thing to think about. Travel at anything approaching the speed of light is likely impossible for humans because of the physical limitations of our bodies and the environment we must be surrounded by to survive. That is to say nothing of the tremendous energy inputs required to either accelerate to those velocities or bend space so you don't have to go so fast. And something the sci fi crowd always misses is once you get up to the speed of light, somehow you have to slow down, which requires an energy input equal to the energy which accelerated you to that speed in the first place. I mean look at light, it is the freaking energizer bunny of physics. It never really stops, until it hits something that is. And it wouldn't have to hit much. A single atom in your path and your trip is over in a blinding flash which will of course be seen by those you left behind, however many years along you were in your trip later. It is an incredibly complex situation for any form of life to overcome and quite frankly I don't think the human race will ever get there. Even if we were to survive as a species until our sun goes supernova in 5 billion years, which would be unprecedented in the history of earth and life on it, I mean look at the history of Earth and life gets nearly wiped out every hundred million years or so, but I digress. I believe it is beyond us to leave our solar system in any but the most feeble way like catapulting a 1 ton satellite toward a star that is 17.6 light years away and will take 40,000 years to arrive at.because the top speed is 10.5 miles per second.
  13. Lots of people will not comply as they did not in Connecticut. I hate to say it but there are less than 1,000,000 sworn police officers in the entire USA. It would take far less than 3% of the population not complying to completely overwhelm their ability to enforce the law. That goes for any law but you don't generally have shootouts over getting a speeding ticket. They happen but are rare, try to take someone's guns and it will get ugly fast.
  14. MontanaLon

    Cades Cove GSMNP

    I've only been there once but it was well worth it and I would like to go back when there is more time.
  15. MontanaLon

    Do You Believe in UFOs? The dumbest question EVER asked!!

    Hell, it might not even be carbon based. Here is the crazy part, 99.9% of people never even give a second thought to evolution as it applies to human beings. But the fact remains that no species remains constant for all time let alone for thousands of generations. Even humans have changed tremendously since they descended on the Earth. Hell, we are taller today than we were 200 years ago, though we are tremendously fatter as well so nutrition likely plays a part in that. I think humans have evolved to become nearly perfectly suited to our environment, environments elsewhere will give rise to other forms of life which are perfectly suited to their own environment which can be vastly different from ours here on Earth. There is a reason fish and frogs don't drive cars, or even use tools, they didn't evolve to do so. I believe that the hardest thing for us as humans to deal with in another intelligent life form from another planet or galaxy won't be that they are insect like, quadruped, avian, aquatic or anything like that. It may very well be that they are asymmetrical. I mean literally all life on earth is symmetrical and those which aren't are looked at as creepy. Think of a flounder. I mean, 2 eyes on the same side of the head? No one looks at that the first time and thinks, "Wow, that is beautiful!" Just think if it were something with 3 arms, 3 legs, 3 eyes, man that gets creepy fast. I mean, look at the sci fi movies, Star Wars, Alien, Predator. All of the beings in them are bilaterally symmetrical. Imagine no symmetry at all and how freaked up we would see that as.