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  1. MontanaLon

    Anyone pirate moves or music?

    The Chinese do.
  2. MontanaLon

    Where did he just pee?!

    In college my roommate got out of bed one night and walked to the door. Opened it went out and 5 seconds later walks back in with his pecker out and takes aim at the closet door. I yell at him that this isn't the bathroom and he shook his head and went back out the door. By this time I am awake as hell so I go out the door to see if he makes it to the bathroom. Bathroom is 10 steps to the left but he has turned right and is walking toward the elevator lobby. I follow him and he gets there looks around and decides the trash chute is the place he is after. Trash chute is an elevator shaft that has a jail door on it so you can't get into trouble but you can throw away anything that will fit through the bars. He takes care of business then walks down the wrong hall trying his key in every door. I went back to the room and got back in bed, laughing my ass off. He showed up about 10 minutes later after making the rounds of the female side of the floor trying his key in each door. I know that part because the ladies were all freaked out the next morning because "someone tried to break into our room". Was well before the days of cell phone cameras so there is no evidence but he had no clue what he had done the next morning.
  3. MontanaLon

    Morel Mushroom question

    I'd fight a grizzly bear for huckleberries. Used to see all sorts of bears when huckleberry hunting. Don't have video of it but the interactions went something like this.
  4. MontanaLon

    Seeking Advice: Gun Safes

    We actually carried these several years back and they are a good option for those with narrow stairs and other space issues. The fit of the sides wasn't air tight but then the doors on 99% of the safes on the market aren't either. But the fire resistance of a safe has very little to do with being airtight. The bigger part of it is the phase conversion of the liquid water in the gypsum board used as insulation. It takes a considerably higher heat input to raise the temperature of liquid water to the boiling point than it would to raise the temperature of dry air. In addition the water creates steam when it boils and displaced the air in the safe which inhibits combustion even if the temperature gets to the point of ignition of the materials inside the safe. It is all pretty booky scientific stuff I learned in firefighter class. You'd be surprised to learn how little water it takes to actually extinguish a fire, but that is in ideal conditions meaning an airtight structure. But even in a non airtight structure it doesn't take much water to make enough steam to make a fire stop burning due to lack of oxygen because steam has displaced the air. The problem is the heat and fuel are still there so when air is reintroduced it will catch fire again. Anyway, as I recall, the gypsum board that went into the "safe in a box" was the same thickness as what you would find in the average "fire safe" out there, so performance that way would be comparable. I almost bought one but got a Liberty Dale Earnhardt Jr. special edition for $300 instead. Sometimes retail leads to some crazy deals, that was one of them.
  5. MontanaLon

    Modern Medicine and the Staff people

    Maybe I grew up with a warped perspective being a military dependent. But for the first 20 years of my life healthcare was no more than a drive away. I never went to a civilian emergency room until I was 30 years old. Sometimes we had to drive an hour to get to the military ER but once we got there getting in never meant a wait to be seen. And you got to see military doctors, many of them career guys that had been to Korea or Vietnam. Some of them had the bedside manner of a porcupine, but they were top notch doctors and they would take the best care of you they could. And the nurses, were fantastic. And there were young doctors as well but they were kept in line by the nurses. And they were always busy. Those ER's were part of hospitals that were Level 1 trauma centers in not particularly nice neighborhoods. By default they got a lot of serious injuries from the immediate area because they were the closest facility. Someone was in danger of dying they went to the military hospital. That meant car crashes and gunshot wounds among other things. I was once in the ER in a Navy hospital when a squad of Marines in full battle gear showed up and took positions outside and inside the ER. And then the ambulances started rolling in. There had been a drive by shooting a couple of blocks from the hospital and there were 8-10 people hit. This was back in the crack epidemic of the 80's and apparently happened on a somewhat regular basis. We, my mom was there with me, got our own Marine guard standing by my bed. Back then the ER's were a ward type situation, there were no rooms, just one big room with curtains between the beds. They didn't draw the curtain between me and the next bed until they brought a guy in who had been shot several times in the chest. He was screaming all sorts of things my virgin ears weren't supposed to hear in front of my mom. I saw enough blood in the couple of minutes before they pulled the curtain than I had seen in my whole life to that point. He stopped screaming and then things got busy in there with other shot people coming in and medical teams doing their thing. And then it got quiet on the other side of the curtain. Eventually things settled down and I got discharged. When I went to got out of the curtain, I moved the curtain between my bed and the guy next to me. It had gotten quiet because he had died and he was laying there on the bed with the hoses and tubes still in him. Was only the second time I had seen a dead body. But in addition to the people who had been shot they had also treated the usual traffic of strep throat, broken bones and assorted owwies. It was what they did. Now, when we go to "Prompt Care" the wait is typically 1/2 hour to 45 minutes during which time you may see another patient come out from treatment and will likely see several other patients show up. My last visit to prompt care was to get stitches in my arm. Took 5 minutes for someone to come to the window and acknowledge me. In the mean time, a young lady showed up and she was obviously ill and kind of cute so I let her go first. Then while I was waiting a young kid came in with a cut on his chin that needed stitched so I understand he went first. I had an owwie, I was in no rush. But still to see 2 people sitting behind the counter doing basically nothing for my entire wait, the whole time I was being treated and then still sitting there when I left is a bit much. Particularly when the 2 people who showed up and were seen before me were the only other people there being treated is a bit hard to swallow.
  6. MontanaLon

    What was the cheapest 7.62x39 ammo you have ever seen.

    About 8 years ago I bought 2 spam cans of 7.62x54, 440 rounds per can for $145. It was part of the reason I bought the $57 Mosin. I mean a high power rifle and 880 round of ammo for $230 with tax is a deal worth putting aside for a rainy day. It is far from my first choice as a home defense gun, but makes a good SHTF gun and ammo for everything else has dried up. Plus it has the added benefit of turning cover into concealment and freak you and the guy behind you too also. Makes me wish I had bought a few more cans. Those days are over. That particular lot came from Ukraine and since then they have turned their old surplus into be used in the event of war because the Russians bombed their main arsenal and destroyed the newly made stuff. But the best deal I ever saw was 7.62x25 for the PPSh. It was in an unusual number per can. Like 960 or 1040 but they were selling for $50. Almost enough to go out and find a gun chambered in 7.62x25 but at that time they were not common and most of them were class III items. At least for the rifles. Being able to shoot 50 times for $2.50 is getting into .22LR territory.
  7. MontanaLon

    Modern Medicine and the Staff people

    It used to be that healthcare was dominated by providers. You went to a doctors office or to the hospital and the majority of the people who weren't patients were providers, doctors, nurses, techs of some sort, xray, lab etc. There were 10 providers for every support person and administration. It is completely different now, administrative positions outnumber provider positions. Sometimes they outnumber providers by a wide margin. You can see this at just about any hospital if you care to look. If you are interested go to the employee parking lot at 4pm and count the number of cars. Return at 6pm and count the number of cars. Many of the folks who have "bankers hours" are support personnel and those who work shift work are providers. There is of course some support that works shift work but they are maintenance, dietary and housekeeping. The paper pushers, those who have no patient contact beyond a phone call asking where the check is or who report to the government and insurance companies work 9-5. It is crazy and a big chunk of the reason healthcare is so expensive.
  8. MontanaLon

    What was the cheapest 7.62x39 ammo you have ever seen.

    I remember cans of it that were less than 10 cents a round. 840 rounds in a spam can for $69.99 seems about right.
  9. Not likely but he was a machinist so he definitely used lathes in his time.
  10. So I’m working on cleaning the lathe up, getting 80 years of grease and chips out of the guts of it. Decide it is time to tackle the gear box. It’s pretty intimidating, lots of pieces that have to go together just so. The gear box drives a 4 foot long screw that lets you cut threads. So to get this screw off requires 2 11/16 open end wrenches. I’ve got 1. And they need to be thin because the 2 nuts are jam nuts and a standard wrench won’t fit. So I go to the garage to see if maybe I’ve got another 11/16 wrench I can grind down to fit. Look everywhere and no wrench. Then I remember my grandfathers little tool box I was given 15 years ago when my grandma died. I remember a lot of hex wrenches and not much else in it but it’s been 15 years. Open it up and start digging. Lots of hex wrenches, shim stock and down at the bottom 2 thin wrenches that are not marked with a size but are both the same size. I walk over to the lathe and damned if they aren’t the right size. Undo them and take out the lead screw. Then I thought about it. The wrenches were in the box 15 years ago when I got it. It’s been sitting on the shelf in the garage since. Before that it sat on a shelf in my grandfathers garage for 40 years since the day he came home from work laid down for a nap and never woke up. I don’t know when he put the wrenches in there but it is likely he used them just before he put them in there last. He died before I was born and now I’ve got just a little connection to him.
  11. MontanaLon


    I thought you have "no fault" insurance up there. Which is probably why you dropped the collision because it is extra expensive. Don't worry, chicks dig scars.
  12. MontanaLon

    We lost another one. R.I.P. Tim Conway.

    When he gets where he is going, I hope he says makes Ruth Ginsberg laugh.
  13. MontanaLon

    I need a lathe and maybe a mill

    I've been thinking about that. Finding one that is made for it could take a while so I have been looking at making one. Just haven't come up with a way to do it yet. I am actually leaning toward some industrial size baking sheets. A little time in the brake and I think I could piece them together to work as a decent backsplash too. Right now the thing is in pieces. I have found 1 broken pin in the apron but can replace that easy enough. Everything else is pristine on it. I popped the bearing caps off the spindle so I can get new oiler wicks installed. The bearings are beautiful. I'd say it was either not used hard or was well maintained or both.
  14. MontanaLon

    GOP Introduce Bill To 'Modernize' Gun Sales

    The dumbasses had 2 years to do this and didn't along with so many other things they did not do. Putzes.
  15. MontanaLon

    Strange things afoot in my can!!

    I have to admit, when I read the title to this thread, I had a very different picture in my mind. But I am warped that way.