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  1. The places I hunt in Michigan are all within 20 miles of Camp Grayling. It is a hoot hearing the A-10's going after it with the big gun on the range there. I have seen the Apache's sitting on the ramp up there but that was before 9/11 by a couple of months and we were staying in a hotel right off base so they were kind of hard to miss. They have been kept pretty busy in the sand box since then and probably haven't been up there as much. I know I haven't been around the camp nearly as much as I was that week.
  2. The way I read it the PCR tests were able to determine only covid. Flu was covered by another test that has been around for a long time and can be done in office and takes minutes to get an accurate result. The "new test" combines the testing for both viruses into one testing unit that can detect and differentiate between them. So, you do one test swab and get a result for either covid or flu or neither if that is the case. Currently testing for either requires 2 swabs, 2 tests and more time. But the lack of a flu season last year is because they stopped testing for it. Here, if you had flu symptoms you had to go get a covid test and then get a negative result before you could even be seen in the doctors office to get the flu test. Of course it took 3 days to get a covid test result and by then if it was flu you probably felt better and didn't bother to get tested. All of the flu testing done at my wife's hospital came from people who came into the ER deathly ill with covid/flu symptoms. Most of those actually had covid but they got the flu result in 15 minutes or less and could rule it out or treat it with tamiflu and other medications. Seriously, you couldn't get a flu test until you were covid negative unless you were dying. Of course the flu season was a bust, they ignored it.
  3. Saw a little autogyro go over today. Didn't appear to be doing more than 50 mph and was about 500 feet up. I think it would be faster to drive it on the interstate.
  4. https://www.khq.com/news/police-investigating-deadly-plane-crash-at-lewiston-nez-perce-county-regional-airport-pilot-identified/article_24d12b8e-ecc1-11eb-9557-531c73abbbf6.html
  5. Ah, but even minor cases can lead to lifelong complications. Remember that was among the initial fear tactics used to push the vaccine. And in my personal experience 1/2 of the people I know that have died from the virus were fully vaccinated. Granted I only know 2 people who have died from the virus, but one of them was fully vaccinated and yet they are just as dead as the other who wasn't vaccinated. But the actual truth is even if you aren't vaccinated and get it, unless you are over 60 and have significant existing health issues already, your chance of dying from it, being hospitalized from it or even having symptoms that lead you to seek medical care are very low. Most people are sick for a few days and then are better, a very few of those will have health issues afterwards, but then we are talking about contracting the virus or being vaccinated.
  6. MontanaLon


    That is awesome, gives me hope that my wife can tolerate me for another 2 months until we hit 20 and then some.
  7. I've seen worse. But I am calling BS on the 35mph. Maybe the street they were on was 35mph, but they were definitely going faster. This is pretty common with unibody construction or whatever they are calling it now. The frame isn't really a frame but the body of the car and as such is sheet metal. Apply a shearing force across the metal and it will open like a sardine can. Now, that isn't to say that a I-beam or channel frame is any better or any more survivable but they are more likely to stay in one piece. Had a big SUV lose it on gravel at the end of a bridge, roll and hit roof first against a tree just behind the front row seats. It bent that SUV into a paperclip around that tree. Was the longest extrication I ever took part in. 3 hours from the time we rolled on scene until we loaded him onto the chopper that landed just up the road. Was one of those things when you first see it, you just can't comprehend what you are seeing. Working to get driver out, he was only occupant, you could stand and look at the top of his head and had to look behind yourself to see the back of the vehicle it was bent so much. That vehicle had channel frame and was bent to crap. Have had more than a few unibody cars that broke into 2 pieces when they struck something or something struck them. Had a car cross the median on the interstate and get nailed by a semi. Ripped the front right off of the car. Dashboard and everything yanked right off. From the A post forward was just gone and sitting about 1/8 of a mile up the road still stuck in the front end of the semi. Guy was conscious and alert and even joked that we were messing up his paint when we cut the door off so we could pull him out. Just read an article where the driver has been charged with reckless homicide. He was speeding trying to get airborne over a hill, lost control and hit a tree. Just 17 years old and life wrecked.
  8. Remember, even mild cases can cause lifelong medical issues. Seems that was the rallying cry early on for being vaccinated, locking the world down and crashing the economy. But now mild cases after vaccination are "to be expected" and "no big deal".
  9. That looked pretty well organized. Would be a shame if someone did a decoy but having every box loaded with a pound of C4 and ball bearings set on a short delay.
  10. Someone will paint a bigger stronger mural. Would be something to see lightning hit the bronze statue of him and melt it or blow it to smithereens.
  11. History is actually full of societies that embraced homosexuality, they are all over the fossil record. Why the fossil record? Because they all went extinct from failure to reproduce or they were exterminated/enslaved by societies where men were men and women stayed home and made babies to refill the ranks of those who died protecting the cities. My guess is we will see them on TV again either blabbering into a camera about how leaving their kid in a hot car was just a "mistake" or when the kid ends up on Dr. Phil on the episode titled, "My parents are freaking nut jobs, help me get away from them".
  12. No virtually all of the are guaranteed by the govt. Why? Because the govt has stepped in and said that those who give loans must give loans to anyone, even the congenitally stupid, for any course of study, including those that result in no perceptible increase in the abilities of a person to perform a job that is actually needed. Virtually everyone I went to school with was going into debt to learn something that was ridiculous and not in demand. There were a couple of exceptions among the Americans. But I had a lot of international friends too and they were all pursuing degrees that were actually likely to get them a job that earned money when they got out. Why? Because the institutions that loaned them money to learn didn't have to give anyone money to study "gender studies" or "African American Culture". If you wanted the money then you had to be studying something that would result in you being employable. And of those who finished their degrees of the Americans, very few of them are working in a job where there education does them any good. Seriously, they are everyday people who got a degree and now work in a job where people who got the same job right out of high school are 4 years ahead of them in the seniority list.
  13. Bush the inner city youth thugs already have no problem getting guns, in fact the only ones who can't are the ones who are law abiding. What is amazing to me is that it has taken as long as it has to get found to be unconstitutional, you know, since it has been 53 years ago the GCA was put into effect. You know if we just had an organization that had challenged this 53 years ago it may have never been law to start with. 10 USC Ch. 12 sets the age of being part of the militia as 17 and since the gun grabbers constantly throw the militia clause of the 2A in our face then for once I think we should grab it. In that case the court should have struck down the age to purchase a long gun to 17 and handguns as well. One thing this will not change is the number of 13 year olds running around chicongo strapped as they already have them in an endless supply.
  14. I would agree with this. It isn't a job for your garden variety propane torch though. You are going to want a pinpoint flame to avoid scorching the wood. If the gaps around the bottom tang are like the top tang you can probably put some thin sheet steel between the tang and the wood to protect it. Steel has much lower thermal conductivity than just about any metal commonly available so it will take longer to burn the wood than having the flame playing directly on the wood. You don't have to get it super hot, nor would you want to, just hot enough it expands a bit to loosen the grip. I'd drill for an easy out and get that set and then heat a little and twist a little until it comes out. The problem with putting a new slot in the screw head is that you are likely to mar the tang. And drilling for a left hand bolt will likely snap off the bolt.
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