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  1. MontanaLon

    Vet's home infected

    There is a lot of "anecdotal evidence" out there that this works and from the doctors "on the front line" of this pandemic. It would hardly be the first time that a medication was later found to have other uses which were never imagined when it was created. Hell, take viagra, it was created for high blood pressure and only after it had been on the market for a while was it realized that it would put lead in your pencil. And much like an epipen, in a life saving situation there are no contraindications. If you are laying in a bed, lungs filling with fluid and the doc only has putting you on a vent left in his bag of tricks even if it is a 1 in a million shot, it needs to be tried. Hell, you know that, you've probably made a few of those "hail Mary" decisions in an ambulance. I know I made a few. Granted, we didn't have as many drugs to throw at it as a doc in a hospital, but we gotta try. My hope in this is that it is enough to cut the death rate some. If the death rate goes from 1% to .9% that is 300,000 lives saved in the US alone. And it gives us time to find a vaccine. I have confidence the brighter minds will figure that out, but I don't think it will be for a long while. I'm not saying give it to everyone who is infected, just those who are worsening and running out of options.
  2. Nah, he may be laughing but his days are numbered. If I don't think it was incompetence at all, I think they turned it loose on purpose. You can be sure that anyone who "knows" anything about what the lab was up to "succumbed to the virus" and was incinerated and put in an urn and given to a random family who lost someone. That is code for they were liquidated before they could talk. We saw a change in Trump when things started looking bad literally overnight. I think that was when he was told that it was intentional. He's a stronger man than I am, I'd have nuked them in a freaking New York second. My guess is they are holding more than just our medications over Trump's head. Somehow they are "beating the virus" and that is suspicious as hell. We are supposed to believe that they haven't had a single communist party official infected, even though it seems half of the heads of state in Europe have it, haven't had an explosion of cases in any of their other overcrowded cities which are within walking distance of Wuhan, but it spread to every corner of the globe. Even if they came out tomorrow and said, "Look we've been lying, we have 6 million dead, half of the commie leadership is dead, the premier is dead", I wouldn't believe them. Hell, I'd be more inclined to believe the Taliban when they say if we leave Afghanistan they will play nice and join the 21st century by using toilet paper instead of their left hand.
  3. Yep, you read it right. Hospitals are struggling financially due to the reaction to the pandemic. As a result of various lock down situations in different states, most hospitals have stopped entirely any non-emergency surgeries and are now laying off employees. I have several nurses in the family and they all report current hospital census are less than 50% of a "normal" day. A normal day would be nowhere near full capacity or all beds full and usually runs about 50% of beds occupied or less. The doctors offices inside the hospital have mostly cancelled all patient appointments and are conducting "virtual visits" to renew medications and "see" patients. That really doesn't require a nurse so a lot of those nurses are twiddling thumbs and being farmed out to the rest of the hospital to cover for nurses that are taking care of the few covid patients actually in the hospital. As it happens a lot of those patients get assigned a nurse full time, that only works with the 1 patient. But the bigger layoffs are in things like dietary, housekeeping, and support staff. I am sure the administration types are insulated from it, because you know, they don't have patient contact but there are usually as many of them as those who actually work with patients. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the same situation is playing out all across the country.
  4. MontanaLon

    Something ugly and dark seems to be going on

    When this is over, there will be a bunch of elected democrats who blocked doctors from prescribing hydroxychloroquine in their states facing charges. I don't know what the charges will be, and they may not be formal charges at all, just a family member deciding their loved one is dead and it is the fault of some empty suit who hated Trump playing doctor and solving the problem. At a minimum I'd expect several recalls elections going forward and people removed from office officially by the voters. At worst I expect there will be a bunch of democrats who won't leave the office after a few of them get whacked by someone out for revenge.
  5. MontanaLon

    The Stupidity Never Ends

    Speaking of flying. Anyone heard from Sorceress? Anyone go and hoot like an owl up in the holler to see if she is around?
  6. MontanaLon

    The Stupidity Never Ends

    They are still allowing flights all over the country of private as well as scheduled commercial flights. What it comes down to is if you have money then you aren't really quarantined.
  7. via Imgflip Meme Generator
  8. MontanaLon

    Behold the Face of the DEMENTED and DERANGED

    When she gets it, and she will because she believes she is above it, and she is dying, they should tell her, "No Hydroxychloroquine for you!"
  9. MontanaLon

    Helping ??? Whom might I ask !! China's coffers ?

    This whole thing will go poorly for china when it finally blows over.
  10. MontanaLon

    R.I.P. Al Kaline..."Mr. Tiger" Dead At Age 85

    As an indirect result of the 1968 World Series win, this saddens me.
  11. MontanaLon

    coating raw lower with Aluma Hyde

    I've used Aluma Hyde II on several guns and the film thickness never caused any issues with the fit of any of the pins or other parts.
  12. That I don't know and it is likely the only one's who do know have been forced to sign NDA's about it. But look at it this way, did you read the EULA that came with your phone? If it says in there they may share your data with 3rd parties then you have effectively given up your Right's under the Constitution.
  13. It doesn't matter which operating system your phone uses because once it pings a tower it knows your location close enough to know whether you have moved a significant distance or not. In cities where there are more closely spaced towers they can narrow your location down even more because you will be hitting on several close towers and the tower can read the level of signal your phone is getting as well. If you have the signal strength of your phone from 3 towers they can pinpoint the location of the phone to less than a city block. Now, AI is where it gets kinda freaky because they not only know where you are but where you are likely to be headed. Every time I drive or ride toward Bloomington my advertising starts hitting on Harbor Freight and Menards because if I am going that far I am at least going to stop in both places and do it every time I go there. This based on the 1st trip to Harbor Freight where I used google maps. That was the first time I noticed it, but having watched it since then, I have noticed it is actually pretty good at guessing where I am headed. If I get on I39 northbound it starts in with the advertising for hotels near my wisconsin stores. It knows even when my location is off, just based on which cell towers I am hitting on.
  14. MontanaLon

    Something ugly and dark seems to be going on

    Hydroxychloroquine is given prophylactically to a crapload of people for malaria and has low rate of adverse side effects. Any drug can kill some of the people who use it, but so can a freaking peanut yet they are all over the place.
  15. MontanaLon

    So you think you are bored at home

    Ziploc baggies are way cheaper and take up way less space than rigid containers.