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  1. MontanaLon

    Supreme court allows Sandy hook case to move ahead

    Our Chief Justice has been compromised since obamacare ruling. They threatened him with trotting out pictures of him diddling little boys or something, I am sure of it. It is common knowledge that obama used the DOJ, FBI, IRS and CIA along with any other alphabet agency to spy on political opponents, why not to spy on Justices and then tell them how they will rule when your case comes in front of the court?
  2. Funny Rampy pops up when "8 year old jerk" is mentioned.
  3. MontanaLon

    $300.00 inflatable Hot Tub Update and Review

    Actually it is very well insulated by the air trapped in the sides. The bottom would be less so with just the bubble wrap stuff under it but the rubber mats would help some. A couple inches of rigid foam insulating panels may be better yet. Most of the hard hot tubs aren't that well insulated from what I have seen. A lot of them go on the cheap for insulation on the various hoses and piping. Keep in mind that 1 gallon of boiling water will raise the temp in the tub water by roughly 1/2 degree. If you ever see temps that result in lower than desired tub temps you can add boiling water and raise the temp pretty fast. Friends I have known around here have plumbed a feed from the house hot water supply to the tub. You have to occasionally add water anyway and by adding hot water you can raise the temperature to be comfortable while getting the water level adjusted. Of course, nothing beats a natural hot spring for keeping the temp just right.
  4. Someone should get the doddering old tool to say that all gun laws are unconstitutional. He's dumb enough and easy to fool, hence his desire for an economic policy that has been tried repeatedly and always ends in murder and failure.
  5. Unless there is a specific law on buying lowers and having to be 21 in Ohio the federal law which prohibits transfer of anything which isn't a long gun only applies to FFL's meaning you could in fact buy a lower from a non-licensed individual. Same thing applies with handguns unless there is a specific state law concerning purchase of handguns from a non-licensed individual or with a below 21 year old possessing a handgun it is legal to do so. Some states have those laws and some don't. Illinois does, but I am not sure about Ohio. The hard part is finding someone who has a lower to sell who isn't an FFL. Always a possibility someone you know has a lower stashed away they would be willing to part with. If it were me, I would buy a cheap AR in 5.56 now and have it, even if you can't shoot it much as a 5.56. The way the 2020 election goes will determine the probability of having a ban on AR's in the future. At this point there is zero competition from the democratic party to Trump and he will likely win in a landslide. As we get closer to the elections, the media will portray it very differently in an attempt to sway the elections, not just for POTUS but for all the down ticket races as well. They will continue with the "orange man bad" bullshat they have run for the past 4 years and very likely act surprised when he wins and down ticket races in battleground states also go to the republicans. I predict 4 more years of Trump with majorities in the House and Senate but that doesn't mean the AR's are safe.
  6. MontanaLon

    omg. Troll level = master.

  7. MontanaLon

    Calling all forum diabetics: Help me understand....

    My Dad had huge problems with his glucose level until he got himself on a probiotic. I always figured the probiotic infomercials were just full of shat but I know it swung his post meal glucose levels to be normal. Doctor was shocked by the change as he thought the whole probiotic thing was quackery. Apparently the probiotic bacteria keep the bacteria which releases the enzymes in check. Weird stuff to think our lives can be affected both negatively and positively by other creatures which live inside us. The liver is a glucose reservoir, it is stored as glycogen. The medication glucagon is used to rapidly convert the glycogen to glucose for diabetics with low blood sugar. The action of converting glycogen to glucose is via enzymes which are also present in many bacteria including those which reside in the gut.
  8. MontanaLon

    Nine American Family Members Destroyed in Mexico

    All but 3 Caribbean islands have murder rates which are higher than the US. Most of them are between 4 and 12 times higher than the US. A full 1/3rd of the islands have higher murder rates than Mexico with Jamaica and USVI double the rate of Mexico. Chicago has 95% of the murder rate of Mexico. Illinois if you exclude Chicago has less than the national average murder rate. You are right, it is beautiful up there, particularly since they went from white chalk outlines to the multicolored ones. And you can find them in some of the nicer upscale neighborhoods these days.
  9. Looking at it on my phone was different. You may have a burr on the ejector or the hole the ejector is in.
  10. Normal. When the case is fired it stretches to fill the chamber and is stuck to chamber walls as bolt starts to turn. Case scrubs on face of bolt, ejector mostly and hook of extractor.
  11. MontanaLon

    Nine American Family Members Destroyed in Mexico

    There are 70,000 deaths a year in the USA from opiates crossing the southern border. Not entirely but a large chunk of them. There's no need to treat Mexican terrorists any differently than muslim terrorists. Let the Mexican military be the boots on the ground pointing the lasers for the bombs. Thus far the cartels don't have an air force or any effective antiaircraft weapons but you can be sure the mexican military will supply them. We already supply mexico with most of the firepower they have, those .50 call machine guns and m249s didn't come from china.
  12. MontanaLon

    Nine American Family Members Destroyed in Mexico

    We have A10s with new wings and cold barrels needing work.
  13. MontanaLon

    Nine American Family Members Destroyed in Mexico

    I also find it oddly irrational that lefties are saying the dead deserved it for being polygamists. What happened to tolerance and free love?
  14. MontanaLon

    Nine American Family Members Destroyed in Mexico

    Wouldn't shock me in the least to hear el chapo's kid getting droned. A long time ago the cartels crossed the line and are now terrorists. This incident just puts it out there as a good reason why we are now bombing Mexico. And if Mexico's presidente don't like it he can be next for droning. Seriously guys, if I were potus we'd have troops in Mexico already to annihilate the cartels. That it stopped illegal immigration would be a bonus.
  15. MontanaLon

    Best ar15 brand

    $5000 range? Buy more than 1 and have spares. Seriously, the Daniel Defense guns are top notch along with the others you mentioned but I wouldn't pay $5000 for any AR. Not when you can pay around $1500 and get just as good a rifle. Buy 2 and a bunch of ammo, 12,000 round barrels are floating around again for $3,500.