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  1. My company opened a store in a city that is the 5th largest in its' state and also happens to be the state capitol. This is a very different area demographically than I live in. As I sell guns for a living, I get to talk to everyone who comes to the gun counter and it is a very wide slice of Americans in every way. There are those who know guns, those who know very little and everything in between. I got a lot of people who stated they were "scared" of what the country is becoming. One man in particular I had an extensive conversation with, I didn't sell him a gun, I think he was mostly looking and not entirely sure if he wanted to buy a gun but didn't know what else to do. The conversation started out as most do when I am working the gun counter, "What kind of gun do you want to look at?" He started off with wanting to look at a handgun for "protection" and that launched into an hour conversation that covered more subjects than you can imagine. I would say he was in his early 60's. He was with a friend who also had little experience. I was actually pretty surprised at the number of people who "had never owned a gun" who were shopping for one this weekend. The major reason being self defense either out in public or in the home. But this man related to me a story which I think had an effect on both of our thinking. My response to his story was not what he expected and I think it made him look at things from a perspective that he had never considered before. The incident happened at his church. He is on the church board and also a deacon there. What had happened was a couple had a disagreement which escalated into a physical altercation and ended with the male half of the couple beating the female and dragging her out of the church by her hair. No one had intervened because the male's male family members kept anyone from doing anything to stop it as it was a "personal issue" and "none of anyone's business". He implied that those family members were armed but didn't confirm it but they were physically threatening to the other members of the church to stay out of the situation. He asked me what I thought of the situation and I hit him with a little humor, "We have spare magazines available" and then I hit him with a little reality. It sounds to me like you need to kick the entire family out of the church, you don't have a church, you have a gang meeting place on Sundays. As long as you accept these people into your church they will run your church and you will continue to have these issues. It is no different with the entire community, the community will never be any better than the actions of the worst actors in it. I think I got through to him a bit, he said, "it is a shame you have to take a gun to church" and I told him that there would be less need for that if the church wasn't including those who are the problem. The conversation shifted gears at this point as he asked about home defense. He asked what handgun I would use for that and I told him flat out I wouldn't use a handgun for home defense. Handgun are a compromise, they are portable and concealable but when you don't have to carry it around or conceal it as in your own home, you can and should use something with more power and I would use a shotgun or possibly a rifle for home defense. He asked me why and I told him, "I carry a handgun when I don't expect trouble to come my way, it is just more convenient. But when at home, if trouble comes, I want to be the one with the most firepower in the house. Most people who break into homes won't be carrying a long gun, they will likely have a handgun. I use a shotgun because it is way more power than any handgun. If I have to shoot someone, I want them to stop what they are doing and a long gun will almost always do that better than a handgun." He asked if I had seen the new Dave Chappelle show, I told him I had not, Dave makes me a little uncomfortable because he uses the n-word so much and if I laugh at it I wonder who will see it and say that I am a racist. We had a good laugh about that and he told me I should watch it. He said Chappelle rants on and on about the PC crowd. I actually ended up listening to it on the way home. In the dark, no one could see me laughing my ass off and think I was a racist. His part about guns is pretty funny. He doesn't like guns, but he has a few. Some of it I didn't find all that amusing but overall it was pretty funny. I showed him a few different shotguns and he wanted one that was made in the USA over an import. As I said, I didn't end up selling him a gun and that was OK, we had a good conversation and learned that we are not all that different even though we come from very different backgrounds and live in very different places. We probably vote for different parties but we aren't so different, maybe when he buys himself a gun he can see what a threat the democrats are to him and his gun. As similar as we are we have one difference which many would see as being something that would keep us from being alike in any way or even being able to get along. We don't share the same skin color and it really isn't that big of a deal really. One of the kids that works at the store is black as well, he has dreadlocks and is probably as opposite from me as you can get. I worked with him last week and we chatted a little and when I went back Thursday he didn't recognize me and thought I was a customer. "Can I help you sir?" "My reply to him was, "Man, we worked together all last week, you know me. I know we all look alike but dammmmmmnnnn." He laughed so hard he had tears in his eyes. We aren't so different really.
  2. MontanaLon

    How is this helping anything

    I believe it really goes much deeper than that as well. It is why I view "common sense" gun laws and the people who push them with deep suspicion. Take for instance the "gun free school" act. On the outside it seems like common sense but when you really get down to the heart of the matter no criminal has ever been stopped by any law restricting their ability to commit any crime. I graduated in 1987. Up until then seeing guns at school was no big thing. Kids and teachers both had them in gun racks in their pickups in the parking lot. Hunting was pretty popular in my neck of suburbia. In shop class we had students build muzzle loading rifles and I more than once a student brought their gun in to show the teachers who also were big into hunting or to fix an issue. We didn't hear about school shootings then. Not saying they didn't happen but they weren't even newsworthy. So now it is illegal to bring a gun to school and suddenly we have school shootings. Kind of a chicken or egg argument. Red flag laws are just ripe for abuse. Much like SWATing has become a thing, if you don't like someone there is a way to hurt them and not expose yourself to any danger. How about if we start adding to the red flag laws something that states if you use the red flag law and it turns out to be bullshat, you spend a few years in prison to think about it? I could get behind that. Ted Cruz has had words with the mayor of Chicago about gun control lately. I wish he would mop the floor with her in a debate. The push now in Illinois is for an AWB. The thing is, Illinois in general and Chicago in particular don't have a huge amount of crimes committed with "assault weapons". What they do have is a lot of shootings committed by people who should be in jail or shouldn't be in the country. Chicago is soft on crime to the point of subsidizing it. "Oh you can't afford your bail? No problem we will let you out on personal recognizance." They have let people out of jail who have been picked up within 48 hours for another crime after being let out because they couldn't afford bail. We should also note that they have about a 10% rate of clearance on murder cases. So 90% of people who have murdered someone are still running around loose in society. You know with odds like that, murder seems to be a pretty safe crime to commit in Chicago.
  3. MontanaLon

    Where were you on 9/11?

    That day at work we sold every US flag we had in stock. We also sold every bit of centerfire ammunition in the store. We had a little rimfire left and lots of shotgun but pistol and rifle ammo was all gone.
  4. MontanaLon

    How is this helping anything

    Before Virginia had shall issue concealed carry it was open carry only. There were actually very few limits on where you could open carry. The only real limitation on it was you could not have a loaded handgun in your vehicle while driving. I regularly open carried even though I was only 21 for a year or so before concealed carry became legal. Montana was much the same. Both open and permitless concealed carry were allowed. That has since changed and carrying in town now requires a permit but the hinterlands are still without permit. Illinois hasn't had open carry for a long time and only had concealed carry for 5 years. I wonder if the push toward concealed carry nationwide has actually harmed the 2A more than helped it. People who saw me open carry 30 years ago didn't freak out about it but open carry is the only way exactly who has a gun. . There are 17.25 million licences concealed carriers in the US. We outnumber the police by 17 times. I think John Q Public and Suzie Soccer Mom would be shocked if they knew exactly how often they were in close proximity to someone who is legally carrying concealed. By getting concealed carry everywhere we have helped to get guns being used in a law abiding way out of the public consciousness and left only the mass shooters to get the headlines and the public view.
  5. MontanaLon

    Does Rush get paid by Apple?

    As far as I know he buys the ones he gives away personally. Just like the "Rush Revere" series, it comes out of his own pocket. Or actually the government's pocket since I am sure he uses it as a tax deduction.
  6. MontanaLon

    Where were you on 9/11?

    I was sleeping, my fiance at the time, now my wife was at work and decided I needed sleep more than to see what was going on. We were supposed to get married in 4 days. She was worried I would go enlist in whatever service would take me. At the time I was still eligible and it crossed my mind to do just that. I knew we would be going to war, we could see it on our honeymoon as every bomber at Ellsworth was flying out as we passed. Bones and B52's in a constant stream headed west. In the days after it was surreal, my town lies at the outer edge of the O'hare flight pattern. It is a convergence point for planes headed in and they all get stacked up regularly. The skies were empty except for an AWACS that was posted in a circuit flight pattern that took it overhead every 45 minutes or so. And once we got to see it refueling overhead. I am sure there was more than 1 plane but it was there 24/7 for a long time.
  7. MontanaLon


    30 years ago Colt owned the market. There were some competitors making AR'S but they hadn't really taken off yet as the platform was limited by caliber and bullet design in that caliber which made it unsuitable for all but varmint hunting. That changed in 1991 with the ARA2 displacing the M14 on the winner's podium at Camp Perry. When they figured out how to use that 1-7.5" twist to launch heavier bullets the game changed overnight. Colt didn't adapt and the market did. Everyone makes AR's now in lower price points or higher quality. Colt is really a victim of their own choosing. Had they offered price point rifles earlier and adapted to modular construction, they could have remained dominant in the industry. They seem to be moving back to their revolver roots, which will likely not work out either. The single actions are hand fitted and they have never made enough to turn a sustainable profit. The Cobra series aren't what they used to be and sell more for the name than the design or advantages to it. They will probably come out with a new "Python" which will be a name only. The same goes with 1911's. Everyone makes them cheaper and better.
  8. MontanaLon

    Went to a flea market today

    Was driving home after a week in Lansing, Michigan opening a new store. Saw the sign on the side of I-94 somewhere west I think of Kalamazoo, honestly, I was fighting falling asleep and needed to stop and the sign said it was the biggest flea market in the midwest or at least Michigan. So I stopped and found that flea markets have changed over the last 20 years since I attended them on a regular basis. I am used to old junk and that was honestly what I wanted to find, some old tools made in the USA and meant to last a lifetime and having outlived their first and maybe second owners. What I found was crap, very few tools, almost all made in China, lots of cheap clothing, sunglasses, cell phone cases and a lot of Mexican food. Mind you, I have nothing against Mexican food, I just don't think of a flea market as a place to purchase anything taken internally. Fully half of the vendors and an equal number of patrons were hispanic. I did find a booth selling baseball caps of all sorts for $5 each. I looked at many of them and saw a few that were cool but didn't see the one I really wanted. I asked the proprietor if this was all the hats she had and she pulled out another box from under the table, I looked through it and still nothing. She spoke broken english and asked me what I was looking for exactly. I said I need a "Make America Great Again", "Build the Wall" or "Trump 2020" hat for my collection. Suddenly, she was all, "No hable English" and she started talking loudly in Spanish to the other vendors. I figured it was best to leave as suddenly no one wanted to do business with me. On the way out, I stopped at one last booth. The guy running it was middle eastern but spoke very good English. He had some Arabic artwork that reminded me of living in Morocco as a kid and some woodworking tools. I stopped and talked to him and he said he does the flea market on the weekends for extra cash. Said he came over 10 years ago after working with the Army in Iraq. He reminded me of what I knew as a Muslim 45 years ago. Friendly, hardworking, thrifty and family oriented. He had his daughter there with him and she spoke spotless English. He also liked to haggle, and he worked me over on a couple of old chisels that needed to be cleaned up and sharpened. Sealed the deal with a handshake.In a few years he will be a Citizen and an American and it will be a better America because of it. The "Mexicans" not so much. If anyone has a contact at ICE, I can give them a hot tip on a bunch of illegals.
  9. MontanaLon

    Rim Thickness considerable variation .308

    As GL stated, it won't affect accuracy as long as it doesn't affect case capacity. Problem is loose tolerances there indicate loose tolerances in general. Also consider that the Indians were using the FN-FAL at that time and it was like an AK, swallowing anything that fit in the magazine.
  10. MontanaLon

    Too good not to steal!

    And that reminds me of 2 stories from my first trip to Montana. Was driving cross country with a buddy and we stopped in South Dakota to visit the Badlands. As we were going from turn out to turn out in the park we had been leap frogging a subaru with Vermont plates that had 2 blonde young ladies in it. We'd be pulling in and they'd be pulling out or vice versa for a good chunk of the route through the park. We had "noticed each other noticing each other" and at one at one turnout there was a short hike to an overlook or something and we met on the trail and exchanged a "Hi" and went on our way and they their way back to their car. So when we got back to our truck they had left and we went to the next turnout and did a little walk and came back and they were waiting at their car next to our truck. We ended up talking and they were college students headed to the Black Hills for some internship thing, we talked for a couple of minutes and chatted a little and it was pretty clear that everyone was kind of into everyone. We parted ways with a "Well we will see you at the next turn out" which elicited giggles from them and glances between them which I imagined was them deciding which of them was getting which of us. So we went on our way to the next turn out. I was telling my buddy this was looking like a worthwhile delay from getting to Montana so we could spend an evening with these young ladies. My buddy was kind of a big guy with low self esteem but I told him to play it cool and the next time we talked to them we would figure out what was what. So we missed them at the next pull out or they jumped ahead of us, we just ended up running into them as they were getting back to their car. Of course we had pulled in next to them. So we get out and they ask about our "plans for tonight". Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. We told them we were going to go on to the Black Hills and find a place to camp and of course asked them what they had planned. One of them said they were going to Rosebud and camp there. My buddy had spent some time in SD and was familiar with Rosebud and the issues going on there in the late 80's, think Thunderheart. My buddy said, "You might not want to be there after dark, it isn't a safe place for strangers". One of the girls said, "What do you mean?" and he explained the issues on the rez. And she said, "Well, what should we do?" Oh this was going places, I pictured a moonlit forest, a fire and one of these 2 girls in a tent with me. I was thinking, "We should head to Rapid City, get a bottle of wine or 2, some steaks, mushrooms, a head of lettuce, some salad dressing and a 12 pack of protection. Instead my friend says, "Well, we could always go to Rosebud with you and camp there." D'oh, wrong, wrong wrong. 1,000 times wrong. But it was out there and one of them said, "That sounds like fun". OK, we rescued the dream from the jaws of defeat. But then it all went sideways and in a freaking hurry. The other girl says, "So if it wouldn't be safe for us to camp there on our own, how is it going to be safe for us and you guys?" And without a thought in his mind he told them the last thing he should have, the truth. The words that came out of my buddy's mouth were, "Well because we are armed to the teeth." It was true, we had enough firepower with us to hold off a determined band of miscreants if we had even a hint of a defensible position. We were going to Montana to shoot prairie dogs, we had at least 10 guns between us and close to 10,000 rounds of ammo from 22lr up to 30-06 with more than half of it being .223 and .22-250. But the ladies were less than impressed. A nervous, uh huh came from one's lips and they jumped in their car and squealed tires leaving the parking area. When they got to the road they passed an antelope running at full speed and shortly after that flew past a peregrine falcon diving from the sky at terminal velocity. I swear we heard a sonic boom as they crested the next hill. We, of course, never saw them again. I looked at my buddy, his mouth was still pursed to say whatever he was going to say after "teeth". "Why'd they leave so fast?", "No idea, let's go shoot some prairie dogs". And then the second story from that trip. We were in Bridger canyon north of Bozeman. We had done a little fishing and were looking for a place to camp and cook dinner. It was a Saturday night as I recall and the established campgrounds were packed. We turned down a road that looked less traveled and came across a bunch of folks camping with a huge fire burning.It was the end of the road so we decided to stop and ask them if the knew of any good places. Super nice folks they were there running their bear dogs or something like that. The guy threw another big log on an already too big fire which had flames 20 feet high. Sitting 20 feet away was barely bearable. So he drags out a bottle of whiskey and hands it to my buddy who proceeds to wipe it off to take a swig. The guy acted offended, "You think I got the AIDS or something?" My buddy took a swig and handed it to me and I took a swig and passed it back. He asked where we were from and we told him Fairfax Virginia. "Never heard of it, where is it close to?" "Washington, DC." "Isn't that the murder capitol of the world or something?" "Yep" "You guys ain't murderers are you?" I knew what I had to say. "Not yet." Dead silence, all you could hear was the crackle of the fire. That hung in the air like a greasy fart until my buddy said, "Welp, I guess we'll be headed out now, thanks for the drink". We ended up finding a spot not far away to camp at. It sat above the intersection we had turned off of looking for a spot and ran into the other camp. For several hours the truck they had went back and forth every direction at that intersection. We had the high ground and could observe the only way in and out of where we were, trout was good dinner and we had good entertainment too.
  11. MontanaLon

    Too good not to steal!

    Picked up a hitchhiker, he said he was surprised I had stopped to pick him up since he could be a serial killer, I told him I thought the chances of their being 2 serial killers in one car were nearly impossible.
  12. MontanaLon

    Need dimensions for a 20mm projectile

    Cool thanks. Now I am looking for 40mm too. Already have the metal ordered for a 40mm projectile. Really hoping my Dad doesn't find an empty 5" shell in the garage.
  13. It is really hard to stop that condensation from forming. It is also forming on the metal of the gun as well so keep that in mind and don't put it in a case before it dries off. It is the same stuff I deal with every winter in reverse in Michigan. I have been out hunting when it was -20 outside and had to bring my gun in as it gets snow into the action which melts under body heat or if you shoot and ices up. Bringing a gun inside when it is -20 outside is a sight to behold. Particularly if the lady folk have put a big pot of water on the wood stove to raise the humidity about 0%. Pull the gun out of the case and the frost forms instantly and sometimes grows to be significantly thick that you can't see any color of the gun except white where the metal is. I will have to get a picture next winter of it.
  14. MontanaLon

    Tick, tock Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    They are really going the distance to keep her alive. I have known many people who have died from pancreatic cancer and no survivors. They never catch it early and about the longest anyone lasts from first diagnosis is about 6 months with many significantly shorter than that. Truth be told, those who have forgone treatment have lived longer than those that opt for aggressive treatment. At this point they are pushing to keep her alive until December 31st. I hate to say I hope she dies but I give her until November. And they are lying, if they put a stent in her bile duct, the cancer involves more than just the pancreas. It has either started into the bile duct from the pancreas or started in the liver and moved to the bile ducts. If it was an operable tumor they would have operated and removed part or all of the pancreas to get it out. A person can live easily with 1/2 a pancreas and even if they remove the whole thing all that really changes is you become an insulin dependent diabetic. She is going through exactly what my wife's grandmother went through. Diagnosed in July, dead by November. They went in to remove the tumor, found it had spread, put in a bile duct stent to relieve the symptoms of bile backing up due to the tumor pressing on them. Did radiation and then started chemo. She did one chemo treatment and it nearly killed her so she didn't do any more. My Lt at the FD was diagnosed and chose the aggressive treatment. They went in to remove the gall bladder and found he had pancreatic/liver cancer. They sewed him back up broke the news to him and he opted for aggressive treatment. Started chemo and was dead in 3 weeks. He was at work 4 weeks before he died, fighting fires and cutting up cars and shat. In his words, "I have a bellyache and the shats, you guys try not to let the town burn down, I am taking the rest of the day off." Point is, he was a strong man with a ton of life left in him and it killed him that fast. If RBG makes it to the New Year, I will be shocked.