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  1. MontanaLon

    They fell 84 floors and survived

    I've spent some time in elevator shafts, the dust flying around was likely just that, dust. Elevators with enclosed shafts never get cleaned. You wouldn't believe the crap that you find in them. Dead birds, syringes, wallets, used tampons. No kidding the guys that work on elevators wear bunny suits because they shafts are biohazard areas. Elevator brakes, like every other mechanical device will fail. They need maintenance and testing. And I don't believe there is any asbestos involved as the "brakes" aren't a pad and rotor type assembly. It is more of a ratchet system. The cable pulling the elevator up actually attaches to the brake. If the cable snap the brake is automatically deployed and is supposed to engage the tracks on the side of the shaft. My guess is there was a buildup of dirt, dust and grease which prevented the brake pawls from engaging the ratchet fully. They didn't really fall 84 floors, the fell 1 floor 84 times. The "clack, clack" noise they described was that ratchet engaging and failing at each floor. You know, every elevator has a sign posted in it that states the weight and capacity by number of people. That capacity isn't determined by the strength of the lift cables but by the strength of the brake system. You can overload them all day long and it won't break the lift cable, that thing is 1.5 inches of steel. But it is also prone to metal fatigue from repeated trips. The building is 50 years old and those elevator cables have probably made millions of cycles and never been replaced. You can bet Otis is at the building today putting in replacement cables on all of the cars that need it and cleaning out the brake pawls.
  2. MontanaLon

    Muslim goat humpers.

    "It even had a navel like a human." No shat, can people be so freaking dumb? Every mammal has a navel. It is one of those things that makes us mammals, along with tits.
  3. MontanaLon

    Time to kick some butt

    Possums usually don't kill more than 1 chicken. They will get in and grab 1 and kill it and then start eating it. Minks and weasels will kill everything in sight and not eat a bite. Possums are actually easy to catch and kill. They aren't real fast so you can grab them their tail and pick them up. Once they are off the ground they are defenseless. So, while holding them up by the tail you get a stick and lay the possum on the ground. Put the stick across the neck and then step on it a foot on either side of the possum's head. Then you just pull the tail until the neck pops. It doesn't take much, pop and they are limp and dead. You have to be careful as they really do play possum. If they are stiff, they are playing possum, pull harder. When the neck breaks, they go limp. But possums are pretty docile. My youngest tried to make friends with one. He actually was petting it and calling it a kitty before the babysitter took the picture. My nickname at the fire dept was possum. Got it when I grabbed a baby possum that ran into the station and under the hose dryer.
  4. That would be the challenging part. Waiting til they are on the ground with a solid backstop.
  5. Coyotes, squirrels. Calling coons can be a hoot. Get a bluetooth speaker for your phone and download a raccoon pup in distress or coons fighting and then go find the den trees. You get set up a short distance away and hit play, if they are home they will come out for a look and give you a target. You can call the coyotes with the same bluetooth speaker. I am a diehard squirrel hunter. Bust out the .17 or the .22 and get out to the woods. Nothing complicated about it but it will make you a better rifle shot. Using a 6.5 could be challenging too, just hit them in the nose if you like fried squirrel.
  6. MontanaLon

    Time to kick some butt

    Decapitated chickens is a sure sign of a mink or weasel. Given that the bite size is larger than a mink or a weasel, I would lean toward suspecting a fisher which is uncommon but is known in your area. It is also an extremely remote possibility of it being 1 of the 3 wolverines suspected to live in California. A wolverine actually makes sense with the serious infections that have developed in the cats. They are heavy scavengers and will eat some pretty rank meat when that is all they can find. If it is either a fisher or wolverine, your options are pretty limited to SSS as they are both listed as threatened in California. Your observations of interactions with cats and raccoons is contrary to what I have seen. Back when I was trapping it was a pretty regular occurence to catch a housecat. Many times I would find a dismantled cat in a trap and the work was done by raccoons primarily. I never really had foxes mess with house cats and never to the level of destruction that a coon would do to them. And when the tables were turned cats would absolutely destroy a coon in a trap. Not house cats though, bobcats. I once caught a huge coon in the mountains, it was at the bottom of the mountain so I dispatched it and left it in the trap to pick up on the way down so I wouldn't have to carry it. I finished running the traps and came back about 3 hours later and the coon looked like it had been bombed. There was fur and blood scattered for 20 feet around. The back was bald where a bobcat had stood on it and sharpened its' claws. It was most impressive. The thing that gave it away as a cat was the pigeon wing I used as an attractor had been pulled down from 6 feet high and dragged to the first piece of cover and then dropped.
  7. MontanaLon

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    I met Don Jr, last year in Dallas, he is the real deal gun guy. He is a shooter, hunter, reloader, etc. He even said, "Not one inch." My guess is Sr is being swayed by some in his administration that giving up bump stocks will somehow give him political clout with the left and be able to say "I did something when Congress couldn't." But, I agree DOJ has just scrapped the Hughes Amendment to the FOPA. Remember, that law said no machine guns could be registered with NFA after 1986. There are probably a few hundred thousand to a million bump stocks out there which now have to be registered. Last I checked, even the government couldn't break the law so Hughes will have to be scrapped by Congress or all of the bump stocks destroyed. That cannot happen without compensation under the "takings clause". It will be a shat show either way they decide to go.