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  1. MontanaLon

    Marijuana question

    Yes they do.
  2. An MRE spoon. In the right or wrong hands, everything is a weapon. When the goal is to kill or be killed, you use what you have. The smart man brings a gun, the man who wants to succeed brings his friends with guns. We’ve seen very few multishooter mass shootings. Places with strict gun control do though.
  3. MontanaLon

    Keeping my CDL dilemma

    Yeah, I hate "Turn your head and cough" that much too. I'd keep it. Get the physical and pay the money. After all in 2020 when the democrats win the White House with AOC as VPOTUS, she is going to ground all aircraft to "save the planet".
  4. MontanaLon

    AR15 Armory Protocol Rule

    I am pretty sure they could filter the words, democrat, donk, left, liberal etc to become communist bastiages. I mean they can turn Feinstein into "Feinstein".
  5. MontanaLon

    Can't. Stop. Laughing.

  6. MontanaLon

    Can't. Stop. Laughing.

  7. MontanaLon

    NZ sparking panic buying here?

    Seeing a slight uptick now in all of the stores. It had been confined to Illinois stores but now seems to be spreading. It is just slight, meaning gun sales went from sucking terribly to sucking not quite terribly. We had been 20% down from same month last year after the Parkland shooting. Now we are only 10% down.
  8. MontanaLon

    New Zealand Ban Effective Immediately

    And the left doesn't understand why we say no to registration. 4473's are registration in waiting. Waiting for the business to drop their FFL and send them in to Martinsburg or waiting for the "Police" to swoop into the store and grab them doesn't really matter which, when they decide they want your guns they will know where to go and what to look for.
  9. MontanaLon

    ISIS is defeated!!!

    As long as their lungs have breath, the message still lives and won't ever stop creating more people who want the same thing. It isn't really over, it just went from a war with lines to a war without lines. The insurgency will continue and it is likely that area will be a shithole well past the time we are all gone from this earth.
  10. MontanaLon

    I need a lathe and maybe a mill

    Oh, I will drive to get one, it's the getting it here that is the problem. In order to get it out of the truck and to where it will live I will have to be able to take it apart into carryable pieces. The Smithy is about 700 pounds which is doable, but the Bridgeport isn't.
  11. MontanaLon

    New Zealand Ban Effective Immediately

    Yeah, the nazis moved fast too.
  12. MontanaLon

    I need a lathe and maybe a mill

    Probably. I just found a Milacron 750 for $850. Looks like it has been stripped for parts pretty much. Weighs 10,000 pounds and has more square footage than my living room. Heck if it is watertight I could live in it.
  13. MontanaLon

    Shot In the Face.......And Lived.....

    Killed a big ass bear. I forget if it was grizzly or polar bear. I read about it in a 1960's gun magazine. I think maybe a grizzly, I think the polar bear was a different story in the same magazine.
  14. MontanaLon

    I need a lathe and maybe a mill

    Yep, that is the one. It is less than 20 years old by the date stamp on it. Can't tell if it is 2002 or 2007 but it looks pretty good. And it is sold. #$(&%^#)&*^@#)&%^) to someone else of course.
  15. MontanaLon

    I’m glad to no longer be on the FD some days

    Baby was extubated today. Out of sedation and being a baby. They can't get him to cooperate to do the physical dexterity tests but that is just being a 7 month old. They know he can grab stuff because they had to keep him sedated to keep his hands off the tube. He's been being fed formula by tube and they were going to try to see if he would take a bottle now that the tube is out. He can't hold his head up very well so there is some concern there but he went through a pretty violent crash and then a week of being sedated and having a machine pumping blood for him, I think I would be pretty unmotivated to do anything too, particularly if they started talking about putting me in a car seat.