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  1. Freudian slip or was he just briefed on the purpose of mass vaccinations.
  2. This isn't your average Patriot missile technology going on, it is an order of magnitude greater. The Patriot missile system was good but it couldn't do what the "Iron Dome" missiles are doing. If they missed they would self destruct, but the Israeli missiles are acquiring new targets and changing direction to go after them. It appears that in some cases they are even targeting other Iron Dome missiles as the explosions of 2 missiles happening at the same time seems to be happening. Of course that could just be that they are targeting the same rocket and catching it at the same time. The rockets coming out of Gaza are just ballistic missiles. They have no guidance and are addressed "To whom it may concern" rather than any specific targets. Point is once they lift off they have a very short motor burn time and then pitch over to hit whatever may be in front of them. It should be crystal clear to anyone watching that someone is sneaking rockets into Gaza because those aren't home made tech. Israel needs to blockade Gaza to cut off the flow of rockets into the area. They should start boarding any vessel coming in and checking for rockets. If they find them arrest the crew and sink the ship. Or just sink the ship and let the crew deal with it. My guess is they could probably pick a ship at random and shoot it and release the video of secondary explosions happening until it goes under. It appears this is going to come to a head here shortly. biden caused this, the whole arab world knows democrats don't care for Jews and biden won't lift a finger to help them out because he wants a 2 state solution. Seems to me that has been tried before and what we are seeing now is the result of it.
  3. The only way I would even consider getting stuck for this is if they test me for antibodies and it comes back negative. Then I would consider maybe thinking about it when there has been enough long term testing to determine that mRNA tech isn't completely bogus science that will cause cancer in 5 or 10 years or something else like that. You only have to look back at history about 65 years to see what lead to massive and lengthy testing of drugs over much of the world. That would be thalidomide. Early testing showed that it was extremely effective in preventing nausea and it was released to the market in Europe and used to treat pregnant women experiencing morning sickness as an over the counter medication. It wasn't realized until later that it caused children to develop flippers and other birth defects when the mother took it while they were developing in utero. It was then pulled from the market entirely only to be reintroduced 40 years later to treat the side effects of cancers and HIV, both of which are generally not conducive to a successful pregnancy anyways. Now, the schools are starting to make noise like they will require children to have the vaccine to attend. The schools can kiss my ass, my kids won't be getting that vaccine as the chances of the virus having any ill effect on them is virtually nil and not worth the risks of an undertested new technology vaccine.
  4. The New Army, inviting all pacifists and other mental midgets.
  5. The way I have it figured, before this is over we will have more dead people than we lost in any war we have ever fought in. If I were Trump I would have nuked China when the whole thing started. In addition to the lives lost, this has cost the USA more money than World War 2 did and when placed next to the anti-American politicians has left us in a bad place.
  6. I kept mine. At some point the ATF will classify them destructive devices and then it will be worth some money.
  7. Just on earth there have been millions maybe billions of species that have entered the world and then gone extinct. We would be pretty arrogant to think we would be any different. Unless the extraterrestrials intervene on our behalf and take us out of this solar system. That is if they actually exist, are coming here and also have that capability. Otherwise I think humanity will be freaked long before 800 million years have gone past. Really, I'd be shocked if we get through the rest of the biden presidency.
  8. Which one did you go with? The kid has been bugging me about doing a CNC conversion to the mill but I am really not wanting to go that route just yet before I get my head wrapped around doing CNC stuff in general. Kind of get in the cheap side and learn the programming stuff before I dump a ton of money into something to do serious work. He wants a 3D printer too.
  9. I was told back in the day that they didn't even plug the barrels of military guns when they parkerized them because the inside surface of the barrels would not take the parkerizing because the surface needed to be prepped with abrasive beforehand. Any surface that did change would leave the barrel within the first few shots anyway.
  10. It is almost comical when they talk about sea level rise of a few feet over the coming century. At glacial maximum, sea level was 410 feet lower than it currently is. The coast at Virginia Beach for example was 40 miles to the east of the present day. A 2 foot rise in sea level will move the beach about 60 feet to the west if the sea level comes up like they say it will. If sea level rise were such a concern, there would have already been a collapse of coastal real estate markets and a boom in real estate inland where the future beach will be. Me? I am putting my money on ocean bottom offshore. You can buy a ton of submerged land for very little cost and leave it to your kids. They don't even charge property taxes on it. At some point in the future my descendants will be sitting on a gold mine of land that used to be home to the fishes.
  11. Democrats are complaining about the pipeline being hacked as fake news because biden shut down the pipeline his first day in office. Freaking morons.
  12. https://americanmilitarynews.com/2021/05/cyber-attack-shuts-down-largest-us-gasoline-pipeline-45-of-east-coast-and-southern-regions/?utm_source=amn3new&utm_campaign=alt&utm_medium=facebook
  13. There has been an increase in costs from manufacturers but not that much, sounds like the dealers who are getting it are marking it way up because it is still a tight supply and people are willing to pay it.
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