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  1. I think the better question to ask is "How has China beat this virus without a vaccine?" Seriously, they've had virtually no cases since April or May and have done nothing we haven't done. Except for maybe sending non mask wearers to concentration reeducation camps. You know, unless they are completely lying about the numbers then something is fishy. Wonder if they actually had a vaccine before they released it on the rest of the world? They would think nothing of killing off a significant portion of their own people so no question they would give zero shats about killing off a significant portion of everyone else's people. I just find is really strange that nearly 15 million Americans have gotten it and 150,000 died when we have 1/4 the population density of China. I mean, we have 13% of the deaths for the world while having 4% of the world population living on 6.6% of the land mass of the entire world. For comparison China has 20% of the population living on 6.5% of the land mass.
  2. MontanaLon

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    CBD side effect. Mellowed him right out and added a few IQ points to boot.
  3. I played with one extensively 2 years ago. I liked it, I liked it a lot. But I just don't have the night hunting opportunities to put it to good use. Now, I have to say I haven't ever played with any other thermal sight and definitely not any of the uber expensive models but I was impressed with its abilities. Critters from housecat size up were visible and recognizable at distances out to 200 yards. Smaller critters, chipmunks and mice were visible at 50 years but there wasn't enough detail in the image to positively ID them. You just kind of got a hotspot dot that moved around a lot. Cars and other objects were clearly visible at any range you may need to shoot at. I have toyed with the idea of getting one more than once, just like I said, the hunting opportunities for me at night are slim. But with how things are going, hunting may not be the primary use of it for long anyway.
  4. You know the difference between Venezuela and California? California has more Venezuelans than Venezuela.
  5. We should be sending them guns and other military supplies.
  6. I've not kept up with the prequels, did we ever get to see him wielding a light saber? Or was his Jedi skills more on the sublime side, like lifting x-wings out of swamps by mind control?
  7. Because they are brainwashed. It is amazing to watch them walking around like zombies, they don't have enough brains to figure it out. Seriously, if Trump had come out at the start of the "pandemic" and instituted shutdowns and lockdowns and every other thing the democrats have actually done in response to the virus they would have been the loudest whiners and would have protested it non stop. And of course the democrat politicians would have been saying he was hitler because, well, they have done that for 5 years already, why stop.
  8. Only you would jump to that conclusion.
  9. About 15 years ago there was an old man who had brought back a Japanese Type 99 machine gun from Iwo Jima. Actually, it was him and 2 buddies, they took it apart and each of them got some pieces to bring back. But this old man had gotten all the parts back together and had it hanging in his basement. Well, somehow word got out about him having it even though he hadn't fired it in 50 years. So the county Sheriff showed up and asked him about it and he told them "Sure, I have a Jap machine gun, brought it back from Iwo Jima". They asked him to turn it over and he told them in no uncertain words that wasn't going to happen. So they left and came back with the ATF. They told him he had to give it up or he would be going to prison. He told them to get freaked, "I killed 19 men to get that machine gun and I'll kill more than that to keep it". The ATF backed off on it and went back to the sheriff and told them there would be a search warrant issued and executed would they be available for backup? Sheriff told them to give him a day so he could go back out and talk to the old man. He went back and told the old man the feds would be coming back in there wasn't any point in anyone dying over it. So they reached an agreement, the machine gun would go to the Sheriffs dept and be stored in their armory and any time the old man wanted to see it he just needed to call and show up or they would bring it out to him. He agreed and it sat in the Sheriff's dept for 10 years until the old man passed away. At that point the Sheriff was going to turn it over to ATF but instead found a museum it could be displayed in. Those were the only 2 options he had to get it out of his dept. Now, I don't know about the rest of y'all but when they show up for my guns, I won't have the fact I killed people to get my guns, I have something better, 1 million men who died fighting for our freedom. If a million people have to die for us to keep them, well that is the price they will have to outbid.
  10. If the clear was bubbling or turning milky it is a sure sign the tung oil has not cured enough yet and is causing problems between the 2 coats. I'd give it a little time in a warm environment to let the oil still in the wood finish curing and then try again with the enamel. FWIW I have found Tru-Oil to work well at sealing and being shiny. It takes some effort though. The grain on the wood looks pretty open so a sanding while wet with oil will help fill the grain and make it look spiffy when it is all shined up. I'd look at 400 grit or so rubbing in the first coat of oil with the sandpaper. It will look kind of blechy if you do it right. But then you sand it again when it is dry and it will start to pop. Within 5-7 coats it should be built up to a nice gloss finish. Lately I have been playing with teak oil and like it a lot but haven't had time to put enough miles on it to see how it holds up. But being an oil it only takes a rubbing in of a new coat to bring it back. A friend of mine did some revolver grips and 1911 slabs out of some spalted maple and he used an epoxy and a vacuum chamber to do it. But when he was done with the epoxy he was able to go to the buffer and put a mirror like shine on it. Those seem to be holding up really well for him but seemed like a lot of work and time and setup to get it right.
  11. You know, every time some politician or terrorist is killed in Iran they immediately blame Israel. That makes me wonder if it isn't actually some sort of resistance movement from within Iran that is doing all of these hits. That would actually be a very good sign that Iran is close to the edge of falling apart. Just imagine how it would have gone if obama had supported the resistance in Iran back in the day instead of throwing his support behind the regime.
  12. You would be shocked at the number of fasteners I come across that are not complete in one way or another. Bolts without threads, Socket head cap screws with no socket or a round socket. Nuts without threads, washers without holes, clevis pins without holes. But what is really shocking is the number of those fasteners that ended up in a final product.
  13. I have 2 thoughts on this. First, there is no 6-3 conservative majority in SCOTUS. Roberts may be a conservative but seems to side with the liberals in every important case. My guess is because someone somewhere has video of him diddling little girls. Second, COTUS is LAW. Cuomo broke the law and will suffer precisely zero repercussions for doing so. That is wrong in its entirety and is the largest failing of COTUS to address. He lost the case but there is zero punishment for breaking the law of the land.
  14. Of course, but that wasn't the extent of what he did. If he had just resigned it would have been one thing but he had to run his mouth too. His job was to make sure the policies of the President were carried out in the military. Apparently, that was too much for him.
  15. It will be fun to watch the liberal heads explode over the upcoming pardons and clemency extended in the coming days. If I were Trump I'd pardon the democrat party for cheating in the election. They would then have 2 choices. Deny that they cheated and refuse the pardon and risk that the evidence will come to light eventually and they will be forked. Or accept the pardon and admit that they cheated in doing so. Give them a choice, a hard choice with no way to win.
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