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  1. My great grandfather's cousin was turned away at Ellis Island because he had lice. Now they don't even bother to check for serious diseases or even terrorist ties before rolling out the red carpet for some of the lowest scum to walk the face of the earth as long as it is suspected they can vote democrat multiple times.
  2. Another example of the swamp not thinking through their actions which subvert the Constitution. My hope is that one day the worm turns and they find themselves facing a conservative DOJ which has revenge in mind while charging and trying members of the swamp for conspiracy using the same lowered bar of evidence. "They worked there, even if they didn't know, they had to know what was going on" would be a hell of a jury instruction.
  3. It would be an interesting court case if one who was being assaulted were to grab this "woman" by the scrotum and twist until things got messy. Imagine being on a jury where a woman is claiming her testicles were injured after she physically assaulted someone. No one is afraid of trans folks so transphobic isn't a proper term. I am however hyper-vigilant when around certifiably insane people, so there is that. My guess is they may be able to take a punch because they are a dude and they are crazy which probably moves the bar on the disparity of force scale toward making actually hurting them severely justifiable action to protect oneself. I am getting to the point I am over the idea of "taking a punch", if it looks like it is going to go that way someone is getting shot.
  4. Seems legit, they confessed to the crime, evidence backs up the confession. I am one of those who believes in capital punishment being carried out swiftly in cases where it is proven beyond doubt. Of course, they can just blow that off and let things fester until there is an all out race war which will undoubtedly lead to democrats losing their voting base but on the bright side it will get rid of the blacks and a whole crapload of white folks which is what the democrats have been trying to do for 200 years, first by terrorism and then by being their best friends. I'm over it, best thing we could do now is just get rid of the democrats as all they seem to want to do is make things worse.
  5. Still waiting for hunter biden to be charged for lying on form 4473 that he was not an illegal user of drugs. I suspect we will see those taking legal drugs become prohibited while those taking illegal drugs will have their prohibitions removed. No idea where in the Second Amendment it says, "Except if you use pharmaceuticals..."
  6. To start off with in today's dollars installing batteries to back up just the currently installed wind and solar generation will cost $23 trillion. But to build the batteries to back up a completely "net zero" energy grid would cost $290 trillion. Yeah, that is totally going to happen by 2050 because $290 trillion is 12 years of the current GDP of the US we will have to spend in the next 25 years to get it done. But there is 1 problem with those numbers, they use today's cost of the raw materials which would be needed to make those batteries. This assumes the price will not increase as the demand outstrips the total known reserves of many of those materials. That is a fallacy as we know from when china built their super dam generators it peaked the price of copper worldwide to the point that people were breaking into homes to steal the wire for the copper in them. So what will the real cost be? It will cost you everything because it is simply beyond possible technologically and financially for it to happen. Meanwhile mining permits for those materials are being rubberstamped by the biden administration just as fast as they are made and the "environmentalists" are pissed because they hate all mining and the "ruining" of Earth. But if you want to mine for gold or silver, forget it, it isn't necessary so it will be slow walked for as long as possible.
  7. I need to amend my previous statement about politicians and others being hung when their laws are found to be unconstitutional, we need to add to that judges who make decisions incorrectly which result in the Rights of the People being violated for any amount of time if the law is later found to be unconstitutional. Buy I suspect the 7th circuit is about to be dick slapped by Justice Barret. By staying the injunction the Rights of the People will be violated and I would be willing to bet SCOTUS steps in and just takes this case from the 7th circuit and dick slaps all of the lefties with it, first by issuing a stay on the stay of the injunction and then by ruling that not only are "assault weapons" covered by the 2A, but so are suppressors and machine guns and the taxation of those items is blatantly unconstitutional. After all, they can't tax you to vote, can't tax you to go to church, etc. The gun grabbers need to be handed their asses bigly and making suppressors and machine guns without tax or registration the "law of the land" would be just what the doctor ordered. We are about to reach a crisis point in the American Justice system, one for which they have clearly been angling for for some time. They won't prosecute crimes committed by criminals, they let them run free, but if you are law abiding and commit an act that is justified they will crucify you for it. Like the Marine that choked the mental case on the subway in New York into the afterlife. His actions were entirely justified by the actions of the corpse in waiting with the long criminal record. It is a shame that he died from it, but he won't be committing those crimes again and that is a positive outcome. The People are going to reach a point soon where they understand the "justice system" is a failure on purpose and they will take care of the problem themselves. Last night I had a dream, my daughter had a field trip to Chicago and she got shot. So, Dad went hunting. He didn't know who the perpetrator was but he knew what they looked like and moreover he knew their habitat. What followed was a seemingly unending series of pink mist style problem solving exercises. That is what it will take to set things right again because it is clear our "elected leaders" have no intention of fixing it themselves. The prison down the street is in sad shape and the state is looking to close it down. They have tried several times to do just that and failed so they just stopped maintaining it and let it get to the point it is no longer safe for the inmates. They are discussing what to do with the 400+ murderers there and talking about how losing 1,400 beds will result in other inmates being "released early". I got a better idea, let's just dispose of the ones in this prison and call it good.
  8. Or a canoe for a head. I am beginning to believe that we need to be a little harsher with illegals. First time they get deported they get a warning, come back and you will leave with a face tattoo that says any American can turn you in for $10k in tax free cash if you are caught in the US again. Second time they get buried in the desert somewhere instead of deported because clearly, the idea of getting a face tat that marked them for death wasn't keeping them out, nothing short of a grave is going to keep them out so we should just make sure they can't come back. And I don't care what race someone is, they could be on the Swedish bikini team and I wouldn't treat them any different.
  9. The "culture" in inner city schools is worse than the culture inside prisons. Why? Because the kids know nothing is going to happen to them, the inmates know they are a step away from a hickory shampoo if they get out of line. My son's school has cameras flipping everywhere and we are out in the corn fields. They need to look at the cameras and everyone that participated needs to go to jail and get their education there. I just checked, out of 23,000 public high schools in the US, this school ranks about 18,000th for education outcomes. Minority enrollment is 97%, that should tell you all you need to know about the situation. In my 4 years of high school I only ever heard of 1 student hitting a teacher. Happened in 10th grade Geometry class. We had cubicle walls that were 5 feet high between classes, that who "new breed" education they implemented in the 70's. The class next door had a female teacher, there was a kerfuffle and raised voices and those next to the wall stood up just in time to see a student punch the female teacher in the face at about 5 feet in front of our faces. Mr. Rayburn, our teacher saw it too. He was a former oil field worker and football coach. He reached over the wall, grabbed the kid from behind by his throat and pulled him over the wall and when the kid squared up to him and threw a punch he let the kid have it. First time I ever saw anyone knocked out. The kid's family tried to make a big deal about him having punched their angel in the face. All 31 kids had to make statements that we saw what happened and the kid threw the first punch and he totally deserved what he got. Kid got thrown out of school permanently, Mr. Rayburn was cleared of any wrongdoing and one day he left class and came back with boxes of ice cream bars for the whole class. He was mean and not everyone liked him because he was a hard teacher, but we all knew right and wrong and he was clearly right how he handled the situation. That seems to be lacking in a lot of kids today. Why? Because they aren't being taught any better because they never get in trouble for anything and most of them spend more time being taught critical theory and transgender bullshat than being taught actual educational things.
  10. That time lasted for at least 20 and maybe 30 years though it graduated to cassettes and may have even made the transition to CD's and the back seat was the scene. Same dripping panties though.
  11. My wife was away last weekend and my daughter came up to me and said. "Dad, I have cramps". Holy Sweet Baby Jesus, I am not ready for this. It turned out to be a false alarm thank God. But I let the wife know and that preparations needed to be made. Of course she is on top of it. So last week my daughter tells me that she has "a talk" with the school nurse coming up. I didn't ask what about, I really don't want to freaking know, if you know what I mean. So today she comes home from school and hands me a bag and tells me to open it. It had a little book "Your body" and a pad in it. I told her she really needed to talk to her mom about it. So after dinner the daughter pulls out the bag and they start talking girl stuff. I tune them out until I hear, "The code word is "Shark Week" whereupon I fall out of my chair laughing. When I come to the daughter is talking period stuff and the only thing I could think to say was "Shark Week". I guess I will at least know when to move into the garage for a week.
  12. At some point either the city is going to have to crack down on the yutes that raise hell every weekend in the high rent districts or the taxpayers are going to figure out they can do it themselves. Been entirely too long. We need to have weekly televised hangings of the criminals we've elected they've appointed.
  13. A big part of the problem with government today is that bureaucrats are making law using ambiguity in the laws as written and passed by congress. The specific case deals with fishing vessels and not the 2A but it is important because the government has used the "Chevron Doctrine" in order to write regulations which have the force of law without actually having a law to back them up because the law is unclear in the way it was written. The "Chevron Doctrine" came to be by a ruling of SCOTUS in the 1980's that said when the law is unclear as written then the courts must defer to the interpretation of the agency because "they are the experts". As such, reversing that decision will gut the ability of government agencies to write regulations which don't fit the letter of the law. Examples of this: The "Bump stock ban". ATF said because they regulate machine guns that defining a bump stock as a machine gun meant they could ban the manufacture and sale of bump stocks. A reversal of this decision would force the ATF to drop their "interpretation" of bump stocks as machine guns and nullify the regulation. It would also change the regulations they have come up with on pistol braces, forced reset triggers as well as regulations dreamed up by other agencies dealing with other aspects of life we all deal with on a daily basis. I can't tell you the number of letters I saw from ATF where they used this very principle to jack with FFL's on a daily basis. Seeing it die will be a good thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btqTAYf_1Io
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