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  1. If this had been happening since March, there would be whole swaths of the population which were now immune and unable to spread the virus. Since kids are least affected by it, infecting them is least likely to result in mortality or hospitalization.
  2. Those tards did the lockdown and then the riots. They need to be held to account and if the voters won't do it the businesses should.
  3. MontanaLon

    Walmart to make 160 store parking lots into drive-in theaters

    But drive in churches are unacceptable.
  4. MontanaLon

    Elk Are Now Racist?

    They are anarchists. This no longer has anything to do with black lives, it is time to put these bums down with lethal force. If the cops won't do it they need to stand aside and let the people do it.
  5. That is all on Minneapolis. The rest of the country should send their bills to Minnesota, if they had stopped the riots the first night there, they would not have happened all over the country.
  6. ALL LIVES MATTER. Come at me beotch, we'll solve your unemployment issue permanently.
  7. MontanaLon

    Utah Man Arrested in Shooting That Wounded Driver at Protest

    Your typical lefty, believes no one should be trusted with a gun because he cannot be trusted with a gun.
  8. MontanaLon

    Hey Augie (Remembrance)

    Seems just like last week that we lost him, twice. RIP Augie
  9. MontanaLon

    Biden and Dems Are Set to Abolish the Suburbs

    That is all of what the green new deal is about too. Make it too expensive to own a car or commute and then you have to live in the cities. FTS.
  10. I actually have experience with how this works. I have been pulled over in Illinois where this same thing was required for years. I forget if it was an actual consent decree from the DOJ or just a state policy but I think it was the DOJ that mandated it for the entire state at that point. What it does is force cops to pull people over by race instead of people who are actually driving incorrectly. Because you don't want to be the cop that pulls over twice as many blacks as a percentage of their population or lets more white folks off with a warning. My "crime"? My trailer ball obstructed the view of my license plate. I got a warning because I had a big ass crescent wrench in the truck and popped the ball off right there on the side of the road. The second time was for not signaling a right turn at a T intersection where the left turn was a gravel path that dead ended about 200 yards from the T. Also a warning but both probably meant they were able to pull over some black person who was actually doing something dangerous.
  11. They complained the killing of Rayshard Brooks was murder. I'm thinking when you are allowed to get away with tazing 1 cop and trying to taze a second and not be engaged as a dangerous threat then you are actually trying to get better treatment than someone who doesn't share your skin color.
  12. I keep hearing that "per capita blacks are more likely to be killed than whites by cops". Of course, that ignores that per capita they commit more crimes and as a rule cops don't shoot people who aren't in some way acting in a criminal fashion. What is sad is that when you point out the causes of that and how to "fix" them, you get called a racist. But every election liberal idiots elect democrats who put those policies in action and want them for everyone and we don't get to call them racists.
  13. MontanaLon

    OUCH ; Meat Prices have Skyrocketed as of late

    I may have to go kill a deer this fall. Sounds like I need a new gun or bow now. Honey, it is an investment, just think of all the free meat.
  14. MontanaLon

    The REAL reason for the spike in C19 “cases!”

    The antibody tests are being counted as cases. So now we know why there's been no reporting on antibody test results.
  15. There are laws against preventing travel. It is at minimum unlawful restraint and they go all the way up to kidnapping. People have been using force when the idiots start climbing on their cars. And the current view of most state's attorneys is that using force constitutes at minimum of assault and a maximum of attempted murder. At least those are the charges I keep reading about people who use their vehicles to force their way out of a violent attack. I gotta tell you, if I were in my vehicle with my family and got caught up in some bullshat like that they wouldn't be charging me with attempted murder because I would make sure some if not all of those freakers died right there. One hand on the wheel, one foot on the gas which would be on the floor and the other hand would be holding my weapon and any hangers on once clear would be shot until they let go. If I were alone it would likely go different. A car is a 2 ton battering ram and it goes as well in reverse as it does forward. Neither place would be safe and people on the ground would be given no quarter. Those standing around taking pictures wouldn't be immune either and that would go whether they were holding their cell phone the wrong way or if they had a camera with a network label on the side of it and a satellite uplink and were reporting live. They aren't there to "report the news" any more, they are there to instigate the crowds. You can't set up a camera and a reporter anywhere and not get some millennial freaktard jumping into the shot flashing gang signs and mouthing off. There are no innocents in a riot period.