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  1. And none of you made the cut. If you would like to be considered, please let me know. So how did I "probably" get it? Well, the scouts had a campout last weekend. They've been shut down since March for the virus. So everyone got together and decided with the use of masks and social distancing, single tents it would be OK. And it would have been ok. But Tuesday before the weekend, one of the mothers who is a nurse, felt sick and had a fever. So she was instantly sent home and told to be tested ASAP. Here in the sticks we don't have much access to tests. The hospital and health department have a joint venture to test. Hours are weekdays from 10-1pm and are limited to 40 appointments per day. She works second shift so that was too late so she went home and spent the evening with her kids and called the health department only to find out that all 40 slots for that day were filled. She still has a fever and several other symptoms so she takes the next option. She drives to the next county over where getting tested is considerably easier. She got tested Wednesday afternoon and then went back home to her kids. Her ex-husband came and got them and she waited for the test results. Thursday passed, Friday passed and she still had a fever but symptoms were mostly gone. So she sent her oldest kid to the campout with the husband driving. He ended up driving 3 other scouts out to the campground and went home. Saturday he woke up sick. Still no test result on the wife. Sunday afternoon she got the phone call, positive for the virus, 14 days of isolation for her. Sons both go to school on Monday. And no sooner than they get home they complain of being sick so she runs them all down to the next county to be tested. Today they both came back positive. Husband tested today as well. My wife and everyone are pissed that this nurse sent her kid to the campout. So, now my oldest has to be tested and now I am feeling pretty bad. I'm sure I will be ok though, I still have a couple of new guns I have never shot.
  2. It isn't unusual when hurricanes approach the coast for planes to be moved inland to avoid the weather. Really, everything that can fly goes somewhere else. Same thing with the ships. One of the coolest things I have ever watched was in 1998 with Hurricane Bonnie. I was on vacation going to my parents in VA Beach and went to the Bay Bridge Tunnel and watched the fleet leave for storm avoidance. There wasn't a whole lot going on military wise at that time and there were a ton of ships in port. It was a ship every 15 minutes or so all day long. It was pretty cool at Oceana too as the squadrons from Florida north came to Oceana first and then when the storm turned north they all had to leave and head west. With the power out after the thing was over there wasn't much else to do but hang out at the end of the runway and watch them come back. If there was damage at their bases though, they may be just hanging out killing time until the go back. And it is an Air Guard base so there is a good chance you just caught there yearly training makeup days. A lot of the guard training was cancelled because of the virus early in the summer and they may just be getting back on schedule. They probably have a lot of flying to do to get caught up on their proficiencies.
  3. Which charges were those? The only charges I know of that were dropped were the charges against the boyfriend that the prosecutor dropped due to the "public outrage" that the boyfriend was charged with shooting a cop.
  4. The law may say that but the courts don't care what "you" believe. They work with the reasonable person beliefs as to what is the level of reasonable belief. Again it isn't enough for you to think someone is about to kill you, it is what a reasonable person believes.
  5. No involvement in the investigation meaning they weren't the lead detectives who put the case together, those cops were at the other addresses.
  6. Unless the prosecutor can produce a video of something, anything, that proves Rosenbaum was justified in attacking Rittenhouse, the whole case is doomed. So far the closest I have found to that is video of Rittenhouse using a fire extinguisher on a dumpster that Rosenbaum set on fire. I am sure that pissed Rosenbaum off but it doesn't give him any justification for a physical assault. Unless there was some justification, Rittenhouse walks and then gets rich suing the "news" for saying he was a white supremacist and committed murder.
  7. You know the term, "convicted felon" it is what denotes that someone who has committed a felony has been convicted. You know, otherwise convicted felon would be a redundant statement. And this is where you are wrong. Self defense isn't judged by what the person believes, at least not in court. It is what a "reasonable person" in the same situation would believe. I mean you can't say the neighbor is a purple headed alien who is anally probing you while you sleep and expect that "belief" to stand up to even the most cursory examination in court. No matter how much "you believe it". His belief was that the ex-boyfriend drug dealers was breaking in to cause him harm. That belief was mistaken and we've already got witness statements who said they knocked and announced before they broke the door down. A reasonable person isn't going to hear someone breaking down the door yelling "Police Search Warrant" and assume they are the girlfriends drug dealer ex boyfriend. It doesn't matter what he believed it matters what a reasonable person does. It wasn't a Federal Warrant, it was a state warrant signed by a state judge. And it wasn't a no-knock, it was a knock and announce. Which makes the whole claim of no knock warrants being abused kind of stupid. You know like when there is a shooting and the politicians immediately start talking assault weapons bans but the shooting was with a shotgun and there was 1 shot fired. Misinformation is how they roll. Politics, the same reason they do everything they do. The charges were dropped because politicians got involved and it looks bad to charge a criminal when you are trying to lynch cops. I'd ask if you had ever engaged in a firefight while suffering from a femoral artery hit, or while dragging a buddy hit in the femoral artery to cover, but I know what you do and realize you may well have done that. But how many hits do you think you could get from covering fire? What amazes me about the whole thing is there isn't any video of any of it. The neighbor was aware the police were knocking, why didn't he get his phone out and do some video? But more importantly, if you have the apartment under video surveillance for months already. Where is the video from the time of the warrant execution? Hmmm. And there have been instances of "good samaritans" hitting innocents while engaging the criminal who haven't been charged. Why? Because the criminal catches that as a felony murder charge. Whether or not she was "innocent" if she thought that her ex-boyfriend was breaking in to "get her" why did she not seek cover or concealment? Hmmm. There is just a whole lot that doesn't add up.
  8. He was in fact a felon the moment he pulled that trigger. He has yet to be charged or convicted but the fact remains his firing that shot was a felony. Listening to the Kentucky AG press conference today, I was struck by a thought which should have occurred to anyone with a modicum of knowledge of the law. He said the boyfriend shot because he was afraid it was the ex boyfriend breaking into the apartment. There is a lot of information in that statement but no one seems to be paying attention. 1. You cannot act on what you "believe" legally, only what you know. He made an error of judgement and fired a shot at the police. How many cops have made "an error of judgement" and the mob has demanded their prosecution and in many cases gotten it? 2. Why did he have reason to fear the ex-boyfriend breaking in? Had she told him she was banging a drug dealer while they were dating? From the sounds of everything I have heard she was involved with both men for a period of years. So, at what point did she tell her new boyfriend that the ex was a drug dealer? And what knowledge did he have of any involvement of Breonna in that criminal enterprise? From the sounds of it, he knew plenty enough to fear specifically her ex-boyfriend might break in. 3. If the police were justified in firing in defense of themselves, then they had been the victims of an assault and battery with a deadly weapon. That is a felony. Who pulled the trigger on the shot? The boyfriend. So, she died as a result of justified self defense against the felonious assault he committed. There is a name for that, felony murder. Someone died by homicide. Someone died as a result of a felony someone committed. Who committed the felony? The boyfriend. I wonder if the Grand Jury was given the option of charging the murder to who is really responsible for it? They decided the police were justified and there is only one other party who was committing a felony which resulted in a death. So why no charges against him? Just another black on black murder as I see it. And for what it is worth, I don't think the jury will convict the cop who was charged. Did he act recklessly? Maybe so, but had the boyfriend not acted recklessly to start with his actions would never have happened. Should he be a cop? Probably not. But is he someone who deserves to go to prison for what he did? Probably not, after all, the governors have been letting out far worse criminals to "protect them from covid". And then they wonder why crime is up.
  9. I figured that was the case. I was fairly certain you didn't many "any". Following not directed at you sorceress. A lot of the arguments pro abortion are "that it is to save the life of the woman". That is complete garbage and in particular once the pregnancy has gone beyond 24 weeks. Saying a woman needs to be able to have an abortion at 36 weeks "to save her life" is the dumbest freaking statement ever made on the subject. At 36 weeks if the woman's life is in danger the baby is delivered by c-section. Out of nearly 4 million births in the US each year, there are about 700 cases where the pregnant woman dies during or after childbirth due to complications of the pregnancy. And just like we see with covid 19 the vast majority of those are attributable to pre-existing conditions, heart disease and diabetes being big. Stroke also happens but is more common in people who are overweight and sedentary at similar rates in the general population. Most of those deaths during pregnancy can be prevented by the mother to be being healthy before she gets pregnant.
  10. Kid should show up on a regular basis if what he was doing was legal. Let her call the cops a few times and when the real deal happens they can tell her to deal with it.
  11. This is going to set the miscreants over the edge. First Ruth went and croaked and now they can't even bully the prosecutor into creating charges from justifiable homicide. They say, "We don't know when the announcement will be made or what it will be". bullshat. The AG called them and told them, not only am I not going to charge the police with anything, the Grand Jury returned an indictment on the boyfriend for attempted murder and felony murder. Realistically, that is the only case to be made of the whole ordeal. It won't set well. I bet NFAC is going to show up. Hopefully, the NG gets called up for the first night and are issued rifles and ammo. It is time to deal with the crybaby victims like they should have been dealt with the first night in Ferguson.
  12. That is a shame. But as has been said previously, I won't let myself or my family be killed by the mob. In for a penny, in for a pound. If I am attacked and forced to use my weapon in self defense, I will just have to assume that all the shitbags standing around that didn't stop whoever attacked me are co-conspirators and also deserving a bullet holes. I mean, if self defense is now punishable then I may as well make it worthwhile and plant as many as I can. They may kill me, but they will have to climb over their dead friends to get to me and beat me to death with my empty gun because I won't have "gone quietly into the night".
  13. I went and looked and talked to a friend of mine who is a plumber. He said the tankless heaters have lots of other things you need to make them last which will double the price roughly but cut gas costs considerably. When I looked at them at the big box place, I found he was right. So in addition to the headache of replumbing to get it all to fit a new setup it was going to cost twice as much. So I picked up a direct replacement for what I had. I had to create a new gas connection as the way they had installed the old one the shutoff on the gas line was after the union in the gas line. So I would have had to call the gas company to shut the gas off to the house in order to replace. Morons are everywhere I suppose and nowhere more than in plumbing in residential areas. Once I had that created, replacing the heater took all of about 20 minutes. Turn off water, drain the tank, disconnect input and output water. Shut the gas off, cut the gas connection at the heater with the sawzall. Unscrew from the shutoff and put the new connection in. Move old tank, place the new tank, hook up the water, turn water back on, fill tank, hook up gas, purge the line by holding down the pilot while striking the electronic starter. Once it lit, make sure all the water lines were purged of air and wait for it to get warm enough to shower. Maybe in 20 years when this one craps out.
  14. Awww, hell. I just went and looked the GM website and found the $44.95 .17 18" blank and the $36.38 .17 11" SS pistol blank. I've been thinking about doing a new barrel for the Ruger Precision rimfire .17 for giggles. And that price is cheap. The pistol barrel will be to turn the PMR-30 .22 Mag into a PMR-30 .17 HMR. You know, in case the squirrels launch a full frontal assault while out in the woods. Hmmm. I wonder if I will have time this winter before we all die of covid and rioting.
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