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  1. The way I see this going is biden gets 25th Amendment treatment and kamala gets sworn in and appoints someone like AOC to be her VP. Meanwhile, 2022 comes along and the depression the country gets thrust into will see to it the democrat party is gutted in the election. Cue up the impeachments of harris and whatever clown she appoints. While they may not remove her from office they will put a stop to any crazy shat she wants to impose. I don't see Trump running in 2024, but if he does he wins in a landslide. But I think we will see someone else take the reins, and I hope he makes Trump look like a pushover. They thought Trump was an ahole and I hope they get one who really is. Someone who will not just run on draining the swamp, but someone who will step up and start sending cocksuckers to prison or seat them in front of a firing squad.
  2. OK, you will probably find this shocking but I went and did some digging for Texas in particular and the country in general and found some really shocking facts. Fact: States which are heavily invested in "green energy" have the highest per kWh costs and the least reliable energy. I mean it reads like a freaking eye chart but the truth is there in black and white. The cost of electricity is in direct proportion to the amount of green energy the state uses. States with lower green energy have lower electricity costs. In 2004 when Texas "deregulated" wind and solar together comprised less than 1% of the generation capacity of the state. Green is now 25% of the capacity. Virtually all of the solar and 60% of the wind went offline during the "storm". What the green energy crowd fails to understand is that there is no battery for the power their miracle world savers produce so the capacity has to be backed up by some other form of generation. If there isn't a backup then you will have problems. Texas actually had adequate backup but they were denied the permission to use it. If you have to ask permission "deregulated" is a lie. Kind of like "assault weapon" it is a word being twisted to be used as a political weapon.
  3. Apparently TSA was given remedial training on the spot when this happened. Keep in mind when TSA tested themselves, they failed 95% of the time. Remember, TSA has snuck knives, guns and fake bombs onto planes more often than they have caught the real thing at checkpoints. Hell, before they started allowing knives with short 2.36" blades onto planes in 2013 I had carried a knife on my key ring every time I flew and never had one taken away. In fact most of the time there were 2. 1 was a micro buck folder and the other a key shaped folder. The key shaped folder had a longer blade than the buck by 1/2" and went with me all across the country through countless TSA xray machines and was never spotted. I even had a TSA agent pick up the keys to take out a bottle of shampoo that was over the size limit and not realize it wasn't a key. I had them give me the full search over a canister of steak rub I was given at a show and they never said boo about the key knife.
  4. No it wasn't the only explanation that aligned with my political sensibilities, it just happened to be one of the more obvious ones. Want another? Take Illinois for instance, we are about to have the former leader of the Democrat party in Illinois going to prison for taking bribes from power producers over rate hike schemes he pushed through the legislature after taking bribes from the largest utility in the state. The utility already said they did it and paid fines in excess of $200 million, I suspect the only reason they haven't already locked that ahole up is because he spread those bribes over most of the democrat party in the state and it is taking time to sort it all out. But I digress. If ERCOT was formed to provide reliable electricity in the state and are also setting the rates paid for electricity how is that in any way free market? My guess is over the last 17 years, the ERCOT board has increased utility rates while pocketing millions in compensation both paid by their position on the board and under the table by the utilities in order to get prices increased. It is a rigged system, pointing out that is cost more than not having done it isn't really all that surprising and they failed to live up to the purpose they were created for. In no way does this impugn the state of Texas, but it sure looks bad for the politicians there. The very simple truth is the US DOE under biden refused to waive the emissions limits placed on Texas electric producers. Pointing out that it cost more under the system is a sign that the board was making poor decisions. But the Feds refused to allow Texas to increase emissions for the storm. Without question you cannot produce more electricity without increased emissions and temperatures 40* under normal temperatures will require increased use of electricity. If they were allotted x number of megawatts and an equivalent amount of carbon emissions and then needed far more than that and were refused, then it is absolutely the fault of those who refused to waive the rules that the lights went out.
  5. I've heard every possible excuse for why Texas wasn't able to produce power and get it to the consumers and seen each of them debunked. From, lines down to water supply issues, none of them were responsible for rolling blackouts. Those happened because they were denied permission to produce all of the electricity they could by the Feds because "CO2". Were there power lines down? Yes, in rural areas that was a problem, guess what, it was a problem in Illinois too and is every time there is snow, ice or dumbass drivers, thunderstorms. But that never results in rolling blackouts. If anything, having lines down should have put less demand on the system because people disconnected from the grid aren't using power from the grid. Even the excuse of "the water supplies froze" doesn't hold water. Why? Because the water is used for cooling to run through evaporators to turn the steam back into water. How much water do you think that takes when the outside temp is 10*? The answer is not much. And what does it take to melt the ice in those frozen pipes? Heat, something power plants have a shitload extra of. Now, I don't know the details of the nuke plant in Texas that shut down because the water supply froze, but I do know a touch about power plant cooling and when they are drawing from a body of water, they don't pull it off the top, they pull it off the bottom. The pipes are buried and the pumps are indoors, there is virtually no possible place for freezing to take place. And it is one of those crazy regulations of the NRC that those cooling lines must be protected from damage and the easiest way to do that is to bury them. We aren't talking about 3/4" pipes here either. The intakes at most nuke plants are between 4 and 6 feet in diameter and have multiple redundancies. Yeah, there isn't just one pipe and pump, there are several because if one goes down you have to have a backup. Two is one and one is none, came from the NRC originally. Do you have any idea how long the temperature would have to be below freezing to freeze the water in a 4 foot pipe? A long freaking time. Oooh, numbers. Did they happen to mention in the article how much of that 28 billion was because the deregulated industry was forced to buy electricity from wind and solar concerns that were subsidized and mandated by the Federal government?
  6. It has reached biblical proportions. Manufacturers are producing faster than ever and it is showing up on the store shelves where it is whisked away before the dust settles. Most of the local PD's have suspended live fire training because they haven't been able to replace what they shoot. Those who don't issue contracts for ammo direct with manufacturers are SOL. I live a few hundred yards from the state police range for the district and haven't heard a shot for at least 6 months. It is a daily occurrence because they also do the local, county and DOC training and qualifications. There are several LEO's that hold the firing portion of their CCW courses there as well and that is usually every weekend kind of thing. Even with the weather they should have been shooting for quals and there has been none. Not to mention the one cop who has a .50 who goes there a couple of times a year and lights off a few rounds, but he may very well have retired with the state going so rabidly anticop in the past 9 months.
  7. Nice party line there but the DOE refused their request to increase their available power because "emissions". It sounds an awful lot like they have energy independence in name only.
  8. https://simpleflying.com/united-boeing-737-passenger-pepper-spray/ I am confused. Everyone on the flight was wearing a mask and the mask is supposed to protect everyone from coronavirus but the pepper spray still made them cough. This in spite of the fact that the droplet size of pepper spray is the same size as respiratory droplets which spread covid-19 and the droplets are on the order of 1,000 times the size of the virus itself. The odor particles are about 1/10 the size of the virus as well, but the virus is still remarkably tiny. Yet, the odor of pepper spray isn't enough to cause symptoms of exposure, it takes droplets suspended in the air. And aircraft replace the air inside the plane with fresh air every few minutes thus purging the virus and pepper spray out of the aircraft. If flying results in an insignificant amount of new cases of the virus then how is it even possible for Hmmm, if this is true, the passengers inside the plane should have at most suffered from watery itchy eyes and had no respiratory symptoms at all. Interesting, it is almost like they have been bullshitting us the whole time.
  9. It shouldn't need legislation. It really is simple, the feds have put in place limits on the state that limit the power (literally and figuratively) of the state to act in their own best interests. At the point that happens is when the governor of the state needs to take the bull by the horns and say "freak you, we are turning up the power anyway." The meek would say "Well, they will cut off the money if we did that" and the bold would say, "Then we just won't send them the money to start with". Go into a state of active rebellion and tell the Feds to "Come and take it". I hear biden is going to Houston to view the damage from the storm. He should probably stick to flying over.
  10. There is still precisely zero evidence that masks prevented a single case of covid. The most affected portion of the population here as far as both cases and spread has been healthcare providers who have been wearing masks since day 1 of this mess. The one thing they could not do is "socially distance" from people who were sick either covid or anything else. What is odd is the serious lack of information on the number of healthcare providers who have been infected. Remember back in the early days in New York we were told HCP's were dropping like flies but today getting any actual number of infections of HCP's is like pulling teeth. You can find information on cases by virtually any other characteristic of the patient except whether they worked in the field of healthcare. Hell, we even know how transgenders are more likely to have been infected and suffered serious consequences but HCP's, nope, not tracked or reported.
  11. It is like most of the English language, it has been spoken incorrectly for so long no one knows how to speak it correctly anymore. But if "the fire extends to the attic" yes the attic is damaged. But on the flip side, "German submarine warfare extended from Europe to the East Coast of the US", is incorrect, there were no examples of German submarines on dry land that I know of and if there were, the chances of them actually doing anything but trying to get off the beach are positively zero so their warfare ended several hundred yards at least from the coast. This is why I prefer concrete floors for showers.
  12. Man are you behind the times. It has been a dinosaur since the late 60's.
  13. No report on extent of injuries, but the jaws of life were needed to free him from wreckage.
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