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  1. Because not all the Jews lined up for the cattle cars to the camps. There are 2 kinds of Jews, the ethnic Jews who you can literally look at and say "They're Jewish" and then the non-ethnic Jews who look like anyone else and unless you knew they were Jews you couldn't tell it by looking at them. Unless of course they followed the laws and put a Star of David on their clothing. A lot of Jews were told to be at the train station for "relocation" and showed up. Whole towns full of Jews showed up to be "relocated" simply because they were told to. It is kind of crazy that not all Jews fit the stereotypes you mention but the vast majority of them went voluntarily to their deaths. Those who didn't were made examples of if they were caught and for some reason a lot of Jews went along because somehow dying a horrible death at a later time was better than dying now. I don't know the answer but I do know the Jews didn't learn from the Holocaust. Why do I know that? Because these days they are voting for the same type of people as those who created "The Final Solution".
  2. Went and had a good conversation with the police today. He called the thief and asked her what the story was and she told him she was paying the nursing home for what insurance wasn't covering. But we got the bank statements for the last 8 months and there were $8,000 in cash withdrawals and the only payments the nursing home have gotten were from insurance. Lying to a cop is a bad idea, because when they catch you in it they tend to never believe a word you say. Plus it is never a good idea to even talk to the cops if you are guilty. Thinking you can talk yourself out of it rarely works. So Monday I will be talking to the investigator and possibly a prosecutor as more stuff comes to light. They ought to be scared right now, this will end badly for them. Have to get a decades worth of records from the bank now, I'm sure this has been going on for years.
  3. When he gets covid anyway I wonder what he will think.
  4. 4 pounds in 3 weeks is way better for you than 10 in the same time frame. Don't just pay attention to the weight alone. Get circumference of waist, chest, arms and thighs. My wife works out daily and gets discouraged that the weight isn't dropping. But her old pants droop off her waist now and her butt is "perkier".
  5. Got a bit of a problem I need some advice on. 20 years ago my cousin who is now 79 retired on disability so now her only income is Social Security. Right around the time she retired a coworker of hers needed a baby sitter so my cousin watched her kid. Eventually, the former coworker convinced my cousin to assign her as power of attorney. She and her husband did a lot for her, but never paid here for watching her child. Fast forward to 9 months ago, my cousin fell and broke her femur and lower leg. So she ended up with pins in femur and ankle. Because of this she went to a nursing home to heal and get physical therapy so she could go home. The nursing home wouldn't let her leave until she could walk again. Physical therapy was hard on her but 3 weeks ago she got the go ahead to go home finally. But when arrangements were being finalized they discovered her home was being foreclosed on. Back in July her Medicare ended so the nursing home started taking all of her SS except $60. But she was getting SS for the last 9 month so she should have had about $14k in the bank. But in getting a repayment put together she found there was no money there. So she called the bank and asked for statements since January. Instead of giving them to her they called the power of atty and she said not to give anyone the statements. So I drove up to get her house ready for her to come home next week. When I got to the nursing home she said the husband of the pair had said he would drop them off earlier this week and he never did. So, I did what I thought was the smart thing and called the sheriff's office so we could let them know I would be staying at her house and might have to break in. Didn't want a neighbor seeing someone in the house and calling the cops and getting me arrested. So they had a deputy call him and tell him to drop off the keys at the nursing home. freaker wouldn't even bring them to her room. Tomorrow going to go to sheriff's dept and get the ball rolling on getting both of them locked up. Anyone that has advice I am all ears. Just doing what is best for my cousin and hopefully get her money back.
  6. I keep waiting for my invite to join the kkk to come in the mail. Must be getting lost because I have no trouble getting NAACP and UNCF mailings.
  7. Because they are "terrorists" and are not being given bail. Even in places that have gotten away from requiring cash bail for virtually anyone the January 6th protesters are not being given the opportunity for bail. The government no longer functions for the People. it functions for some of the people. I don't know if there is a way to right the ship at this point short of Civil War. They play by entirely different rules and run the courts, the prosecutors offices and the media. I'm not saying it is a lost cause, but the Tree of Liberty is going to get a good watering for it to ever be right again.
  8. They don't just resemble them, they look like they went to the costume designer from the show and said, "Come up with a new uniform for the spaceforce or just give us something off the rack".
  9. There is a way to go about dealing with tyrants, whether they be petit tyrants or grand tyrants, the solution is the same. In my experience, nurses are more likely to be liberal than conservative, the left is making bad choices here which will likely degrade their voting base for decades to come.
  10. Air Force: No one can come up with a uniform gayer than ours. Space Force: Hold my beer.
  11. I'm surprised it is that high. His only qualification for most who voted for him was that he wasn't Trump.
  12. Interesting video in itself with a request for letters to SECNAV to upgrade the Silver Star earned by a pilot who singlehandedly shot down 4 Soviet Mig 15's that likely would have attacked the US aircraft carrier Oriskany during the Korean War. A few minutes of your time and a stamp is all it will cost you to recognize this man's valiant actions while he is still alive.
  13. I'm not an anti vaxxer. I am anti whatever they are jabbing into people's arms for this virus that clearly isn't a vaccine. But the left is like that, they want people to die ALL THE TIME. It is just who they are and what they have been brainwashed into thinking. It is becoming clear that the vaccinated aren't actually getting any protection or if they do that it wears off in a relatively short period of time. It isn't surprising at all, we have many viruses out there 219 to be precise, that can and do infect humans on a regular basis. We have been creating vaccines for about 120 years, that is not counting the variolation of small pox with cow pox infections, but actual manufactured vaccines. In those 120 years we have created 20 successful vaccines and literally thousands of unsuccessful vaccines and then we have created a handful of vaccines that actually made things worse. The current vaccines were created in a matter of weeks and tested for 1/8 the time of the shortest vaccine testing that lead to a successful vaccine. That was mumps and it took 4 years. We had 6 months of testing for this vaccine before they turned it loose for more testing on everyone who wanted it. It isn't surprising that they created something that is less than successful and really not all that surprising they may have come up with something far worse than the disease they are trying to prevent but without a doubt this "vaccine" isn't the miracle of science they claim it to be.
  14. She is going to have a really bad day when she realizes we aren't going away and that we were right about the vaccine being a tremendously bad idea.
  15. Imagine cranking this thing up at 7am on a Sunday. The neighbors wouldn't be amused.
  16. When there are hearings on this, one of the congress critter needs to ask milley where the intelligence came from. There isn't a doubt in my mind the "intelligence" came from none other than the taliban. Think about it, the taliban had the airport surrounded and no one was getting to the airport unless they taliban wanted them to get to the airport. It is safe to assume the suicide bombers "from ISK" were allowed through the taliban checkpoints so the taliban carries a huge part of the blame. So, slow joe's administration asked the taliban who was responsible and the taliban handed over information indicating an ISK plot was underway to do another suicide bombing. The "ISK suicide bomber" was known to the US State Department as he was part of a group providing vaccinations which the taliban oppose. So they took out 2 birds with one stone, they got the vaccine dude killed and made the US do it and look like fools. And you can be sure the biden admin will hand over money for "the surviving family" of the aid worker we killed to the taliban and the family will never see a penny of it. The biden administration is as retarded as any government entity can possibly be.
  17. How long has it been that NZ won't allow any US Navy ships to make port calls because the Navy will not confirm the existence or lack of nuclear weapons on any ship? It isn't just the carriers and subs with nuclear propulsion, but any fighting ship at all from the US Navy. There was a DDG that was going to make a port visit and NZ asked if it had nuclear weapons on board and the US said, "We won't confirm or deny the presence of nuclear weapons on any US Navy ship" and the NZ government said piss off if you can't tell us. Never mind that US Navy port calls put sailors with cash in hand on shore, they have to know if there are nuclear weapons on board. Last I heard they don't even want the US Navy in their territorial waters. So it isn't a new thing. But biden has certainly not made any friends in the world with the exception of those who are our actual enemies.
  18. The refusal to acknowledge natural immunity and stick to "Everyone must get the shot" while the vaccinated are spreading and becoming infected at rates at least equal to the unvaccinated and not previously infected is giving a lot of people pause that the actual purpose of the vaccine isn't what they say it is. And that is a feeling shared by people all around the world. And then we have the "True believers" who think the government is "on the side of the people" and the vaccine is the only way to fix the virus pandemic, from what I have seen they are largely hippies from the 60's and grew up with a "screw the man" mentality. It is amazing to me that anyone who witnessed what happened in Vietnam and what happened in Afghanistan which was infinitely worse as still Americans are stuck in Afghanistan can in any way think the government gives a crap about them or their health.
  19. It's OK, they can build submarines for the iranians now.
  20. You can bet they will have the ivermectin sniffing dogs working the mail from India over.
  21. When all you are is a hammer, everyone looks like a nail. You can bet the "street gangs" will be making appropriate political donations in the upcoming elections.
  22. He just wanted to let the chinese know the fix was in on the election but they still probably should hack the election servers just in case.
  23. I knew it was all over when they removed the student smoking court from the highschool in my freshman year.
  24. This should be fun to watch. I've never been disappointed with any of their hidden camera segments before and I doubt this will disappoint either. I completely agree with you, I have been hearing since I was in 1st grade that the only thing wrong with Earth was the humans. Coming Ice Age, overpopulation leading to mass famine, global warming, climate change, the green "New Deal", it is all the same hokey shat by the same people for the same purpose. For reference when I first heard this crap the population of Earth was 1/2 of what it is now. Yet we have never seen a mass suicide of the "true believers" to "save the world", they always want someone else to do the dying. I believe a lot of the angst among the vaccinated at this point about people not getting vaccinated has a lot to do with they are starting to see with their own eyes that they have been hoodwinked into getting vaccinated for a virus that kills somewhere between 1 in 1,000 and 1 in 100 of those who become infected. They have been manipulated into believing bullshat that has been made up entirely from whole cloth. We keep hearing the term "long covid". They imply that this virus is causing significant long term health effects among the large number that become infected like this is something completely new and unheard of. In 1996 I had bilateral pneumonia, the doctor told me that I would likely feel the effects of that for "years". He wasn't bullshitting. A year later and I still hadn't recovered all of my "wind". I was still hawking up lungers a year later. What caused the pneumonia back then? It was viral and had to run its course. The whole thing has been run like a poorly written sci-fi novel. They've used mass hysteria to cause a breakdown of societal norms. My oldest, Maverick got sent home today because he had "close contact" with another student who has tested positive. He gets to go back tomorrow and be tested and if negative be tested every other day for 2 weeks. This in spite of the fact the kids are masked all day every day in school. So, masks don't work and it is all an exercise in manipulation. He feels fine and the kid who tested positive feels fine, they are playing an online video game at the moment. It is all freaking ridiculous.
  25. The level of dumbassery in the "woke" is truly breathtaking. Dude follows my wife around for not wearing a mask and berating her for it is going to have a "come to Jesus moment".
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