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  1. They knew because the chinese had already tested the vaccine formulation on Uighurs.
  2. They, being the government, media propagandists and "the science" have been lying to you. Myocarditis will kill you. How many times have you heard them say, "Myocarditis is rare and treatable side effect of the vaccine"? Rare is debatable if not an outright lie as the studies have shown. Treatable is actually true, but there is a catch. That catch is even with the most effective treatment the 5 year mortality rates range from 13 to 46%. The range has several factors resulting in variations. The biggest factor being which part of the heart was affected. If it is a localized affected part that isn't the left ventricle, you land in the low range. Diffuse affected areas increase the likelihood of death. But a localized affect on the left ventricle has an almost 50% likelihood of death in 5 years from heart failure. And that is with the best treatment available. For those who aren't treated or even diagnosed, it is much much worse. NSAIDS are bad news for myocarditis patients. The inflammation of the heart, the whole thing with myocarditis, is the bodies reaction to the damage and is a necessary step in "healing". It isn't actually healing happening, but compensation of the surviving heart muscle to take up the slack left by the now dead heart muscle. Anti-inflammatory drugs prevent the healthy heart cells from taking over the load not filled by the now dead heart muscle cells. So, your chest is kind of sore and you pop some tylenol or ibuprofen and you keep the living cells from taking the load properly. We are going to see some very strange circumstances in the future. The average age at death is going to start dropping and likely dropping by a lot in a hurry. Remember, myocarditis is treatable but not curable, the damage is done and can't be undone unless of course you are willing to take another mRNA product yet to be developed that will allow heart cells to be replaced once dead. Also remember that the survival rates only include those who were diagnosed with myocarditis. They have no idea how long those who are undiagnosed will last or even the degree to which their lives will be shortened. There is actually a cure. Cardiac transplant. Big pharma makes huge money on transplant anti-rejection medications. How convenient.
  3. This will be just the tip of the iceberg. You can be sure the bank was a major contributor to the democrat party and was heavily leveraged just like every other bank in the country.
  4. Citing the development of the Reno/Tahoe area, the Reno/Tahoe Airport Authority has decided to end the National Championship Air Races. The Air Racing Board is searching for an alternate location to take the place of the Reno area for the future.
  5. If January 6th had been an insurrection, there was little to stop it from resulting in the deaths of half of the Senators and Representatives present at the time. They keep saying it was an "armed insurrection" but the only person shot was shot by a cop who didn't even try to "deescalate" the situation. I guess you only have to try to deescalate when the criminal is actually an actual threat to the life of the officer. There was no reason at all for that cop to shoot anyone. There is a word for unjustified homicide and that word is murder.
  6. A lot of people who were tossed out of their jobs due to the pandemic realized that they were working to earn money to be able to work. A huge portion of their paychecks were being spent on expenses which were incurred by working. I know my expenses were cut by about 50% from not working. No gas for driving, no car payment, no childcare because I was home with the kids. But it wasn't sustainable for any longer because I didn't go looking for handouts from the .gov. There are still billions of dollars in unspent "economic stimulus" from 2 years ago sitting at the state level. We really need to cut off the welfare state because it has gone from a means to simply survive at the bare minimum to paying for necessities and luxuries like vacations and good food.
  7. Damn, that is high class stuff. I usually pick them up at the curb though that has gotten harder as there is a used furniture shop in town that scarfs up anything halfway decent and recovers and sells at stupid prices. Seems any more we are a disposable culture. Pay thousands and then after a few years get a new one and the old one goes out to the road.
  8. I've got a pair of gloves but I wear them for everything, yardwork, tree work, hiking and hunting. I shoot with them too but I am an equal opportunity shooter, pig, squirrel, deer. I don't have to change gloves just to shoot a pig.
  9. I like delivering flowers, mostly, mostly the people getting flowers are female and they are happy to see flowers at their door. It is fun to watch their faces light up in a smile when I ask if they are so and so and they realize the flowers are for them. And I get to read the card on the flowers beforehand so I have an idea what is going on with them. Is it their birthday, are they sick, are they newly retired, are they expecting? By knowing I can add a little bit more to their day hopefully with a well placed comment, happy birthday, congratulations, hope you feel better, or just have a nice day. It is the not mostly that are kind of a drag. Lot's of flowers for funerals, I've never really understood giving someone who has experienced such a huge loss a flower that is going to wilt and die in a few days. I can understand a little better giving them a living plant that they will be required to water and pay attention to until it too dies. When my Dad's Mother died, one of the plants was a cactus, a prickly pear to be exact. My Grandmother died long before I was born and when I moved out from home that cactus was still alive and had been in the same planter the whole time. It had been going for 30+ years then and may still be around. I always thought a cactus was kind of an odd bereavement flower but maybe they just didn't like her much. I delivered a dozen roses an apartment with a female name on it. When I knocked on the door a male voice demanded, "Who is it?", "Flowers" I replied. The door opened and there was a big dude standing in the doorway. "For Tasha" I said and he took them from my hand and turned away from me while closing the door. "beotch, who be sending you red roses?" I guess it wasn't the dude that answered the door. Yesterday, I delivered to a house a couple towns away. Was a nice arrangement with the note saying, "Love you kid. Dad." When the door opened there was a 20 something year old woman, dressed in a tank top and yoga shorts. I hope I didn't stare, she was very attractive and I was clearly old enough to be her Dad. Delivering to hospitals kind of stinks. Masks are required again, even though everyone knows they don't work so I get denied the smiles. Kind of a bummer and a covered face conveys no emotion. Makes me wonder how kids did in school for a year with masks required. Mostly I have been cleaning out one of the 5 greenhouses. 24x100 packed full of stuff that needed to be thrown away a decade or more ago. Flower pots, so many flower pots. The plan is to get everything out of the greenhouse down to a bare floor so that the floor can be leveled with a truckload of gravel and then new plant tables installed and used to grow plants again. I spent a good chunk of today cutting the old steam heating system out with a sawzall. I ran through 2 batteries and ran out of time. I will probably have the place barren on Monday and then start on the greenhouse that has been disused the longest. Seriously, there are trees growing inside it. I will count the rings when I chop them down so I know how long the stuff in there has been gathering dust. There is a 2 seat Vespa scooter in there. Needless to say it needs work but I bet it is still work a pretty penny. I have already seen boxes of parts for scooters and there are supposed to be 4 of them there in various states of disrepair. But they want me to go in for the "pretty pots".
  10. Amazing insight there. Grosskreutz was armed and patrolling the street to mete out justice as he saw fit and lost. Under Wisconsin and just about any other state's laws, Grosskreutz had no justification to go after Rittenhouse because he lacked first hand knowledge of the alleged crime Rittenhouse had committed. He simply heard, "That dude just murdered someone, somebody stop him". Unlike the police who can make an arrest on probable cause, a Citizen cannot make an arrest without firsthand knowledge of the crime committed. He acted on second hand information which was incorrect and admitted he wanted to kill Rittenhouse. The crime of attempted murder happened when he approached Rittenhouse and raised his gun. The law doesn't require that a shot be fired for the crime to have happened. Grosskreutz should have been charged with attempted murder and he would have been convicted. As long as the left refuses to prosecute laws because it is their base that has broken them it is going to be up to the People to get the justice.
  11. Have had a rear wheel bearing making some noise and Tuesday it went from a slow grind to a crunchy, your bearings are now squares. Started looking for parts and found complete rear hub with bearings for $139. Figure it will take me a nice weekend to get it done and decide to check around to see if I can get it done reasonably. LOLOLOL. Checked the dealer. Part was $280 and the labor was going to be "around $1,000. Called the local shade tree guy. He used to work for that dealer and went into business himself working out of a pole barn he was given for removing it. He has always been pretty reasonable. He came down on the parts to $200 and $800 in labor. And he can get to it in about 2 weeks. Now, I am not against a guy making a living but damn they are getting as bad as healthcare now. Maybe that guy who has been trying to reach me for the last 4 years about my car's extended warranty was on to something. Right now we are looking at "a dusting to a foot of snow" tomorrow so this weekend is out. Next week will be highs in the 40's so that is going to suck balls. If I am going to spend $1,000 I'd rather just spend $500 and have 3/4 of that end up as new tools that I will still have when the other rear bearing goes out which from experience I can imagine will be sometime in the next couple of months.
  12. Oh, now that Wray is on the case we can be sure that it wasn't "accidentally released". It was an on purpose release to get Trump out of office and it didn't matter how many people it killed.
  13. They also said he is "Special needs". Yeah, if by "special needs" they mean he needs incarcerated until his execution. Why do we insist on allowing those who attempt to kill someone the opportunity to ever make the attempt again other than on another inmate?
  14. Hopefully Chicago has gotten the "let's elect a Black Female Lesbian" who's only qualifications are being Black, Female and Lesbian out of their system. But somehow I doubt it. They will pull some more stupid out of their hat. You can be sure the one thing that won't happen is the new mayor telling the cops to kick ass and take names to make the city safer. Why? Because they are democrats and they love criminals.
  15. Wait, I thought those drug cocktails were "cruel and unusual"? It is so hard to figure out the left, on the one hand lethal injection drugs are "cruel and unusual" but if they are being used for "assisted suicide" they are hunky dory. I wonder when they will get around to offering lethal injection for "trans kids" because when it boils right down to it, they are terminally mentally ill and no amount of hormones, mutilation or other "gender affirming care" are ever going to make them be what they can't be. Might as well give them an easy way out. I don't think I will complain. OMG! Assisted suicide needs to be pushed on the left as the one true way to "reduce their carbon footprint" on Earth. Just imagine how pleasant the world would be without those idiots mucking things up for the rest of us.
  16. Remember 25 years ago when "Don't ask, don't tell" came about and everyone said it was a slippery slope and would lead to a military which couldn't function as a cohesive fighting force? My guess is we are about 80% of the way down the slope and rapidly headed to the bottom.
  17. The largest reason that EV's won't dominate the market is because there simply aren't enough raw materials to replace 200 million ICE vehicles with electrics. Copper is about the only raw material where the proven reserves meet the needs created by 100% EV adoption and that only just barely and will likely result in a tripling of the price of copper. When you get into the rare earths forget about it. Known reserves of some of those metals are enough to replace about 5% of the ICE cars in North America with electrics let alone the world. From the raw materials standpoint it is a pipe dream and will result in us sitting on 1,000's of years worth of fossil fuels with just the known proven reserves and not being able to go anywhere. Just wait until they figure out they can't build any more wind turbines because all the raw materials are being used for EV's. Total shat show.
  18. The heirs were smart enough to realize that if they tried to reclaim the vision of their ancestors whatever they created would be coopted by the BLM/rap culture and likely be a scene of a shooting or 50 and burned to the ground when the police were called to deal with the riff raff that had taken over. Say what you want, but the Black community of the 1960's and even 1910's had values that are no longer held by the Black community at large. For buddying up to the democrats all they have reaped is destruction of their community.
  19. Illinois is facing problems for giving waivers to certain groups of state employees, police, prison guards, military, national guard units and others to the "assault weapons ban". The only portion of the lawsuits that were accepted were the ones saying it violated "equal protection clause" of the Constitution. All the other portions of the lawsuits were dismissed. A lot of people see that as a good thing but if the lawsuits succeed then that means no one will be immune from the ban because they will just remove those exceptions. And the state employees aren't going to be able to do anything about that. I keep thinking it sure would be nice if a bunch of the cops who are paid to protect the politicians got together and picked a time and date to stick a gun in their protectee's ear and pull the trigger and rid the world of those tyrants. I don't think they would be convicted if they said they were simply upholding the oath they took to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. I know if I sat on a jury for it I would never vote to convict under that condition.
  20. A buddy from high school has a 24 year old son who is a graduate student. Last week he collapsed while working and is in seriously bad shape. They aren't sure what caused his condition and they have only described it as "multi-organ failure". His heart, lungs, kidneys, GI tract, liver and skin are all experiencing failure due to an unknown cause. When he first went into the hospital the doctors told his parents to start making calls because he wasn't going to survive but he has managed to fight dying really hard and now they think he may actually pull through if they can keep infections away. Of all the damage his liver is the least damaged and they only figured that out by the testing and the numbers being wonky. The rest of the damage is apparent. He can't keep his oxygen saturation without oxygen so his lungs are damaged. His heart isn't able to keep his blood pressure up but that may be because the kidneys are leaking blood directly into the urine. His skin is the most obvious of the damage. It has turned black in areas and blistered in others. There were no burns, he was working but not in a lab so no thermal burns, no chemical burns and no radiation burns, his skin just broke out in a rash that became blisters and then the blisters popped and his extremities are turning black. The lining of his GI tract shed and is now bleeding. They are transfusing him constantly because he is constantly losing blood through his kidneys and GI tract. They've run every test they can and have no idea what is going on or how he went from feeling fine to nearly dead in the space of a few hours. They know what it isn't and that list is extensive and they are just doing supportive care until he heals. His brain function is normal but he is kept heavily doped up because the pain is intense. When they change the dressings on his body the drugs are not enough to keep the pain at bay so they have to sedate him for that but he is conscious most of the time but unable to communicate. Weird stuff, I hope they figure it out.
  21. That is a cool surprise. I mean it is way better than your wife announcing she is pregnant when you have already had a vasectomy.
  22. She should have gotten an Oscar as best supporting actress for "The Shawshank Redemption".
  23. Delivery to a different nursing home today. Was told they can be difficult to get ahold of when delivering flowers but got explicit directions on which door to deliver to. So I went and knocked on the door. No answer. 5 minutes in the rain no answer. Go around to the front of the place and enter. Walk in and the body was hanging out in the casket in the chapel and there was no one around. Noped right back out the door. Went back and knocked on the door again. No answer. Called the nursing home and got an answering service, they said they would send them a message. 10 minutes later still nothing. So, I go back around the front and go back in, past the chapel with the body in the casket and start looking deeper into the building. Walk into a hallway and from behind me "CAN I HELP YOU?" Yeah, sure, can you get me a clean pair of underwear? Scared the crap out of me. Funeral directors have always kind of creeped me out anyways.
  24. https://petermcculloughmd.substack.com/p/australian-regulators-concealed-fatal?publication_id=1119676&post_id=102719869&isFreemail=true There is a term for that, I believe that is what is referred to as "mass murder". They knew young people were being killed by the vaccines and chose to willfully conceal it in order to not cause "vaccine hesitancy" among people who didn't really need the vaccine to begin with. Now, the whole purpose may have been profits, but does it really matter why you committed mass murder? Sadly, we even have a whole passel of 3 letter agencies here in our country that did the same thing. But since their actions lead to mass deaths that were preventable it really shouldn't matter why they did it, even if they truly believed it was for the "greater good", they need to hang. And I will even include Trump in that group. Last I heard he was still touting his role in rushing the miracle of mRNA into production at "warp speed". He can hang too at this point.
  25. It was an eventful first week. Friday there was a big funeral for an old lady with a large family. The bulk of the flowers had been dropped off before I got to work but there was supposed to be another funeral in the afternoon and my boss was going to ride with me to show me how to make deliveries to the funeral home. She did give me the Cliff's notes, drive around behind, you can see where the employees park and there is a door, just knock on it and they will come take the flowers. She had to leave for something and I was left with the florists and a call came in for an arrangement for the morning funeral about 45 minutes before go time. Flowers are supposed to be there 2 hours before, but they put together an arrangement real quick and gave me the same Cliff's notes, around behind there is a door. I showed up about 15 minutes before the viewing was supposed to start and there was already a line of people waiting to get into it. So, I went around behind, saw where the cars were parked and saw the door. Piece of cake. Went and knocked on the door. Waited, nothing happened. Give up and head back to the van and I see a couple of women who work there coming from the door on the side of the building looking a bit panicked. I handed over the arrangement and headed back to the shop. Well, it turned out that the family was all in the chapel of the funeral home and the funeral director was opening the casket when I knocked on the door that is behind the chapel, right behind where the casket sits but the door isn't visible because of a drape hanging in front of it. When I knocked, the funeral director jumped and screamed like a little girl in front of the family. The family also heard the knocking and it seemed to them to be coming from the casket. There was a great commotion that ran through the chapel in the aftermath of my ill placed knocks. That lead the 2 ladies coming out the side door where the flowers are supposed to be delivered. Whoops. The funeral home called the shop while I was out doing regular deliveries and raised hell with my boss. But it all worked out, no one else died during the funeral and the woman got planted properly with all the flowers that were intended to be there. When I went back to deliver flowers I apologized to the lady who came to the correct door on the side of the building. She laughed, said it was about the funniest thing she had seen in a while. Tomorrow is the big day. I got warmed up today with 16 deliveries and my boss was impressed with the amount of time it took. Was about 2.5 hours and she said the last delivery person would have taken 5. When I left today there were 60 deliveries for tomorrow. The florists will be taking some of the deliveries as well so it should hopefully go smoothly and quickly. Should be a hoot. Sure I will want a drink tomorrow night.
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