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  1. I keep hearing about bugs but I have yet to see a single commercial bug farm. Seems like a couple of years ago when the locusts were plaguing Africa someone missed an ideal opportunity to lay in a massive supply of protein for essentially no cost. freaking whackadoodles will be protesting the industrial bug farming industry next. You want to talk about some livestock that can overgraze pasture in a hurry. Grasshoppers can do it.
  2. Every day is a special event. And Mrs. Rumpster is very astute and a good judge of character.
  3. And starting right then the revenue will drop off as people "move" away and take their jobs and business with them. It isn't a huge tax but when the next tax increase comes along it will just snowball.
  4. Yeah, that inflation is going directly into the pockets of the elected via Ukraine, covid funds and flat out pay for play.
  5. US Gross Domestic Product is 23.5 Trillion dollars. Finance represents 21% of that number. Professional and business services are 13% Government is 12.1% Manufacturing was 10.7% Healthcare, education and social services 8.6% Bribery 6.5% Agriculture 0.9% Yes. 7.5 times as much money is spent on bribery as agriculture. Who gets bribed? Those who are elected to power.
  6. Accepted and all good. Juan Brown is a good one, I follow him on YT and he is pretty level headed about the deal. And yes it comes down to the actions of the P63 pilot but goes even deeper into the CAF organization's safety culture or lack thereof. I expect there will be some lawsuits flying around from survivors that could bankrupt the organization. That would be a disaster for the warbird community.
  7. Was it just me or did it seem like most of the dancers were seriously overweight to downright morbidly obese? I haven't watched it in years but the wife switched it on briefly towards the end and I immediately noticed the dancers were porkers.
  8. That is a good question. I don't know the answer to it but @TackleberryMCS likely can give you a good idea. He will be along at some point. I do remember back in the day Sportsmans guide or another company selling surplus Israeli upper kits for like $200 but the barrels had been cut at the chamber. I believe they were A1's. They weren't a bad deal at the time but it has been ages ago. It worked out to a BCG and upper and all the parts except for the barrel assembly.
  9. There were 2 corrections officers stabbed at the prison in my town today. Not a lot of details at this point, 1 of the officers was treated and released the other is in bad shape. NO word on the inmate, he wasn't taken to the hospital so you can be sure he was treated with the ultimate kidd gloves and extensive de-escalation efforts to preserve his safety. I've made it clear before how I feel about Capitol Punishment, it should be used extensively as a replacement for the current warehousing of those who have proven by their own actions to be incompatible with civilization. "I'd make murder, attempted murder, arson, rape, robbery, burglary and a handful of other crimes automatic death sentences. Some of you would disagree with me and that is fine. We can agree to disagree. But, in the case of attempted murder of a correction officer there should be no disagreement. The inmate was placed in prison because they couldn't not commit crimes, so what do we do when they prove they can't even exist in a tightly controlled environment where they have been placed for the safety of others? Personally, I think the best result is that they not survive the event. I'm not even going to complain about how it happens. Cave their skull in with a baton, 1/2 a dozen guards with shotguns, flamethrower at the cell door, carbon monoxide pumped into the cell until they cease to live. I really don't care. Hell, have a Judge and a Jury brought into the prison, let them view the evidence and decide guilt and pass judgement before the convict is executed. The left will scream bloody murder about "due process" but the truth is they don't give a shat about the concept. How do I know? Where were the cries of "due process" from the left when they were calling for all medical care to be withheld from those who didn't get the jab? They don't give a shat about due process, it is words they spout inanely because it is in the Constitution which is funny because they don't give a shat about the Constitution as it applies to anyone who lives a good life and does what the left tells them to do. But goddammit, if you are a freaking criminal, you deserve your due process as guaranteed by the Constitution. Our fat piece of shat governor released about 40% of the prison population in 2022 to "protect the inmates from covid". freak that shat. It was a freaking virus, you either got it or you didn't, if it killed you it was going to kill you whether you were in prison or walking around society. There were 121 deaths from covid among the inmates in Illinois prisons (that is only if you actually believe the deaths were properly classified. It is like the rest of the bullshat from the state, you can't believe it) But like with covid in the rest of the world, it was the old inmates croaking. 77% of the inmates that died were over the age of 55. They don't break it down any further but I know both of the inmates that died in the local prison were in their late 70's and sick to begin with. What they don't bother to say is to look at the released prisoners to see how many of them died from covid to prove if those outside the walls fared any better. They have the data, it sure would be nice to know if they had any better survival. But what we do know is the number of inmates released lead to far more than 121 non prisoners dying in increased violent crime among the population at large. And now more than 2 years later, courts are still backed up, criminals who should have gone to prison already are still on release waiting for a trial date and they are looking to close some prisons. Before this all started, they were beotching about prison overcrowding. And covid came along and they released 40% of the inmates and now are saying it is time to close some prisons. They want to not overcrowd prisons? Put me in charge of the justice system, I will uncrowd those motherfreakers in a freaking hurry, starting with the pieces of shat that try to kill guards. Until we accept the fact that we don't need criminals in society we won't change that we have a serious crime problem. It isn't about race, I don't care what color your skin, do the crime, pay the price and if that means you visit the gallows on the way out of the courthouse in order to not "overcrowd" the prisons, then that is the solution.
  10. There is no certification for an air boss and that is a person who the promoter hires to run the aerial demonstration portion of the show. He is more of a choreographer than air traffic controller and he should be smart enough to keep planes from running into each other. Like Dan said in his video, I think CAF is probably going to wreck themselves if not the whole airshow industry with this freak up. When the show didn't draw enough warbirds to make a constant stream of planes going in one direction for the parade they decided to run it both directions down the show line and had different performance planes flying different patterns at the same altitude that merged at either end of the show line. And then the guy running it was doing so without the experience of actually having been a show pilot. His instructions and the pilot of the P63's following of it because the squeaky wheel gets greased being the culture at CAF lead to the crash. Even the FAA rep who was sitting in the safety briefing didn't say anything about the maneuvers being briefed might no be safe. It is the whole Swiss cheese model in slow motion and it started even before the briefing. What will likely happen is airshows will be run by representatives from the FAA who are completely risk averse. They will go from spectacles to a series of planes flying straight and level along the show line at "safe speeds" and no sudden maneuvers. May as well go sit on the approach end of a runway and let the planes fly by as they go to land. Wooohoooo.
  11. The end game is population control. You may have heard of the increasing rates of RSV being experienced in hospitals. RSV is a childhood disease, something like 95% of kids will be infected before the age of 2. Like most viral diseases, there is some degree of natural immunity conferred by infection. Those who are infected as children may become reinfected in later life, particularly those with young children but it is extremely rare for them to be symptomatic. They want you to think the surge in RSV cases are because the children were isolated for 2 years. But that doesn't explain why up to 1/2 of the cases reported are in adults. They aren't just testing positive, they are symptomatic and testing positive. Whatever natural immunity they developed has been neutralized to some degree. My cousin in the nursing home told me today there is an outbreak of RSV in the nursing home. 100% of the employees and staff are "fully vaccinated" for covid and that is the only thing they all have in common. 100% of the residents are "fully vaccinated" for covid because they were forced to be. Now people are getting a childhood disease there is no significant chance they were never infected with and developed immunity to, what do all those people have in common? Aside from spending time in the nursing home nothing besides all being vaccinated.
  12. Does this mean they won't be open on Thanksgiving?
  13. And now the truth will set you free! Suspect identifies as non-binary. https://www.advocate.com/crime/2022/11/22/club-q-shooting-suspect-nonbinary-according-lawyers I guess it really isn't surprising, most blacks are killed by blacks, most whites killed by whites, just figures those who identify as non-binary are more likely to kill other non-binary people.
  14. And Colorado has a "Red Flag" law. But they also have soros prosecutors who don't like to keep criminals in jail while they await trial because that is only fair if you commit a misdemeanor trespassing on Public property protesting "the most secure election in history". This is all you need to know that the whole red flag law is bullshat and has zero to do with "public safety" and everything to do with adding more people to the prohibited possessors list when they rarely actually prosecute those caught in possession while prohibited. You want to know why we have school shootings, gay dance club shootings and all sorts of other shootings? Because the democrats need them to take more power from the People. Apparently, there was a juvenile there "performing" in drag. What in the actual freak? Can we now have juveniles doing pole dance exhibitions at the library too?
  15. Last I checked, both of those events required conscious decisions on his part. The fact that he was prohibited from possessing firearms but was in possession of one when he died kind of explains why he was advocating for lenience for those convicted of illegal firearms possession. You can bet to he wasn't advocating for non-convicted felon Citizens to have the right to carry as well because that would interfere with criminals being able to make a living. Hate to speak ill of the dead, but if he got out of his vehicle with a gun in his hand after a crash, he probably wasn't going to the other vehicle to make sure the occupants were OK.
  16. After departing Chicago and climbing the pilot contacted ATC and lost consciousness mid transmission. The co-pilot took control and returned to the airport where the plane was landed safely and the pilot was removed from the aircraft and transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. This is the pilot who died. Hardly looks like a walking heart attack. So far no determination of cause of death. Add another tick mark to the "died unexpectedly, with no cause identified". Being a pilot he would have had yearly medical exams to determine fitness to fly. Kind of like soccer players, runners, news crew and others we have watched video of dying on camera, something is going on. The very fact that no one will admit something is going on and won't even consider the possibility that it was the jab that has caused the spike in unexplained, unexpected and completely abnormal deaths is proof enough for many. 5 billion people were jabbed. There is a real chance this will become a serious problem in the coming future.
  17. Yeah, the mission planners had them flying routes that avoided SAM sites from the prior 3 nights missions. They didn't bother to change the egress route when it was safe on day 3 and they flew into a freshly setup mobile launcher where they had been seen flying the night before. Bad mission planning and a lucky boresighted shot that allowed the missile to get close enough to track. There were others that were almost lost in similar situations where the Serbs set up guns in gaps in the hills and fired by sight and blindly.
  18. I'll have what he has been smoking. C'mon. Tougher than iron? And what sensors were able to determine that? And "100 miles from anywhere" isn't exactly the sort of precision needed to find an object in the ocean. They still haven't found that Malaysian airliner that disappeared in the ocean in spite of searching a couple million square miles and having a pretty good idea where it has to be. And now they are going to find a rock on the bottom of the ocean among eleventy billion other rocks years later in 6,000 feet of water? Good freaking luck.
  19. That was how it was when I flew in the Military Operating Area as well. The pilot filed his flight plan to the MOA and upon arrival to the MOA the airspace was closed to all traffic but us from 12,000 feet to as high as we could go. The only contact we had with ATC after they closed the airspace for us was listening to them advise traffic to turn to avoid the MOA. When we were done, the pilot returned the MOA to ATC control and got vectors to pick up the flight path to the airport. The reason the floor of the airspace was at 12,000 feet is because the airspace up to 10k feet was uncontrolled meaning light planes could operate there without a flight plan and not in contact with ATC. Once ATC told the pilot our space was clear the rules went out the window. He could fly any way he wanted and as fast as he wanted as long as he didn't break the speed of sound. We got close. The mach meter peaked out at .98 mach.
  20. A few observations on the situation. 1. If LGBTQ+ are so often victims of violence in public, why was it left to the patrons to take this guy down? You would think since they are constantly the victims of "right wing hate" they would have a high vigilance and a security team which could handle the threat. 2. They are pretty quick out of the gate to call this "right wing hate" when we don't even know what the suspect's motivation was at all. Given the fact that the Pulse nightclub shooter was a closeted gay man they really need to pay attention to this angle. 3. The guy had been arrested for threatening to bomb a home and was found to be in possession of firearms but no bomb making materials. This was in 2021 and Colorado has a "red flag law" so his weapons should have been seized. And if the red flag laws actually work, how did he get another gun? 4. The media is full force pushing this as right wing hate without evidence. That in itself should be very suspect. Whatever the truth is, it will be suppressed. My guess is that the guy was abused by a gay relative or was gay himself and had issues of hating himself for being that way. Of course, I am operating on the same knowledge as the media is calling him a right wing extremist on so we could both be wrong but only they have the power to cover up the facts along with the authorities in the FBI.
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