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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/media/supreme-court-ruling-la-times-california-ready-black-gun-owners LA Times asks if California is 'ready' for more Black gun owners This would be "shocking" if it were in a conservative newspaper but the fact is it was a liberal newspaper and the person who wrote it is Black. I thought California was the land of liberals who "love everyone" particularly the "minorities" they dote on by "helping them out". Why would anyone in California not be ready for more legal Black gun owners? Why would legally concealed weapons on the hips of Blacks be a danger to anyone? I operate on the same thinking that police do about who is carrying a concealed weapon, everyone is until proven otherwise. There is a good reason why the left is now rioting in California, because they know the chances of anyone not in a uniform being armed are virtually nil. Things get a lot more polite when you are armed and you assume everyone around you is armed as well. It is the reason for the thuggery in cities, the democrats have already made sure the only people you need to be worried about being armed are your fellow criminals. The law abiding are SOL in that situation. For years I sold guns for a living. Every Black person I ever sold a gun to was welcomed the same way as any white person would be. The only time I ever refused to sell a gun to someone who was Black was when it was clearly a straw purchase, a woman using her cell phone to talk to someone while looking at the guns, a woman who walked up and asked to purchase "5 Glock 19's and 5 things that hold lots of bullets" and the dude with the teardrop tattoo under his eye who insisted it was "a fashion statement". And I refused to sell far more guns to white folks for the same or similar reasons. Otherwise, I was like the "Oprah of guns", " You get a gun and You get a gun and You get a gun and You get a gun. ETA: It doesn't matter if the people of California are "ready for more legally armed Blacks" or anyone really because the ship has sailed on the idea that only certain people who show a "need" will be given concealed carry permits and if California wants to challenge that idea they ought to get it through their heads right now that the ruling the receive may well be that requiring a concealed carry permit is also unconstitutional and Lord help them then, they won't even know who is carrying a gun and then they will end up knowing how the cops feel. But in this case it is even worse than just a liberal rag who is racist against Blacks because the person who wrote the article is also Black. Seriously, it is one thing to be racist against a different race, entirely reprehensible and in no way cool. But to be racist against your own race because that is what the politicians who used to own your ancestors as slaves, tried to keep your ancestors and slaves and have disarmed your race for well over 100 years have taught you to be? That is a whole different level of "Uncle Tomming" going on. Sad and sick that she claims to be "educated" and is just as racist as a person can be.
  2. $5 says the driver was named muhammed and had been here less than a year after he was "rescued" from Afghanistan by biden.
  3. The democrats lost the argument when they said, "Women can be raped, have a threat to their lives from being pregnant, blah blah blah and some states said, "Ok those will be legal" and the left screamed bloody murder they couldn't kill babies right up to the moment they were born. Nope, sorry, it isn't about saving women, it is about killing babies.
  4. Those guys were right down the road from my sister's place in North Carolina when I stayed with her for a summer 25 years ago. Sad to see them going out of business, when the hurricane hit there they were the ones who came into town with their trucks and loaders and hauled away all of the ginormous trees that were down all over town. There were 3 100 foot loblolly pines in my sister's back yard that came down. My brother in law had his 14" homelite and was whittling through the branches to clear off the deck so they could get to the back door when some guys with "chainsaws with 6 foot bars" came by and cut the trunks which were 4 feet thick into lengths and brought in a loader and pulled them out to the road and put them on a truck. They came by with a dump truck and took all the branches as well. What would have taken him a month he got taken care of in a day. Good Americans.
  5. So much drama. You know its not like babs couldn't hop a jet to Europe and get an abortion if she were of childbearing age and she didn't have a face that looked like private parts. I wonder how many times her gyne has used the speculum to open her mouth before realizing her error?
  6. A lot of people are saying the SCOTUS ruling has made any "may issue" state now a "shall issue" state. I think the truth may be a little worse for the left than that, it all depends what the next court case decides is an impediment to exercising a Constitutional Right. The way I have it figured, if having to state a "good cause" is too much, then having to shell out $150, take a class, wait months for the permit to arrive is absolutely not going to fly in court. It is going to take another ruling or an explanation of the ruling but if the left is freaking out that "SCOTUS outlawed abortion" by saying that the states get to regulate it, they are positively going to shat kittens when the court says, "Oh, no, it wasn't just the "good cause" part we have a problem with, it was the whole having to get permission from the state to exercise a Right that we have a problem with". Take the whole country to Constitutional Carry overnight would have the left having absolute strokes.
  7. Those mountains to the west didn't just miracle themselves up there. Something is moving down there. My guess is Graboids.
  8. Lloyd needs to sit down and have a chat with a lawyer, as of right now there is no permitting of abortion under federal law and no way to get to that point either. SCOTUS said it belongs to the states and changing that would require a Constitutional Amendment because any law going through Congress would be in violation of the Court's ruling.
  9. Sperm counts have been dropping for years but each study showing that effect occurring over time and on average. These cases are individual men and the effect is taking place in a span of months with the event of vaccination being the common denominator. It is normal and to be expected that a man's sperm count will decrease over time due to aging but a sudden and persistent drop is a sure sign something is going very wrong, particularly when the same study shows no correlating drop among men who weren't vaccinated.
  10. USGS reporting as a 3.4 about 10 miles north of the eastern side of Fort Jackson.
  11. There are more atoms in a tablespoon of water than there are tablespoons of water in all the oceans of the world combined. A grain of sand is as large to an atom as the Earth is to a grain of sand.
  12. Caterpillar just pulled up stakes a couple of weeks ago. They aren't in Chicago but they pay a buttload of taxes. Governor said, "Well, we still have their manufacturing". But from what I am hearing from people who work at the plant in town here, they do the fuel systems, they are hiring and making parts faster than they ever have and it is starting to dawn on them that the company is building up a supply of parts to keep things running as they begin to send manufacturing down to Texas too. He said they just ran fuel injectors for a model not made in 20 years and the quantity was 4 times what they made per year before. He said once a year they would do a run for the parts market which has been pretty consistently the same number every year. So to see a huge order come in means they are likely stockpiling so they have parts to sell until they get manufacturing set up elsewhere. He's been there for 20 years and never seen anything quite like it. Parts orders are planned out a year in advance and now the parts orders for old equipment are running the place 3 shifts again. The new model parts are running with production of new equipment still but he figures Within 2 years they will be fully out of Illinois. That will be 15,000 jobs and union jobs at that. Democrats are going to have a hard time getting elected if they keep this up. The governor is saying how well the state is doing with "corporate relocations" but Boeing just announced they were leaving as well. Between crime and taxes it is just not a place companies want to be any more because people don't want to be here any more.
  13. The state and the city lost $200 million in taxes paid by this company and their employees. HAHAHAHAHAHA that is going to hurt.
  14. We have a Catholic church and a Caring Pregnancy center in town. The pregnancy center doesn't off abortions but they do offer sonograms, adoption assistance, basically everything that doesn't result in a dead baby. I expect they will both be targeted this weekend by the radical left in the town. With any luck, the radical right will be out and about armed and well versed in the application of lethal force to a person committing arson. Nothing would make me happier than waking up and seeing the left lamenting the body count of baby killers who were caught in the act of committing arson and got the stuffing left out of them. More better if the body count is increased by the mob turning on the shooter who shot the person with the molotov cocktail and threatening their lives thus earning their own little slice of justifiable homicide.
  15. We have police forces which actually enforce the law in such places as well. When the BLM types showed up here, the police were "proactive" and kept them under control. The only moment one of the BLM folks lost control and got in an officer's face, he rode the lightning right to the pavement, was arrested, charged and sentenced to prison for his idiocy. It was right about then that the ones looking to riot looked around and realized they were surrounded and massively outnumbered by the people in this town who weren't going to let that happen and decided to skedaddle to other parts where they may find more like minds that wouldn't bust a cap in their asses for setting things on fire and looting businesses. Turns out there is a little bit of rooftop Korean in all of us here and we are going to keep our home in 1 piece and safe from those wishing to do damage.
  16. biden proved today he has no grasp of the Constitution nor any intent to follow it. He wants Congress to "codify Roe v Wade" and SCOTUS just ruled that is unconstitutional and is not within the power of the Federal Government to do. For me that would be well more than enough evidence to walk him to the gallows. He won't follow the Constitution and hasn't followed it for 50 years. As for violence in the streets, I don't see it happening because places where people want abortion are where the protests will take place. If those who believe it is their Right to kill babies show up in places where abortion is now illegal or severely limited, they run the real risk of getting their asses shot off by not only the government, but by the People of those areas. I've said it before, I will say it again, if this is the hill they choose to die on, I will help in any way possible to see that they do in fact die on that hill. Even if transit, the Congressman can still be charged, via a warrant, but simply can't be detained while traveling to a session of Congress. Yes, that is true. And Congress goes on vacation next week until after July 4th. You can be sure they will still be beating this drum long after that. Then they take most of August off and will be campaigning and likely traveling to other states to campaign for others in their party facing real chances of losing their elections in November. Would be nice to see them show up in a conservative state, in a conservative town and repeat what they are saying now and get locked up and go before a conservative Judge and get held without bail for inciting violence until after the elections and actually end up serving time for their crimes. Just like they always say, "You can't yell fire in a theater, the First Amendment has limits" so to does it have limits of inciting violence while speaking to a crowd of supporters while campaigning. Would be nice to see a whole bunch of leftists locked up for felony murder when they incite the crowd and they actually kill someone when they are rampaging. People forget that little thing called the law, if while you are committing a felony someone dies, even if it isn't your actions that caused their death, you are guilty of murder the same as if you had pulled the trigger or lit the fire. Participating in a riot is a felony, inciting a riot is a felony. Make them live up to the laws they created for once.
  17. First we need to boot all of the chinese citizens who are currently here out. Then we need to seize any property or assets they have here. Next we need to make sure those who allowed this to happen meet the executioner. We can dispense with trials for that, we already know who some of them are, the the rest will panic when the first trap doors drop on people like feinstein, swallwell, clintons, biden, harris, fauci and a host of others. Then we can start on those who aren't politicians but work in the government, and finish up with those in the private sector. The left always likes to talk about "revolution", let's show them how it is done.
  18. The PD needs to be releasing all of their records from the last several years. I bet we find all sorts of interesting things. Like their "Active Shooter training" they attended was taught by a transgender critical race theory doctoral candidate and had no live shooting but did involve visits to glory holes in gay bars in the Austin area.
  19. Just in the last 5 years politician prosecutors have derailed justice and the results are thousands of murders. When you consider places like Chicago having had several murders just this year that were committed by people who should have been locked up awaiting trial for serious offenses. What is really telling is that the clearance rate for murders in Chicago is only running 10% this year. Meaning it is extremely likely there are far more people who have committed murder while not incarcerated than are being reported but since they never identify a suspect we just don't know. You have to hand it to the democrats, they have hundreds of gun laws at the Federal Level, thousands at the State level and they don't enforce them and then say we need more because guns are the problem. Our only hope is that democrat voters finally pick up on what democrats are doing, but then they would need a brain or to actually be alive and not a figment of some NGO imagination. With any luck, enough democrat voters will realize what is going on and start to reject the schtick like they did with gascon and start booting these asswipes out of office.
  20. Oz was a bad endorsement for Trump. His turkish citizenship is a serious problem for a lot of Republicans. Oh, sure, he will "give it up" if he wins, but that isn't enough, to be in the Senate you should be a Citizen beholden to no other country. But then I guess it really doesn't matter when Congress is full of politicians beholden to the chinese and openly profiting from them and taking campaign money to keep getting reelected.
  21. Another "win" where the unconstitutional bastiages live to walk around another day. I am sort of sick of it, we give an inch, they take a mile, we win back an inch and they give an inch. Things will never be right until those who come up with unconstitutional laws, regulations, or anything else don't end the day swinging from a tree after it has been found they violated the Rights of the People.
  22. Agreed but not looking forward to it. But if it is going to happen, let's get on with it so our children's children may live free. Now is the time to be making a list of the sex offenders near you. When it hits the fan, they should be visited first. Next would be the green and pink haired elementary school teachers and anyone who uses "preferred pronouns" when they introduce themselves. Let's make the 2020 democrat riots look like a Sunday barbeque and get it over with quickly. If it means the Tree of Liberty stands for another 200 years, I'll happily let my blood be its nourishment, along with the blood of them many who wish to cut it down I cross paths with.
  23. joe is like a 4 year old. He will, during your dinner party, wander into your bedroom retrieve a sex toy and bring it to the table and ask mom "What is this for?" while holding it above his head and turned on. It must be frustrating for the people running the show. He is technically POTUS and has a need to know, but if you actually tell him what is going on he will blurt it out loud to reporters when he goes off script. "Do we have enough money?" "For now we do, but in 3 months we will need more when we release the next pandemic. There has been no doubt in my mind the last 2.5 years have been a democrat play to get Trump unelected and now they are going for even more power by doing it again.
  24. Most likely, I am surprised the EPA hasn't swooped in and shut them down already. There isn't a lot of money to be made if they chop the costs down and actually make more power. Even a small city could afford to tap into the it.
  25. Anyone could look back into the past and believe they are entitled to reparations for something in the past that they really have no actual connection to which they believe held them back. You watch, descendants of criminals who spent a portion of their lives in prison will be demanding reparations because their ancestor being punished in the past kept them from being "all they could be". The closest anyone could come to having a valid claim to reparations would be the children of murdered law enforcement and the children of soldiers grievously wounded or killed defending our country. Thankfully, we have very generous charities which do an exceptional job taking care to see the needs of the war dead are taken care of, but we need to do better. Pretty much everyone else can freak off with their demands but particularly the transgenders, if anything all they deserve is a big mental asylum where they can be whatever they want to be and not spread their mental illness to others, children in particular, that should net them a prison sentence at hard labor.
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