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  1. 7 miles? I've gotta call BS on that. That is an excuse for not being able to find it. The whole operation to shoot it down was to cover up what it was actually up to while making biden look strong and uncompromised. Who launches a $300k missile when the plane is capable of flying to nearly the altitude the balloon is at and hitting the balloon portion with 20mm shells? Answer, someone who doesn't want the package to be recovered in any sort of intact condition, that is who. Instead the hit the thing with a missile that impacted the package portion of the balloon and smoked it, breaking it into a million pieces and scattering it all over hell. joe let the chinese gather their intelligence and then got to play the hero by having it shot down in a fashion that guarantees it wasn't in a condition that what it was really up to was discoverable. The whole thing stinks.
  2. RC135U is almost back to Offutt, I guess they got what they needed.
  3. Looks to be over the area of Hohenwald, KY now, about a 50 mile radius of air traffic cleared around the area. From the looks of it I'd say in about 24 hours it will be leaving US airspace and headed out over the coast around Wilmington, NC. Plenty of shallow water there, china has said it was a civilian craft that they lost control of. If it were me calling the shots, I'd let it get off the coast a very short distance and drop it in the ocean so it doesn't go off course over anyone else and then I would send the Navy out to recover it. I know just a bit how weather balloons work and they are set up with a parachute system to bring the electronics package back to the surface safely so it could likely be recovered mostly intact. Unless it is a chinese military thing and they blow it up rather than let it get recovered. I agree, the is china letting the world know that biden is their beotch. When they said it was civilian weather balloon drifted off course I would have had them shoot it down over Montana. It looks like when the thing left from Malmstrom area it was over the Gates of the Mountains wilderness and wouldn't have posed a threat to anyone. Not to mention that the whole state is pretty empty, it would have been pretty easy to wait until there were no lights visible on the ground and let her rip. It isn't going to crash into anything but trees and snow. Tell the chinese it will be spring before it can be recovered due to deep snow and then send the Air Force wherever they send the next ones and put them in the ocean too. My biggest concern is we knew it was coming when it went over the Aleutians. It should have been splashed then and not wait until some stargazer saw it floating over Canada.
  4. Now, I am thinking it is over Kentucky. Maybe a fluke on Lake of Ozarks, the RC135U is wifferdills south of Paducah and traffic is spaced at lower altitudes with the RC135U highest at 37k.
  5. It isn't transmitting a signal for ADSB but I can see the RC135U out of Offutt following it and an L2J 737 painted in White House livery hanging around Scott AFB but don't know it that is related. There is a hole in the air traffic over Lake of the Ozarks/Truman but that is about 100 miles west of the RC135. Well within the range they can keep an eye on it. I imagine that is where it is currently as the traffic is pretty dense around there.
  6. Gee, this would have been a nice thing to have pushed when the GOP had control of both houses and the White House. What did we get then? Nothing. Why? Because the GOP doesn't really want these things, they just want to make noise about them when there is zero chance of them being passed and signed into law so they can say they are on "our" side. You watch, they will make big noise about this now but if they should ever beat the democrats cheating again and take full control they won't even bring it up because they don't really want it to pass. Controlled opposition or uniparty? Take your pick, the result is the same.
  7. No, they would call them nazis and they would be completely wrong because the nazis were the far left. Today the democrat party is far to the left of the nazis.
  8. The Pentagon now says they first detected it over the Aleutian islands before it crossed into Canadian airspace and then US airspace. So, why didn't they shoot it down then when it wasn't a threat to "civilians on the ground"? The military needs to get its head out of its ass. While it was over Montana the risk of it coming down and hitting someone was as low as it could get and that would have been the time to act. If they simply let it overfly and do nothing when it goes out over the ocean and is safe to shoot it out of the sky then it will keep happening. The Navy needs to put an DDG off the coast and let fly with a missile when it gets over open water and bring it down. Then they need to track it and bring it up from the bottom and figure out what was in it and what it was doing. That it is being left to float around is ridiculous and shows massive weakness of biden.
  9. You think Blacks have problems now, just wait until the government hands them $5 million for being Black. But right now is a smart time to do it so they can deposit the checks just in time for the banks to crash and have their "savings" swept away along with everyone else's when the banks go tits up.
  10. At least no one sent flowers.
  11. You don't actually own real property in most places, you just rent it from the state and they can take it at any time for not paying the rent to them. This happens regularly here in Illinois and it makes people rich on the one hand and homeless on the other. Eviction here is a multi-month to year long process except for a home seized for taxes, then it is a 24 hour proposition. The whole thing is disgusting.
  12. Bunch of clueless freaks. The one thing I have noticed is the absolute diehard adherents to climate dogma are also the ones most pro covid vaccine so their carbon contribution will be of short duration anyways. They grabbed hold of the idea that a shot created in a couple of weeks and tested a few months is the way to due all medications in the future and we should all be forced to do it "for the good of humanity". Sorry, I believe for the good of humanity was the same schtick used in Jonestown as they passed out the koolaid. No, killing off billions of people and making them unable to reproduce is not going to be good for humanity. Might be real good for china though as they refused the very vaccine that they handed over to pfizer in the first place.
  13. The trial should be interesting. The defense needs to pull hiring and training records for these ex cops and show that they were hired before others with higher qualifications because they checked off boxes on the diversity scale and then show they were improperly trained and or retained even with prior bad actions in this same area. It wouldn't be saying it wasn't their fault but it would place the blame where it partially belongs in hiring by skin color which has been pushed by the democrats in control of the city to increase "diversity". I'm not saying Blacks as a whole are incapable of doing the job well or being intelligent enough, I am just saying those Blacks who could have placed high on the hiring scale didn't apply for the jobs and I base that on the ghetto talk the cops were spewing. These weren't the best and brightest, these were guys who grew up in the projects and their highest qualification for the job in the eyes of their superiors was the color of their skin. It is a self fulfilling prophecy, hire from the dregs, because they are the only ones who apply, and you get the dregs in uniform causing problems like this. I see it here with the correctional officers. They've got some real winners working there.
  14. All over the NHL and other pro leagues fingers are up in the air gauging which direction the wind is blowing stronger, pro gay or not pro gay and the winds are blowing hard from the not pro gay side because pride has gone from homosexuals to trannies and pedophiles and people are waking up and want their kids to be shielded from the perversion at what should be a wholesome family event replete with glove dropping brawls and eyeballs hooked out with sticks and not a bunch of sissy men and drag queens parading. The job won't be done until pride nights are an event we look back on and wonder what the freak we were thinking allowing that shat to get a spotlight. I mean when was the last time any team had a night celebrating man and wife having children and staying together through good and bad? That is right, never, but they will have a night to turn the restrooms into orgies with glory holes. It was never about "equality" it was about getting the camel's nose under the tent and turning everything into a perverted free for all.
  15. Everyone surprised that career government employees are on the take from foreign governments, hello, we have elected government people who are on the take from foreign governments starting at POTUS and working down from there. You want to know what the "deep state" is? It is those in government who are acting on behalf of anyone besides Americans and it appears to be quite a few of them.
  16. I didn't grow up on a farm but my first girlfriend did. When I was in my teens I worked for her Dad on the weekends and over the summer doing farm stuff and stayed over night locked in the downstairs family room. They were pretty well off and had an alarm system so I was stuck in there from bed time to sunrise. At least that is what they thought. I had learned from TV that magnets will keep the sensors from tripping on the windows and bypassed the family room window and her window and climbed the arbor with the grape vines that covered the patio each night. I may not have grown up on a farm but I did some growing up on a farm. Her Dad didn't put up with mean roosters, if they got mean he sniped them from the patio or from the deck around the pool. But he got a bunch of jungle fowl once and they were some mean freakers but stayed locked in the coop fattening up. The only time I ever got attacked by a chicken was while I was weed eating and one of the jungle fowl got out of the coop where a critter of some kind had tried to break in and got its ass kicked. Poor bird got weed trimmer decapitated. I figured I was going to be in trouble but he showed me how to clean it and he wrung the neck on another and they were dinner. They were good days. There wasn't a pond but they had the pool and we could walk down to the river which was only about a quarter mile. I jumped in the river on many hot days to cool off. Those were good days, making $2 an hour working like a dog but the fringe benefits were nice.
  17. Hopefully the Korean shopkeepers are ready to repel rioters. The riots won't stop until the night that the People decide they have had enough and the sun rises on streets empty except for the carcasses of rioters littering the cities. Call it a purge, call it whatever you want, but I guarantee if it went down that way crime would plummet in the future because a lot of criminals would get wiped out in putting down the riots and the ones left over would think twice before they pulled some stupid shat in the future.
  18. There is no doubt that this whole thing is a scam, he said so himself, the perfect business model is to create a virus and then sell the vaccine. Helps tons to own the regulators and the media who will make it seem really much worse than it is to really drum up support for rolling up sleeves and getting people injected for a disease that never would have existed in the first place if there wasn't a conspiracy to do it in the first place. There isn't a doubt in my mind that the whole thing was fraudci's plan to get Trump voted out of office and all the key pieces were already in place.
  19. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-11670411/Huge-asteroid-size-LONDON-BUS-fly-2-100-miles-Earth-week.html?ito=social-facebook The asteroid discovered just 3 days ago will pass by the Earth at a distance of 2,100 miles from the surface. It is about the size of a double decker bus and is traveling at 33,000 miles per hour. Even if it were to hit Earth the chances of it reaching the ground and causing damage are very small as it would likely burn up and explode passing through the atmosphere. Bruce Willis has announced he is unable to intercept at this time.
  20. It kills me that now whenever someone dies unexpectedly and suddenly that they can't seem to locate their vaccine status. He lived in New York which up until last year required proof of vaccination to have dinner in a restaurant. So, did he go to a restaurant? Well, then yes, he was vaccinated.
  21. Baldwin has said he was confident the gun wasn't loaded, was he confident enough in that idea that he would have put it against his own head and pulled the trigger or would he have taken the time to see that the gun truly wasn't loaded before doing that? When it comes down to it he can answer that question truthfully and say he would have double checked it and convict himself for involuntary manslaughter as his actions of not checking it indicate both negligence and willful disregard for the safety of others or he can admit he is a flaming retard in which case he still likely gets convicted because being retarded is no excuse for killing someone you didn't intend to kill. He keeps saying he "really doesn't know that much about guns" yet he uses them frequently in movies and is a known gun control supporter. His goose is cooked, they've charged 3 others and one has already plead guilty and turned witness for the prosecution. It would be a stretch to say that no crime occurred when someone has already plead guilty to the crime charged and the rest of the facts in the case are that baldwin was holding the gun and even the FBI says there is no way it fired without his finger on the trigger. We also know from his own statements after the shooting that there was no need for the gun to be fired in that situation because they were just lining up the shot for the camera. So, why did he break all of the basic gun rules? Why was his finger on the trigger? He is toast.
  22. I'd declare anyone with chinese citizenship to be persona non grata and have their assets seized and have them deported. Seize everything the CCP owns here, land, buildings, politicians and have a big old sale of everything to the highest American bidder, including the politicians, someone has the money and can put their execution on PPV and make mint.
  23. Leftists always push the most radical candidate with the lowest amount of practical qualifications, in lightfoot's case, female, lesbian and black in that order and then when they fail miserably the machine goes back to the well to pick someone with even more leftist agenda with fewer check boxes checked but still following the same retarded policies which are doomed to failure. You watch, they will get a new democrat mayor who will fix precisely nothing and next time around they will elect a transgender, most likely a dude who thinks he is a chick who will also fix nothing and get an even more left candidate elected in the next round.
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